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Burglar discovers that justice is blinds, man attempting to feed tigers succeeds, and Hurricane Fabio's winds heaving across the swelling bosom of the Pacific: a few of Fark's favorite headlines of the week for 7/8 - 7/14
Posted by Unfreakable at 2012-07-16 12:44:33 PM (11 comments) | Permalink

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Some good headlines this week, congratulations to all the submitters.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2012-07-08 to Sat 2012-07-14:  Retiree beats wife to death with Easter Island statue. "I faced it all and I stood tall and did it Moai way"  Cincinnati welcomes its eighth sister city, surprising many who had no idea that it came from a Catholic family  Sea World patrons invited once again to Dine With Shamu, the killer whale who killed its trainer. They better hope that "n" never falls off the sign  Burglar tangled up in window treatments discovers that sometimes justice is blinds  Man arrested for threatening to blow up cable TV company. Bomb slated to detonate sometime between noon and 6 p.m  Man enters zoo enclosure to feed the tigers, succeeds  Mother accused of whipping children with computer cable  NASA unveils app called Spacecraft 3D to let people experience spacecraft manipulation without the drawbacks of radiation sickness or chest-bursting aliens  A big solar storm is hitting the Earth today, but res&rchers say yo* shouldn't not/ce anything di%7erent  Hurricane Fabio's heaving winds move across the rolling bosom of the Pacific Ocean, but will likely exhaust itself long before reaching land  Man shot to death while using payphone, shooter claims he thought it was a dinosaur

Sports:  Pinot wins 8th stage of Tour de France, goes great with fish  Fans want less blackouts, NFL allows teams to relax blackout thresholds. Colts say "Screw that, business as usual", Colts fans start buying tickets by the truckload. This fits the legal definition of an abusive relationship, right?  Penn State to renovate their locker room showers, add soundproofing and maybe some nice mood lighting

Geek:  Worms live longer in space. Shai Hulud  Google Maps adds walking directions for 44 African countries. ::Presses voice search button:: "Niger, please"  Caltech and JPL create new amplifier that will boost electrical signals for space exploration, blow the trunk completely off a '64 Impala

Entertainment:  Man claims he is the unintelligible son of Bob Dylan  Film festival for internet cat videos scheduled for EVERY GODDAMNED DAY EVER  Jennifer Lopez wants to leave American Idol, behind

Politics:  Here's a list of the nine worst running mates of all time, or, as it's more commonly known, Mitt Romney's short list  ♫There's been 32 votes for the Health Care repeal, 32 votes in the House. Vote it down, pass it around, 33 votes for the Health Care repeal♫  Hot, black, GOP Lieutenant Governor of Florida caught in lesbian affair with Puerto Rican aide. Angry Republicans pound fist on table with one hand

Business:  Kayak IPO shares priced somewhere between up a creek and without a paddle  Fender sets IPO price between $13 and $15 a share. Company telecast tells nervous investors not to fret  United to order 150 new planes to be "customer pleasing". In other news, United to assess customers a $19 pleasing fee
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2012-07-16 02:23:49 PM  
Do we always have to do this on Monday?
2012-07-16 02:29:57 PM  
"Moai Way" may be the HOTY if not the Decade
2012-07-16 03:16:21 PM  

Gunz_drawn: Do we always have to do this on Monday?

You must be the life of the party.
2012-07-16 03:25:51 PM  
I got stuck on the word, "bosom."
2012-07-16 03:37:45 PM  
I just realised how appropriate the tag was for the mother beating her kids with the computer cable.
2012-07-16 04:08:12 PM  
I feel so honored that my headline was one of those chosen as HOTW.

Thanks, guys. :-)
2012-07-16 04:10:04 PM  

Magorn: "Moai Way" may be the HOTY if not the Decade

2012-07-16 08:11:55 PM  
Tigers should be disqualified, repeat from last year.
2012-07-16 08:44:07 PM  

Zygar: Tigers should be disqualified, repeat from last year.

IIRC, last year's headline involved lions, not tigers.
2012-07-16 09:13:45 PM  

Bondith: I just realised how appropriate the tag was for the mother beating her kids with the computer cable.

2012-07-16 09:23:22 PM  

championgoober: Bondith: I just realised how appropriate the tag was for the mother beating her kids with the computer cable.


One of the very rare times when the "Florida" tag is trumped.
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