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(Big ball)   Man takes ordinary baseball, spends 27 years covering it with 18,135 coats of paint. Ball now weighs over 1,300 pounds. Still fuzzy on definition of word "hobby" (pics)   ( divider line
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2004-06-17 10:36:04 AM  
That page'll never survive the onslaught...

I've mirrored the thing here:

[image from too old to be available]
Hi, My name is Mike Carmichael and I live in Alexandria, Indiana with my wife Glenda. I'd like to tell you about Alexandria's only ROADSIDE ATTRACTION...the Worlds Largest Ball of Paint.

Imagine an ordinary baseball...Now imagine that same baseball with over 18,135 coats of paint on it. Getting the picture? Good, because that's exactly what my wife, Glenda and I have done for the past 27 years. Now that ordinary baseball that once weighed less than one pound now weighs in right around 1,300 pounds!

That's right, recently weighing in around 1,300 pounds with a circumference of 112" inches and still growing to this very day. This ball is truly remarkable with over 18,135 coats of paint on it!

diameter 35"
circumference 112"
weight 1,300 lbs
coats 18,135

2004-06-17 10:50:46 AM  
Man now set to make world's largest paintball gun to shoot it. Paintballers around the world surrender.
2004-06-17 11:27:39 AM  
Looks more like half of the world's largest nutsack.
2004-06-17 11:38:04 AM  
"Unless you don't want to see the world's largest ball of twine which is only four short hours away."
2004-06-17 12:48:05 PM  
which one is it -- the one on the left or the one on the right ?

and why is his wife hanging from a hook like that ... doesn't that hurt ?

2004-06-17 2:00:20 PM  
I'm having my baseball paneled.

(interested in low maintainance decorating solutions)
2004-06-17 2:14:44 PM  
screw Gmail, I want an invite to
2004-06-17 4:24:23 PM  
He was on one of the night shows last week.
2004-06-17 4:24:37 PM  
I'd hit it.
2004-06-17 4:24:44 PM  
I could have done that, but didn't have a sufficiently low threshold of entertainment.
2004-06-17 4:24:51 PM  
That's fantastic...and people say that Indiana has nothing to offer.

Wasn't this posted here already?

/paintings balls with boredom
2004-06-17 4:25:01 PM  
Does Glenda got a bun-in-the-oven?
2004-06-17 4:25:10 PM  
Haven't we seen this already??
2004-06-17 4:25:50 PM  
2004-06-17 4:25:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-17 4:26:36 PM  
pee wee's idea was better
2004-06-17 4:26:44 PM  
Isn't this a repost? Or did I read it on slashdot? I'm udderly confused.
2004-06-17 4:27:16 PM  
Hi, My name is Mike Carmichael and I live in Alexandria, Indiana with my wife Glenda. As you can tell, we have no life, sexual or otherwise since the government took away sheep farming with their subsidies to "big agribusiness." So we took to painting this here baseball.

We are farking losers.
2004-06-17 4:27:52 PM  
The EPA is gonna love him when he tries to trash the freaking object of toxic waste. Latex or oil?

The third day next month we will take household chemicals and latex paint cans and large paint balls from those that have no use to society.

/don't let this man near your's biggest booger next!
2004-06-17 4:27:55 PM  
This reminds me of those 'screwed-in-the-head' people who sit all day and press +1 on the calculator for hours and hours, and can't help themselves because they're addicted. It's a mad mad world!
2004-06-17 4:28:47 PM  
Why you ask? It was probably the paint fumes.
2004-06-17 4:28:49 PM  
In other news, farker takes story from weeks ago, submits it, and the story is posted.
2004-06-17 4:29:01 PM  
If he had started with a volley ball, would have finished years sooner.
2004-06-17 4:29:15 PM  
This man has sullied the very definition of the words "truly" and "remarkable" forever.

He should pay the price.
2004-06-17 4:29:26 PM  
please keep greenlighting this gets funnier each time.

2004-06-17 4:29:34 PM  
Anyone up for a raid with Super-Soakers filld with terpentine?
2004-06-17 4:30:30 PM  
If it would break through your floor when you drop it, STOP!!
2004-06-17 4:30:54 PM  
Walmart sells 5 gallon buckets of baseball paint?
2004-06-17 4:31:24 PM  
Regarding the (unfetchable) image at the bottom of the page:

Cover the Earth...with paint?

This guy's a freaking supervillain.
2004-06-17 4:31:27 PM  
now I would understand knocking a 4 year old over to get that ball
2004-06-17 4:31:41 PM  
oooh, i bet peeling the layers off of this would be fun.

but dont eat the paint.
2004-06-17 4:32:00 PM  
I bet in a few days, the kid that had the guy fall on him at the Ranger's game will wind up with this ball as well.

[image from too old to be available]

2004-06-17 4:32:20 PM  
barry bonds would have to up his dose of steroids to knock that one out.
2004-06-17 4:32:28 PM  
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?

The World may never know.
2004-06-17 4:32:46 PM  
Looks like someone tea-bagged Benjamin Moore.
2004-06-17 4:33:12 PM  
Yea, this is one of those links that get posted every 3-6 months or so.

Consider it an update on our favorite ball of paint, yawn.
2004-06-17 4:33:24 PM  
That ball still weighs less than Lima's wife's juggs.

2004-06-17 4:33:59 PM  
Only in America do people do this shiat. Why!!!!!

/betting Glenda's first name is slightly longer than it was at birth
2004-06-17 4:34:06 PM  
"now I would understand knocking a 4 yea"

Damn you neden23, you are such a c*nt, and I mean that in an endearing, midaeval literature way.

2004-06-17 4:34:12 PM  
It's not round. circumference is 4" too much.
2004-06-17 4:34:38 PM  

That's the corporate logo for Sherwin-Williams.

But I know what you mean. It is an evil-looking logo.
2004-06-17 4:35:01 PM  
Is it just me, or does his wife look like the most disillusioned woman in the entire world?
2004-06-17 4:35:54 PM  
He paints a baseball twice a day for 27 years. Must be the absolute life of the party.
2004-06-17 4:36:17 PM  
I don't think they could possibly look any more thrilled.
2004-06-17 4:37:28 PM  
It all started when Mike took a baseball & dipped it in the wet paint. He then threatened to throw it at Glenda unless she gave him a hummer. 27 years later, it still works - but she's put on a few pounds.

/All Aboard!
2004-06-17 4:37:30 PM  
"any balls down there"
"About the biggest one you've ever seen dingleberry!"
2004-06-17 4:38:12 PM  
I'm suprised no one has thrown out the lyrics of AC/DC's "Big Balls" I've got big balls, oh I've got big balls...."
2004-06-17 4:38:44 PM  

Not to be confused with the Chaos logo from the 60's TV show Get Smart.
2004-06-17 4:41:42 PM  
Congratulations to Fark on the 1,000th posting of this link.
2004-06-17 4:42:07 PM  
OK, I've seen this story on Fark several times before. Still not interesting.

But, in the photo, what's the deal with those scary clowns painted on the wall?

/can't sleep, clown'll eat me...can't sleep, clown'll eat me...
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