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Piglet virus spreads through pooh, Homer pitches a d'oh hitter, and rubble without a cause: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 6/30 - 7/6
Posted by Unfreakable at 2013-07-09 5:01:14 PM (3 comments) | Permalink
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Some really good headlines in the mix this week, it was difficult to pick the best because there were a lot of good ones.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2013-06-30 to Sat 2013-07-06:  One day your boobs are getting you into all the cool parties, the next they're getting you kicked out of golf clubs. It's a hard knockers life  There once was a maid from Hong Kong, did her mistress a horrible wrong. Like in the old joke, but instead of a Coke, She put wang in the tea of her Wong  Man steals $20K worth of goods from hotel room. That's like, almost the whole mini-bar  Woman stops a sexual attack on her neighbor by throwing a sledgehammer at the suspect. By great Odin's throne, I say thee NAY  Half black foreign welfare queen pregnant in Atlanta  Morsi finds out "How Soon is Now" and is under house arrest, Smiths reunion up in the air  Deadly piglet virus in North Carolina spreads through pooh  The T-shirt turns 100. It seems like only yesterday that the very first one was imprinted with "John McCain For Senate"  France: I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find the United States has been doing spying on this scale! Le Monde: Your winnings, sir  Firefighters contain "W-2" fire at Arizona border, say the effort was very...*dons sunglasses*...taxing  Pastor Hipster Guy Fieri urges destruction of computers after witnessing the effects of pornography firsthand, other hand  

Sports:  Pirates become the first MLB team to win 50 games this season. Or as Pittsburgh fans used to call their 50th win, September  Josh Beckett to undergo season-ending neck surgery after snapping his head around to watch his pitches fly out of the park  D'oh hitter  

Geek:  Intel leaks are already threatening lives of Americans  Headline  Not only are lionfish a destructive invasive species, North Carolina lionfish are becoming disgusting fat tubs of lard, cleverly blending into the surroundings  

Entertainment:  What's black and white, costs $35 million and comes in little cans?  Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace portray lesbian lovers in Brian DePalma's latest thriller, "Shut Up and Take My Money"  Rubble without a cause  

Politics:  You will soon be able to add "the Republican Party" to the list of things Sarah Palin has quit  "GOP leaders warn pro sports leagues not to promote Obamacare." Really? What the hell are you gonna do to them? You're all old, frail white guys and they're 300lbs superhuman flesh walls. You do something to them, they'll rip your scrawny arms off  Clap-on: We don't spy on millions of Americans wittingly. Clap-off: My answer was "clearly erroneous." The Clapper  

Business:  Enormous cache of cigarettes smuggled in logs by chainsaw smokers  Samsung acquires Boxee for $30 million. 4chan inconsolable  Real estate mogul gives Stanford University a record $151 million donation, or in California terms, a three bedroom fixer-upper in Pacoima
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2013-07-09 08:42:56 PM  
Where am I
2013-07-10 04:00:14 AM  
I'm late. Busy Day. Great work as always.

You are late I don't know if I can accept late work, ill let this slide ... :D

Have a great morning, stay focused.
2013-07-10 04:02:31 AM  
The morsi one must have made you laugh. Heh'
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