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(KATU Portland)   State education website accidentally linked to porn website. In case you were looking to finish your Masters in OH MY GOD YES HARDER   ( divider line
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9707 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jun 2004 at 1:38 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-13 08:50:45 AM  
Good headline.
2004-06-13 11:26:53 AM  
Back in the day when I worked in telemarketing we would often call people and find out they had our product. Well, sometimes they need service so we had a 1-800 number for our main office they could call.

One of my underlings gave out a number, thinking it was a service number, but ended up being some phone sex number.

What they did was replaced the 1 and area code with 1-800 and finished the rest with the local office number. This happened a few times before customers finally began calling all pissed off thinking it was some sort of joke.

Yeah...I wish I remembered that number...
2004-06-13 11:47:12 AM  
when I worked in telemarketing

You utter, loathsome fiend.

Unless you've given it up; then you're ok. Just don'
2004-06-13 01:42:28 PM  
Gave it up long ago. I realized that, although the money was good, it was a dead end job.

I was 21 and didn't want to spend the next 35 years of my life having people yell at me, set the phone down and walk away or giving the phone to their 2 yr. old child.

I saw the error in my ways and repented. Now I work at a college teaching Biology and working with student groups - and the pay is much, much better.
2004-06-13 01:48:00 PM  
If you think about it, porn is kind of an education. From a certain point of view.
2004-06-13 01:48:59 PM  
It took eight clicks to reach pictures of nude people.

2004-06-13 01:49:31 PM  
Kickass headline.
2004-06-13 01:49:50 PM  
Several years ago the web design company I worked for had a major national clothing manufacturer as a client. My officemate and best friend had was the developer assigned to that account. The client was going to do a promotion involving a model search and so wanted the promotion page to link to an external site that was being set up where young girls (teen and pre-teen) would be directed to to learn about the requirements and sign up.

The domain they gave him to link to didn't work, but the client said to put it up anyway because that modeling site wasn't quite ready yet and that it would be up by the time the promotion became advertised.

A couple of weeks later we got a very angry email from a customer wanting to know why her daughter was being recruited for pornography. My friend checked and discovered that the link was now up except that it went to a web site for porn models. It turned out the client had accidently added a 's' at the end of the domain name, the real domain name was in singular form not plural form. WHOOPS!

Fortunately the client knew it was their fault and praised our company as heros for figuring out what happened and taking care of it.
2004-06-13 01:54:34 PM  
I wonder how exactly that happened. You know, what the links were to get from the state educatiion website to porn. What kind of porn was it? Hard, soft, any particular variety? Details, people, we need details!
2004-06-13 01:56:05 PM  
2004-06-13 01:57:48 PM  
This one time, in band camp..

/I got nothing.
2004-06-13 01:58:13 PM  
what, no pics?
2004-06-13 01:58:46 PM  
it took 8 clicks to get to naked people...hell..thats not bad at gotta think with all the porn on the net its pretty hard not to find a way to get 8 degrees of seperation.
2004-06-13 01:59:16 PM  
Great headline.
2004-06-13 02:01:07 PM  
Just so's ya know, 1-800-FAT-GIRLS is a real number, and it's pretty friggin hilarious...

Oh yeah, and great headline.
2004-06-13 02:11:14 PM  
Good headline.
Kickass headline.
Great headline.

I disagree
2004-06-13 02:12:01 PM  
Isn't that what everyone really wants to major in in college?
2004-06-13 02:12:51 PM  
The X-rated access was pointed out in a letter of complaint from Juanita Doyon of Spanaway, who is challenging Superintendent Terry Bergeson in this fall's election.

Inside job.
2004-06-13 02:14:03 PM  
Just so's ya know, 1-800-FAT-GIRLS is a real number, and it's pretty friggin hilarious...

Too many digits.
2004-06-13 02:14:36 PM  
8 clicks? Hell, it's hard to go 8 clicks on any website without reaching porn. Take fark for example...
2004-06-13 02:18:26 PM  
Getting a Masters in OH MY GOD YES HARDER ? hmmm..... No thanks on the major, but I'd like to have it as my bachelor's or assiosates degree ^_^ but I think I'll Masters in something else...
2004-06-13 02:20:15 PM  
Too many digits.

What, like the operator is gonna come on and tell you to stop pressing buttons?
2004-06-13 02:21:04 PM  
This is unacceptable and someone should be fired. 8 clicks is far too many to reach pics of naked chicks.
2004-06-13 02:22:28 PM  
on the internet you don't have to find the porn it will find you
2004-06-13 02:27:11 PM  
8 clicks? probably most were outside of the official site

Also, it's been far too long since there was a good Boobies link on the main page.
2004-06-13 02:27:42 PM  
On internet, you don't watch porn. Porn watches you.

//also got nothin
2004-06-13 02:30:39 PM  
2004-06-13 02:11:14 PM Hahaha_seriously
Good headline.
Kickass headline.
Great headline.
I disagree

...and I disagree with YOU.

/wishes he knew how to quote in italics
2004-06-13 02:31:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd like to see the criticizers of a headline from now on follow up with what they would have written as a headline. Not like one of them people who says "if you think this boobies post is ugly, let's see a pic of the last girl you slept with," but instead saying that if a headline sucks so bad that you have to say something about it, give the rest of us a hint at what you think would be a clever one...ok I'm saying the same thing but differently...get off my ass.
2004-06-13 02:34:09 PM  
8 clicks of seperation?
2004-06-13 02:35:42 PM  
Zonc - Enclose the text you would like to italicize in <i> and </i> and to bold it, replace the i with a b.


<i>word here</i> = word here
<b>word here</b> = word here

Make sure to put the </i> or <b> at the end of what you would like italicized. Otherwise, everything following the <i> will be italicized.
2004-06-13 02:36:08 PM  
I do believe it's like this. Also check out this link for more HTML goodness.
2004-06-13 02:36:34 PM  
err i so messed that last line up but I hope you got the point.
2004-06-13 02:37:15 PM  
Mad props to curtins for beating me to the punch by 26 seconds give or take
2004-06-13 02:38:47 PM  
"mad props"?

really? mad?
2004-06-13 02:39:58 PM  
Wouldn't it be best if we had porn stars teach sex education? Who better to educate kids in the ways of triple-headers?
2004-06-13 02:40:55 PM  
Given the way the american job market is going, probably much more practical!

/Majored in SUCK ME, BIATCH with a minor in YOU LIKE IT, DON'T YOU SLUT!
2004-06-13 02:46:46 PM  
mad props

where did the whole "props" thing derive from anyhow?
2004-06-13 02:47:04 PM  
Is this the first time I've seen html help given in Fark comments or just the first time I didn't scroll right past it?

In either case, 'mad props' to curtins and qnadad.
2004-06-13 02:48:57 PM  
/this is a test to see whether or not I am still banned.

Excellent headline.
2004-06-13 02:49:34 PM  
Mad props is derived from ebonics. In other words

Frizzle the ghizzle fo shizle my nizzle all up in the hizzle my bizzle

Yes I speak ebonics. Does that make me multi-lingual?
2004-06-13 02:50:27 PM  
How long did you have to study for that test?
2004-06-13 02:54:32 PM  
I'm working on my doctorate in letters....Penthouse letters.....

I'm a freshman in a large midwestern college, and I never thought these letters were true until one night it happened to me. I was in the library studying late one night for my introductory fark flame war midterm when a heard two coeds giggling near the biology stacks....

/still trying to get someone to publish my letters
2004-06-13 02:55:04 PM  

What time it is?
2004-06-13 02:59:52 PM  
Let me AXE you a QUEXTION. If Leroy sells Tyrone 3 rocks at 5 bills a piece, how much baking soda will he have to add to it to make 6 rocks out of it so he can sell 3 more to Shaniqua? Bonus QUEXTION: How long should Leroy wait before jumping Tyrone, pistol whipping like a bizzile, and taking back his 3 rocks? Show your work and explain why Shaniqua is willing to get her knees dirty for the white devil.
2004-06-13 03:14:45 PM  
eight clicks for naked people what is the world coming too? my god won't someone think of the children, the children for christ's sake. I am thinking of the children with this and this and finally this
i am doing my part to cointinue a child's education and only one click is all it takes.

party on
2004-06-13 03:36:56 PM  
One click in, but twenty clicks to get the hell out!
2004-06-13 03:41:18 PM  
I think this might be the website in question.

Have fun going 8 clicks out.

I found in a few clicks, you can get to their "Teen Aware" program info, which seems to be their sex ed. I would be willing to bet that a few more clicks off of the "state" website is where people ran into porn. Or maybe there's a link to Google or Fark somewhere.
2004-06-13 04:24:27 PM  
8 clicks? They must not have been trying.

I just got from to Pamela Anderson's shaved pussy in 7.
2004-06-13 05:06:14 PM  
Kudos to the submitter. That was a most excellent headline!
2004-06-13 09:51:17 PM  
diamond, the article mentioned nothing about "getting" out so I assume that the little tykes lingered around for awhile.
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