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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2013-06-09 to Sat 2013-06-15
Posted by Unfreakable at 2013-06-21 3:55:13 PM (0 comments) | Permalink
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Nothing to add this week. Enjoy

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2013-06-09 to Sat 2013-06-15:  Couple marries at the IKEA where they first met, will spend honeymoon trying to put their lives together  Woman beats off sex attacker with umbrella. That must have taken a while  *Knock knock* Who's there? George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman who? Congrats, you're on the jury  Boy dies in same motel room where two died in April. Police hoping they didn't Overlook any details  Pope admits existence of 'gay lobby' in Vatican, says he enjoys lobby's tasteful modernist decorating, Andy Warhol print over the fireplace, cappuccino machine  Cumming man killed in motorcycle crash. Investigators suspect he may have been distracted  University of Kansas orders coed cleavage Twitter account to cease and detits  Reports coming in of 'massacre' in eastern Syria. Also, western Syria, North Syria, that part in the south, the center, some places in underground caves and probably flying around up in the air, too  CIA to supply small arms to Syrian rebels. Because this worked so well in Afghanistan. And Beirut. And Nicaragua. And El Salvador. And  Graffiti store owner complains about graffiti. Tag has been waiting its entire life for this  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, no longer weighed down by the pressures of office, now free to pursue his lifelong dream of reaching five foot three  

Sports:  Dennis Rodman says that LeBron James would have been only an average player in the 90s. Well, to be fair, in 1990 James was only six years old  Manti Te'o is earning the respect of his teammates in San Diego. In fact last night Junior Seau phoned to tell him how impressed he is with his training camp performance, ask for his bank card PIN  NY Yankees batters are now homerless in five straight games. Girardi says their offense clearly needs a shot in the arm  

Geek:  Aerosmith organist Dr. Rudi Tanzi is an expert on genetics and age research, says he just plays with the band so he can study Steven Tyler and try to figure out how he is still alive  Tiger in Israel zoo receives acupuncture for a chronic ear infection. Doctors confirm it's the most needling done to a Tiger since Sergio Garcia  Bored with the Rubik's Cube? Try the X-Cube -- a puzzle with 125 decillion possible patterns, or about two quadrillion more than the Rubik's cube. Because, hey, you weren't getting laid anytime soon anyway  

Entertainment:  At his new girlfriend's request, Johnny Depp has given up meat, dairy, and booze. No word yet on whether he's allowed any visitation with his testicles or if she has sole custody  Terminator 5, Rise of the Wheelchairs begins shooting in January  Cheers, Seinfeld stars reuniting for new sitcom. Kirstie Alley and George Wendt fighting over who gets to play Norm  

Politics:  Congress getting hard on Freddie's Fannie...I have the strangest Boehner right now  Gul urges dialogue with peaceful protesters but vows on his life's blood to destroy violent ones, for his son, for all our sons  Eva Longoria grabs seat at annual Clinton meeting. Bill hopes to do the same  

Business:  Google to buy Waze with their means  In the wake of the see-through Yoga pants "scandal", the CEO of Lululemon is stepping down, which is seen by industry analysts as a classic CYA manuever by the company  Yahoo to start offering inactive e-mail accounts to new users, will be anything ending with [nospam-﹫-backwards]o­oh­a­y­*co­m"
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