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(Some Romulan Ale)   Aussie Brewing Co will award you a "space beer party" in the "Vomit Comet" if you write an essay & donate $90 to their IndieGoGo   ( divider line
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2018-03-12 03:42:31 PM  
Vomit Comet is the name of my Rocket Man tribute/parody song.
2018-03-12 04:12:55 PM  
In space, no one can hear you belch.
2018-03-12 04:32:06 PM  
It'll be like a dirty snow globe by the end of that flight.
2018-03-12 04:43:58 PM  
Not eligible in Arizona?  What in the dry heat fark?
2018-03-12 04:48:29 PM  
50 words isn't an essay. It's barely a good run-on sentence.
2018-03-12 04:52:13 PM  
I will not be entering. Partly due to residency restrictions, but mostly because a contest with a $90 entry fee that doesn't go to a charity is a scam.
2018-03-12 04:52:34 PM  
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2018-03-12 04:52:41 PM  
What might prompt the Vomit Comet:

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2018-03-12 04:58:56 PM  
Yeah, might want to rethink you cunning plan.
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2018-03-12 05:09:51 PM  
Aussie Brewing Co will award you a "space beer party" in the "Vomit Comet" if you write an essay

Cool, that is a great prize to promote...

& donate $90 to their IndieGoGo

... oh. So nobody gets anything.
2018-03-12 05:09:58 PM  
Heh. "Vomit Comet" is the Toronto nickname for the Yonge St TTC bus that starts up after the subway closes down... which happens to be slightly before the bars let out.

I was riding that bastard one night and a full on mini riot broke out. It was hilarious. I got punched in the face by some skeevy meth mouthed chick (who's boyfriend had started the brawl) which made it even funnier because up until that point I had just been standing there, drinking my pocket beer and laughing my ass off as everybody on the bus were just HAMMERING on each other. I think she took methy offense to my l'aissez faire attitude to her and her beau's attention whoring shenanigans.

Then the cops came and we'z wuz all liek "ERRY'BUDDY SCATTA'!".

Good times. Good times.
2018-03-12 05:15:34 PM  
We're not hosting an intergalactic kegger.
2018-03-12 05:15:51 PM  
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2018-03-12 05:27:13 PM  

bearded clamorer: In space, no one can hear you belch.

Apparently it's quite difficult to have a proper belch in space.
No way for the air to separate and rise from the liquid, you get really wet belches.
2018-03-12 05:36:18 PM  
So they're running a sweepstakes.  On Indigogo.  How about no on this.
2018-03-12 05:38:40 PM  
I've been to that brewery, it's pretty awesome

2018-03-12 05:40:07 PM  

mab1823: [ image 500x284]

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2018-03-12 06:18:49 PM  
I fear that the headline is overstated. You might win if you do those things, but I'm quite sure that they are not sufficient.
2018-03-12 06:20:41 PM  
farkit, im in.  Look forward to barfing on at least two of you

/you know who you are
2018-03-12 06:24:08 PM  
Contest begins in Aug '18

2018-03-12 07:30:02 PM  

Farkin_Gator: What might prompt the Vomit Comet:

[ image 272x500]

Fosters is Australian for Cat Piss.
2018-03-12 10:35:33 PM  
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2018-03-13 05:00:51 AM  
Experiencing weightlessness on the vomit comet? Awesome! Doing so with a belly full of beer? Sounds like a bad idea.
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