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(Slate)   Turns out, the mental dynamics of job interviews can impose and hold a bizarre power over applicants if and when they are hired   ( divider line
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2018-04-17 05:05:19 AM  
I read that headline three times. That was too many.
2018-04-17 06:51:49 AM  

August11: I read that headline three times. That was too many.

Clearly you don't have the bizarre power of applicants.  Then you'd understand it.
2018-04-17 07:38:30 AM  
Don't go down the wormhole if you're on a deadline.  The cray-cray is strong there.
2018-04-17 07:38:37 AM  
The mental dynamics of job interviews cause people to lie like rugs.
Much like the mental dynamics of empty stomachs cause people to eat.
2018-04-17 07:41:20 AM  

Bondith: August11: I read that headline three times. That was too many.

Clearly you don't have the bizarre power of applicants.  Then you'd understand it.

A funny for you. And they fixed it. Yay.
2018-04-17 07:42:42 AM  

August11: Bondith: August11: I read that headline three times. That was too many.

Clearly you don't have the bizarre power of applicants.  Then you'd understand it.

A funny for you. And they fixed it. Yay.

Oh good, now I look like the insane one.
2018-04-17 08:43:39 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

"Good night a-ding-ding-diiiiiing!"
2018-04-17 11:17:08 AM  

It's almost as if it's a completely one-sided power dynamic and a very touchy-feely situation.
2018-04-17 01:19:42 PM  
My last job search had a handful of this kind of behavior.  One VP of engineering blew off my phone screen completely, then told the headhunter "Yea, I got busy and ignored it.  Can I reschedule?"  Told him no.

Another was a company wanted a THIRD skills screening (Im a software goon) . The first one was online, then another one in person, and they wanted a third half-day coding session with one of their developers.  Passed on that one, too.

I heard a lot of "We have trouble finding good people" and then put candidates through a bunch of nonsense.
2018-04-17 03:18:24 PM  
About 10 years ago, I applied for job that I was a spot on match for -- skills, location, salary range. The HR woman called me and said "You have an impressive skill set. How did you learn all this without an education."

Uh, I have a BS in computer engineering.

It doesn't say so on your resume?

Are you looking at my resume? yes. Hit page down.

"Oh, there it is." she was so proud of herself for finding page 2 of my resume.

She then went on to tell me she didn't understand the engineering topics discussed in my resume. I was told to rewrite the resume so she could understand all the engineering terms. And it had to fit on 1 page.

When I suggested she get an engineer to review my resume. I was informed I would not get an interview until I complied with her directive.

I laughed, hung up, and ignored further communications from the company.
2018-04-17 05:01:54 PM  
hypnotist-in-houston.comView Full Size

2018-04-17 05:36:20 PM  
CSB incoming...

So, a friend of mine got a job at a popular CRM software company, and turned in my resume for their "refer-a-friend"-type program. "The hiring manager's excited about you", he said, "so get on their site and check out these four gigs!"

I do that, using their site - upload my resume, provide writing samples & links to existing public content, list my bibliography, that sort of thing - only to be rejected the next day with a "we've found other folks" email. I forward that email to my friend with a "c'est la vie" message, as that's not unusual, only to be greeted with a confused, "Why in the hell did she do that? The hiring manager was waiting for your application - I'll go check."

Three later, I get an email from my friend, telling me "Yeah, she made a mistake - they're going to follow up with an interview request email, so hang on." Meh. Overzealous recruiter. Fine - I'll bite. A couple of hours after that, I get that email - but, it's not an interview request.

It's an essay contest. See, they would like me to spend a couple of days answering basic questions about why I do what I do, how I do what I do, where have I done before what I do, who am I, how do I feel about the employer, and provide a detailed ranking of my skill set for the following list of skills. Seriously, I received a couple of pages of questions, apparently written by someone who doesn't understand what a programmer/writer does and wanted to learn, like:

Describe your experience writing documentation for web-based software or apps. What's your approach to writing that doc? How is that approach similar to writing for traditional software, and how is it different?

Folks, if your interview process basically says that talking to me is a waste of your time, I'm probably not going to work for you. Never mind the mildly insulting manner in which this was conducted, no one has time for this bullshiat any more. We're dealing with Web time, people, in which my content changes daily because your service changes daily and I'm expected to keep my tasks moving on the ol' Kanban. If it takes you a week to pull this kind of shiat in your hiring process, I strongly suspect that your writing & dev processes aren't much better.

In the time it took for them to pull this shiat, I was recruited, interviewed, and contracted for another gig (which started yesterday) - I'm a fast-moving resource - and so I had to politely turn them down.
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