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2002-01-17 01:47:52 AM  
Why The Fark did it say boobies, I wrote "first"!!!!
2002-01-17 01:48:04 AM  
Help! I've fallen into the generation gap!
2002-01-17 01:48:25 AM  
Ahhh... runs around in circles... what the hell?
2002-01-17 01:49:41 AM  
Is this suppose to happend?!
2002-01-17 01:50:09 AM  
I'm 23 and I didn't know who any of the people on the Dick Clark special were either. Give me Led Zepplin any day.
2002-01-17 01:50:23 AM  
That article started overloading my cutesy capacitors so I didn't finish it. I don't apply anyway. At 43, I am as hip as they come.
2002-01-17 01:50:43 AM  
What does this have to do with the anal sex topic???
2002-01-17 01:51:14 AM  
I think I jumped off the culture train the instant I started to learn pearl.
2002-01-17 01:51:26 AM  
NEWSFLASH-you're not cool, you are old and obsolete, we have a "war" on "drugs" which you allowed to be created, move it on over.. i just bought the beatles white album last weekend but good music doesn't make up for bad policy.
2002-01-17 01:52:10 AM  
Does anyone else see, wierd time on posts?
2002-01-17 01:52:36 AM  
KC Critic, got a little excited didn't you. A little off topic too.
2002-01-17 01:52:57 AM  
I'm the child of a baby boomer and I think I'm clueless when it comes to what's in. Then again I don't even care....
2002-01-17 01:54:51 AM  
Frank... it has everything to do with the anal sex topic... Baby Boomers are not hip to it!
2002-01-17 01:56:03 AM  
KC Critic: You need some action, sweetie.
Why don't you check out the anal sex thread?
2002-01-17 01:56:32 AM  
I find Wolfy to be more entertaining than the article.
2002-01-17 01:59:27 AM  
hx-you're NOT old and obsolete baby, you're the sweetest. and i do need some action.
i'm pissed about the war on drugs and i take it out on everyone who is older than me....
i think the madosamas anal sex thread brought out the animal in me.
2002-01-17 01:59:38 AM  
Here's my 'Golden Rule': If you're not sure whether something is cool/hip, it's not.

I, am cool. 42 years of coolness wrapped into a hip package. Ladies, the line forms to my left.
2002-01-17 02:00:06 AM  
I think Peaceboy should start my fan club...
2002-01-17 02:00:07 AM  
Ok so a bunch of old farks are all depressed because they are no longer cool. Well farking deal with it, it is what happens, it is the natural order of things. You are cool, then you grow up, then you become part of the sucky establishment, and then are no longer cool any more.

Want to know why you are not cool. Because you own an SUV that you drag your rug rats around in. Because you have 9-5 jobs that drain your life away that you spend way to much time stressing over. Because you worry about things that really don't matter and have to fill the blank empty holes of your day with Prozac and Valium. Because... you are old.

Of course they all could try quitting their jobs, pick up a drug habit and go to Britney Spears concerts so that the rest of us could laugh at the old farts trying to act like children. In fact I encourage every last farking baby boomer TO go out and make complete asses of themselves for our entertainment. At least then they all might have some use to the younger generation rather than just being a drain on our own retirement 40 years down the road.
2002-01-17 02:05:40 AM  
I'm not cool. I never was cool. The only way you could make me cool is to put me in a walk-in freezer with no jacket. When I'm in my 40's, I'll be even less cool than I am today.

But I don't let it bother me. It's always fashionable to be a little unhip. So I'll never be cool, but I'll always be fashionable.
2002-01-17 02:10:06 AM  
Well since old-timers becoming unaware of trends is itself a trend, it's not surprising that they're not aware of it.
2002-01-17 02:10:55 AM  
A lady to the left of BigPeeler is no Lady at all.
2002-01-17 02:11:04 AM  
4. O-Town is back with the series "Making the Band." It's now airing on:
C. VH1
D. ABC Family

Lemme understand... knowing the correct answer to this makes you cool? In what universe?
2002-01-17 02:18:13 AM  
In retrospect, being cool is tantamount to sucking the big tit. Look at the morons clomping around society today. Tattooed, pierced, shaved, braided, dreadlocked, etc. Trying so hard to be different, they become the norm. Hee hee.Life's a funny little circle ain't it Mavis?

I can't think of too many "cool" people under the age of say, 30. I know it's relative, but "cool" is timeless. Jack Nicholson is cool. Always has been, always will be. Christopher Walken. Cool. Ludacris, ain't cool. Mudvayne, not even. Drew Curtis, cool. (What did you think I was going to say??)

I'd like to see someone put together a exhaustive list of "cool" nominees and set up a voting system. It would be cool to see what the concensus says.

By the way, Muhammad Ali? Way cool. Happy 60th my man.
2002-01-17 02:19:41 AM  
Wise man once said: "If you have to say you're hip, you're obviously not."

Hell, I plan to enjoy my obsolesence...I'm looking forward to showing my grandkids a guitar, and watching their puzzled little expressions when I strum a chord on it and sound comes out without electricity, sequencers or a console. These are the same kids who will probably never enjoy comic books on printed paper, toys that are dangerous to play with, or know of a life before computers. I don't envy them a bit.

Here's the shocker...every generation goes through this. The grandmother who liked Bing Crosby's music shakes her head as her daughter listens to that punk Bobby Sherman. Eventually that daughter's going to become a mother and go nuts when her kid rocks out to Roger Daltrey and the Who, but she also knows that that kid is going to have a kid who's going to be into Korn...and eventually that kid will have a kid who'll be into some band worse than Korn (in the eyes of the Korn fan).

I've officially hit the age where I don't understand the kids' music anymore...the funny part is...I have no desire to. Limp POD Park Alien Korn Farm Stained...these are all the same group, right? Now in my day we had Soundgarden and Sonic Youth...we didn't need this with the rapping and the m*therf*cker and the yo g jimmy fly girl this.

See? It's fun to get old! :)
2002-01-17 02:20:27 AM  
Consider a recent study. It suggested a crisis is brewing for fine
arts attendance in America, in part because baby boomers, unlike
their parents, aren't willing to give up the music of their youth and
graduate to classical music, opera, jazz and the like.

"They've held onto popular culture as something they value, as
opposed to earlier generations who gave up their childish ways
when they got married and settled down," says Richard Peterson, a
professor of sociology at Vanderbilt and lead author of the study.

This is a load of crap.

The generations before the boomers didn't have rock'n'roll.

The had jazz, swing, bluegrass...

It's all about the rock'n'roll, baby.

Slayerswine, your opinion?
2002-01-17 02:24:12 AM  
I'm 19 and I really don't care about what's on Top 40 charts anymore. My folk CDs keep me happy. Oh, and Sarah McLachlan, Anggun, and Sheryl Crow... And Vivaldi, Bach, and Aaron Copland... Ooh, and MC Solaar!
2002-01-17 02:26:53 AM  
See? It's fun to get old!

You know Tourchsong I have to agree. I'm sort of at this middle point. On one hand when my Pathfinder had to go into the shop to fix the damage from the assclown that banged into me on New Years Eve I asked for a Lincon Town Car rental. What a wonderful big floating experience. On the other hand I drove the Town Car to see X-Dream in Chinatown last Sat. night.

Wait a minute... That sounds pretty cool.
2002-01-17 02:37:39 AM  
The main thing to remember folks, is that you're not cool unless you pee your pants.
2002-01-17 02:44:29 AM  
Alas, being "cool", or more acuratly, being "with-it" today is tantamount to being a complete and utter moron.
2002-01-17 02:49:21 AM  
I don't think that their 'out of it' quiz is an accurate representation. I'm 17 and I failed it. Maybe I spend too much time farking and too little time being obsessed with teen idols and whatnot. I think all that test prooves is you whether or not you spend too much time watching MTV.
2002-01-17 02:50:40 AM  
if peeing your pants is cool, consider me miles davis!
2002-01-17 02:56:16 AM  
Bigpeeler - You forgot to list Steve McQueen.
Cool wishes it was Steve McQueen.
2002-01-17 03:08:09 AM  
my rant it in the same vein as the rest of the posts but with more of a conspiracy feel to it, here goes.

networks, companies, affiliates, conglomorates, associations, deals, mergers. money money money money.
MTV - "everything on mtv is cool". Magazines - "are you cool? heres a quiz. learn to be cool". TV - "wow look at this, this is cool". Radio - "this band is amazing". People - "did you watch that? that was cool" companies that make products you dont need - "wow buy this, its endorsed by someone on MTV, TV, in a magazine"

theyre all rubbing each others backs. i dont know how many companies are running the different forms of major media outlets but when you think about it it might as well be the same person cuz theyre all talking about the same things.
nothing cool will ever be on the radio or tv because right now theres ludicrous amounts of money involved. i have musical groups and stupid shows like survivor in mind while i write this.

think of it like salesmen talking you into buying things. even if its a really cool guy, when you get down to it hes on the timeclock while hes talking to you and the more he gets you to buy the better off he is. the tv doesnt care about you, the guy on the radio doesnt care about you, magazines wont help you with anything.

theres a huge monopoly on media outlets and music/movie/tv companies. everyones gonna do their damndest to tell you that something is cool cuz if it aint, it aint makin any money. hell maybe you already know this cuz i dont know anyone that likes britney spears but shes on the tv more than the news. nothing "COOL" is actually any good.

maybe its all just to get little kids to spend their parents money. maybe thats what they get for lettin their kids watch mtv all day cuz their parents did it when they were younger or something. theres too much money involved with everything lately. i just dont trust anything.

yea im not very good at explaining things but i think im gonna end it here. thank u thats all ::q
2002-01-17 03:08:55 AM  
After seeing that quiz, I would be offended if anyone were to call me "with it" or anything like that.
2002-01-17 03:35:59 AM  
I'm 31 and very happy to have grown up in the 70's/80's.

I don't envy kids today. It's a rotten time to grow up. Sex is taboo, political correctness is out of control, and you never know when some friendless loser is going to open fire at school.

Their "classic rock" (when they're my age) will be the endless stream of talentless dreadlocked/goateed/ski-capped hacks that are currently clogging the airwaves. Tragic.
2002-01-17 03:48:23 AM  
it's late, so I might now have this right, but here goes:
Abe Simpson: "I used to be with it. But now what I'm with isn't it, and what's cool seems weird and scary."
2002-01-17 03:49:06 AM  
Standing ovation for Boppster.

Now go and read "Captains of Consciousness" to learn how to say it like an educated person.
2002-01-17 03:54:19 AM  
Props ta Boppsta,
Yo I ain't dissin' ya bro
You'ze on the right track
Just go to the source - Marshall MacLuhan.
Check out Noam Chomsky too.

I'm glad the veil has been lifted from your eyes. Some people never see the light, or choose not to see.

Keep asking questions.
Don't accept what 'they' say is truth.
Find your own truth.
2002-01-17 04:26:12 AM  
There Is No Cabal.
2002-01-17 04:30:48 AM  
This KISS marketing machine has nailed its particular market segment:

[image from kissonline.com too old to be available]

Next up:
The KISS Insurance Co.
KISS Kapital Korp.
KISS Hair Weaves.
2002-01-17 04:37:41 AM  
[image from kissonline.com too old to be available]

Can be used as a watertight cooler while you're still alive!

Gene Simmons: "This is the ultimate KISS® collectible, " said Gene
Simmons. "I love livin', but this makes the alternative
look pretty damn good."
2002-01-17 04:39:22 AM  
I'm hip and down with the groovy funsters, cats. I'm a dawg. I can high-five and smoke a hash of weeds anyday, and that's not all, daddio. I can jive like a mother and diss biatches like a hos.
2002-01-17 04:56:23 AM  
And your point is?
2002-01-17 04:56:56 AM  
I've absolutely no idea.
2002-01-17 05:12:00 AM  
"they'll go out of their way to go into Harmony House and ask what the kids are listening to now," says Pilling

If I ever do that, someone please shoot me.

Real rock forever.

Your never to old too Rock n' Roll if your too young to die.
Jethro Tull
2002-01-17 05:54:40 AM  
"If you squeeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you."

2002-01-17 06:19:43 AM  
"Wagner's music is better than it sounds."
- - Mark Twain (1835-1910)

"If it's not baroque, don't fix it!" (shameless music joke)"

I remember when my dad used to take me to Vegas, and we'd get drunk and party, and usually get arrested. Wait, my dad wouldn't have done that... who was that?
2002-01-17 07:05:08 AM  
[image from classicyes.net too old to be available]
2002-01-17 07:26:41 AM  
i'm so cool i shiate ice-cubes
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