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Woman's toothbrush retrieved before becoming Anal B, NATO camps Al-Qaeda's respawn point, and Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher Round 2: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 5/27 - 6/2
Posted by Unfreakable at 2012-06-05 10:34:21 AM (5 comments) | Permalink

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Nothing new this week. Enjoy!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2012-05-27 to Sat 2012-06-02:  Man disappears in Niagara Falls whirlpool; presumed to be spinning in his grave  Woman swallows toothbrush while brushing her teeth. Surgeons remove it before Oral B becomes Anal B  Afghanistan and Iraq vets deploy to help citizens of a violent region ruled by armed gangs and resisted by local religious elders fearful of losing power: Baltimore  Al-Qaeda #2 killed again in Afghanistan. It's almost as if NATO is camping his respawn point  Hand, foot and now a partial body in Montreal. Could this be the work of separatists?  Search for missing Idaho pilot spreads across wide area, possibly like the pilot himself  All 28 living Victoria Cross and George Cross winners meet up for lunch, comparison of giant brass balls  French journalist claims FARC captors were respectful, obviously never had time to visit the politics tab  Mick Jagger called on to mediate Peruvian mining dispute. In other news, Henry Kissinger will be touring with Keith Richards this summer  14-year-old Snigdha Nandipati wins Scripps National Spelling Bee by correctly spelling Snigdha Nandipati  Bear eats corpse of convicted killer. I bet that was a *puts on sunglasses* Kodiak moment

Sports:  Barry Bonds wants a head role in the Giants' organization  College football players inch closer to getting paid $300 a month, while detractors stick to their argument that such unimaginable riches would ruin the sport  Queen attends races. *STOMP, STOMP, CLAP*

Geek:  Sleepy drivers found to be just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Cops immediately step up patrols outside all art house movie theaters  New cannabis plant, without the high, developed for people who want to use medical marijuana and not get stoned. Next up: Viagra that makes you just want to be friends  Non-sexual social contact can raise body temperature, according to research conducted at Comic-Con

Entertainment:  History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys sets record for cable viewership. How can this be? It's just a show about a famous part of America's past... There are no truckers on ice or pawn shops or anything... it's just... history  New Tom Cruise movie "One Shot" gets retitled to "Jack Reacher." Cruise said to be excited for the sequel, "Jack Reacher Round 2"  Teen Mom show will go out "with a bang" in its final season. Wait, isn't that how the show came about in the first place?

Politics:  The Obama administration is working to arm Syrian opposition fighters. Mitt Romney disagrees with this approach and thinks we should arm Syrian opposition fighters  Romneytron 2012 receives official candidate1144 upgrade to hardware. Begins downloading DERPware attack utilities  Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter to end write-in campaign for 6th term, return to Victorian novel from whence he came

Business:  Cracker Barrel taps two new directors, gets ready to pay out two more sexual harassment settlements  New Jersey lawyers sue Tropicana, claiming the company uses too many chemicals and isn't as 'natural' as they advertise. Tropicana then counter-sues New Jersey for same claim  The setup of the 17-country euro currency union is unsustainable, the head of the European Central Bank told EU leaders, after apparently waking up from a three-year nap
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2012-06-05 10:38:58 AM  
My personal favorite of the week:

Hand, foot and now a partial body in Montreal. Could this be the work of separatists?

Give yourself a hand, subby. Or two. Really, as many as you need.
2012-06-05 10:41:52 AM  
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/do they have AOL on the inner tubes now?
2012-06-05 10:51:37 AM  
Some really good ones here, although I still think Reacher Round 2 is a candidate for HOY.
2012-06-05 12:49:05 PM  


Give yourself a hand, subby. Or two. Really, as many as you need.

Thanks. If you liked that you may like this oldie of mine:

"Two dead at Arby's. Oven mitt sought for questioning"
2012-06-05 01:37:44 PM  
Another #2 bites the dust..
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