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2004-06-16 10:17:02 AM  
BTW Camelot is crap, they throw you out if you get drunk.
2004-06-16 10:17:49 AM  
2004-06-16 10:09:06 AM thetejon
"Ain't nothing in Maryland but seafood and traffic."

that may be, but NOVA just has the traffic ...
2004-06-16 10:18:09 AM  
Check your mail...
It starts at 1215 for all that are interested.
2004-06-16 10:18:24 AM  

Great minds..
2004-06-16 10:18:26 AM  
So how will I know who you fools are?
2004-06-16 10:20:55 AM  
1) FarkLiters have no standing to complain about venues chosen by TotalFarkers. Your case is thrown out on a technicality.

2) I remember seeing no less than 4 posts, in the last 2 weeks, discussing the meeting and the venue. There has been plenty of time to discuss.

3) Some of us have jobs that we actually have to go back to. Therefore, Camelot would be a "bad idea."

4) Have you BEEN inside capitol q? There's room for what, 3 people to sit down there? Now imagine a normal lunchtime crowd AND getting invaded by 10-20 Farkers. I personally dont want to have to eat my lunch outside. In the rain.
2004-06-16 10:21:02 AM  
Check your mail...
2004-06-16 10:21:27 AM  
My real pic's in my profile. I'll print off a cliche before I leave and we'll find some way to make it visible and let the folks up front know as well. Just ask for 'Fark'.
2004-06-16 10:22:10 AM  
Settle down brodyvess
2004-06-16 10:22:48 AM  
look for the loudest, uglyest, most drunk group there and you probaly wont be far off...
2004-06-16 10:23:10 AM  
Tall guy, glasses, brown hair, brown polo and khakis. Docs.
2004-06-16 10:23:45 AM  
Damn!!! This is the first I have seen of this. I wish I could make it. Now if it was at the Hooters in Fairfax...then I would be there. When was this Boobiesed?
2004-06-16 10:25:27 AM  
I'm up in Rockville right now. I wish I had known about this sooner. Someone email ins­id­e­s­al­e­s[nospam-﹫-backwards]sk­rowte­n­l­ausi­v­*c­om and say that we need to go to DC for lunch today. My boss and the other two guys on my team will be alerted of the emergency and I can go to the fark luncheon. Whatever that is.

2004-06-16 10:25:41 AM  
hehe- he said boobiesed.
2004-06-16 10:26:00 AM  
Pink skirt, Hello Kitty pink purse, white shirt, curly hair. Just look for me.
2004-06-16 10:29:23 AM  
1) FarkLiters have no standing to complain about venues chosen by TotalFarkers. Your case is thrown out on a technicality.

I was going to post a snarky comment about that but there really isn't a need; it just speaks for itself.
2004-06-16 10:31:28 AM  
DAMN YOU ALL! dang it. I wanna come. next time make it on a Saturday. *sniff*
/misses all the fun down in c'ville
2004-06-16 10:31:40 AM  
Ok, I said that because really is the headline "Hey, yall wanna meet for lunch?" Going to get greenlighted? The planning took place in TF because its not really possible to have that discussion on the main board.
2004-06-16 10:31:46 AM  
Hooters! Fun.. Good choice.. Wish I was in DC.
2004-06-16 10:32:01 AM  
"fado would have been a much better choice !"

Fado is a lousy phony chain like Hooters or the Hard Rock.
2004-06-16 10:33:07 AM  
lilmisstramp - TFG?
2004-06-16 10:33:57 AM  
Should have taken over Mackey's
2004-06-16 10:34:00 AM  
2004-06-16 10:34:35 AM  
cunning_linguist - True, NOVA may not have much seafood, but I would live anywhere in Fairfax county before I would live anywhere in Maryland.
2004-06-16 10:34:35 AM  
Guess not. Lobbying firm where my wife works at.
2004-06-16 10:34:40 AM  
Oh and of course the red line is broken again today...
2004-06-16 10:35:16 AM  
No, I work for an association. :-)

Very glamorous...
2004-06-16 10:35:33 AM  
Well, looks like I'm just going to have to wait for the next one. Have fun, guys and gals!
2004-06-16 10:36:04 AM  
Red Line down? Electrical fire (again)?
2004-06-16 10:37:04 AM  
aw, maan. coulda gone, too...have fun kids!
2004-06-16 10:37:26 AM  
Maryland is the armpit of the East Coast.
2004-06-16 10:38:02 AM  
1) FarkLiters have no standing to complain about venues chosen by TotalFarkers. Your case is thrown out on a technicality.

Wow. Snobbery at its best. Good thing I don't live in DC - I'd be afraid to go for fear of ruining things for one of my "betters".

Can I git you anythin' massah? Otay, I be goin' now.

And to thing that once upon a time I too wanted to be a member of the sacred $5 club. Sheesh.
2004-06-16 10:38:50 AM  
diwanawanga: That nick kicks ass

2004-06-16 10:38:54 AM  
thing = think. Oops. Maybe I ain't worth shiat!
2004-06-16 10:39:23 AM  
Nice opinion. Maybe thats why it's one of the best places to live in the U.S. If you can afford it. Guess people like armpits.
2004-06-16 10:39:39 AM  
And if I didn't have a meeting to attend at 1:00 today in BFE maryland, I'd be going to this.

/hates maryland...
2004-06-16 10:40:24 AM  
Thanx. Almost as good as Whootini, and Whakamamatusu.
2004-06-16 10:45:11 AM  
You guys should meet across the street at RFD. MUCH MUCH MUCH better beer.
2004-06-16 10:47:26 AM  
"2004-06-16 10:37:26 AM techmaniac

Maryland is the armpit of the East Coast."

as a resident of howard county, the 7th richest county in the entire USA, i say..... why dont you elect another cocaine addict for mayor since DC is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better
2004-06-16 10:47:47 AM  
/hates maryland...

The only thing I hate about Maryland is that there's not a single person in it, not one, who has the slightest clue about how to drive. There's some sort of weird chemical in the air of Maryland that sucks all driving skill out of people who spend more than one or two consecutive weeks in the state.

That said, I'd love to make the luncheon. I'm actually pretty close to Chinatown. I don't know if I can swing it today, though. If only there'd been more notice...

2004-06-16 10:52:22 AM  
Damn, can't make it....I'll stare at some girls Boobies today at lunch just to mark the occasion.
2004-06-16 10:53:15 AM  

Got that right, Fairfax rules.

/Springfield native.
2004-06-16 10:56:08 AM  
Why couldn't this be in Alexandria? I could get out for a couple of hours, but DC? I'm not driving there till I head home to Maryland.

//Hate Maryland if you like, but we don't have personal property taxes, thanks very much.
2004-06-16 10:59:27 AM  
Hey!! I'm on a business trip to DC this week.. staying at the renaissance hotel... whats everybody up to tonight? Might be looking for something to do if my colleagues back out.... where a good place to go for ________???
2004-06-16 11:00:34 AM  
First, thanks cnamon for putting this together and don't fret none about all of the crybabies.

I can't make it because I'm loaded with work but I do hope there is another Fark get-together in DC later this summer.

My suggestions for future venues:
Fado on a Monday night (trivia)
Brass Monkey in Adams-Morgan
Reef in Adams-Morgan
Lucky Bar in Dupont Circle
Four P's in Cleveland Park
Red River Grill near Union Station

Have a great time, though, and enjoy the sweater meat at Hooters.
2004-06-16 11:01:33 AM  
Eddy Gurge,

I think my mom knows your mom.

/born and raised in springfield
//ok, not born there, born in alexandria because the hospital is there, but got to springfield very quickly afterwards
2004-06-16 11:01:38 AM  
How many people are going to be there?
2004-06-16 11:02:03 AM  
trash the state of maryland if you will...it's not your fault that we're better than all of you
2004-06-16 11:03:26 AM  
Why don't you have one down here in south east? We've got a little dive here we affectionately call 'The Shots-fired deli'.
2004-06-16 11:04:45 AM  
Damn... I'm in Old Town Alexandria, but can't make it ;-( Wish I knew about it earlier.
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