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Ascot ass caught, rabbis working for tips, and understanding alcohol's braining effects on the damage: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 6/12 - 6/18
Posted by Drew at 2011-06-21 12:10:22 PM (5 comments) | Permalink

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From Unfreakable:

No update from Drew this week, enjoy the headlines.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-06-12 to Sat 2011-06-18:  Man without limbs declares intent to swim across bay. Buoy, that's something  Men care more about their cars than their health, says researcher who obviously never owned a '65 Mustang  Judge to copyright troll: "Your case is a sham. Shut your damn mouth and get out of my court." Copyright © 2011 Go Screw Yourself, Inc  Ascot ass caught, stole stole  Al Qaeda publishes "hit list" of 40 Americans. No details as to who's on it, but your mom's not listed, since everyone hit it already  Pentagon looking for people to build starship. Starship looking for people to build this city on rock and roll  Turn right down boat ramp. Vehicle under water. Recalculating  5.2 magnitude earthquake rocks Anchorage. Shaken residents trying to get their Berings Strait  Companion dog helps girl testify in NY rape case. How did he treat you? Rough. Can you describe his face? Rough. Is the man in the courtroom? Yip Yip. Let the record show the girl is pointing to the defendant  Family of guinea pigs stolen from porch. Police kick their investigation into high Gere  A drunk woman ran into her ex yesterday. Then she backed up and ran into him again. She misses him sometimes

Sports:  PGA golfer Harrison Frazar finally wins first tournament after 13 years and 355 tries. Congratulations pour in from fellow pros, golf fans, Susan Lucci  Gang warfare alleged over Shaq sex tape. Defendant claims that's ridiculous, since everyone knows that Shaq can't approach the hole without help  Ohio State compliance director drives a courtesy car from a dealer that got season tickets in return. Guess he'll have to enter the National Compliance League supplemental draft now

Geek:  Apple developing technology that would disable the iPhone's camera while filming concerts or sporting events. Say hello to NanniPhone  Understanding alcohol's braining effects on the damage  Argentina and Chile say they have too many beavers, look to neighbor Brazil for ideas on how to shave their numbers

Entertainment:  If you have a crush on Shannon Tweed, I have good news. If you have a crush on Gene Simmons, I have no idea why  Fergie: "I'm young at heart." And crystal meth makes you look old at face  Who would pay $486 for tickets to Broadway? Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

Politics:  Democratic Congressman introduces bill protecting rabbis' right to work for tips  Our long national penis joke is finally over  Report: Paul Ryan may personally benefit from preserving billions in taxpayer oil subsidies. In other news, there may be gambling in Casablanca

Business:  Timberland acquired for $1.6 billion. Magoo holding out for more money  Facebook denies losing users, using losers  TV huckster Don Lapre indicted by Grand Jury. Court documents to be published in tiny classified ads
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2011-06-21 02:09:19 PM  
Thank goodness the Weiner jokes can go away.
2011-06-21 02:17:33 PM  
2011-06-21 02:29:13 PM  

PlusCestLaMeme: Protest vote for I'm an infoooooooooooographic. I'm an infoooooooooooographic. Suck my meta tag, I'm an infooooooooographic (new window)

Farking dates. How do they work?
2011-06-21 03:29:15 PM  

motorera.comView Full Size
2011-06-21 05:20:28 PM  
I got caught with my dicky n an ascot

I know I know it's really serious.
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