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4491 clicks; posted to Geek » on 04 Mar 2018 at 3:25 PM (45 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2018-03-04 12:58:25 PM  
Alcohol increases inattentional blindness when cognitive resources are not consumed by ongoing task demands

You say that like it's a bad thing.
2018-03-04 01:18:26 PM  
Congratulations, Einstein

/You just discovered beer goggles
2018-03-04 01:22:10 PM  
Isn't that kind of the point?
2018-03-04 02:30:52 PM  
*chugs paint thinner*  What?...
2018-03-04 02:42:47 PM  
That's it. I'm not drinking anymore.

Then again, I'm not drinking any less.
2018-03-04 02:43:31 PM  
I didn't understand the actual headline.

Big words hurt brane.
2018-03-04 03:45:30 PM  
media.tenor.comView Full Size

/not so much inattention as just not caring anymore
2018-03-04 04:15:02 PM  
You people post as if understanding the specific cognitive effects of alcohol is a bad thing. Yes we know what Alters perception and attention.

Not that I'm going to read the whole paper, but it seems like the point was that emphasized that specific types of attention that I modified under specific conditions. This isn't a bad thing for scientist who study alcohol to understand. It may not be the most groundbreaking in Revolutionary kind of research. It's still useful science.

Not even a little bit Rick Ramero.
2018-03-04 04:29:57 PM  
It's sort of a curious effect. Innatentive blindness is the reason you can't see your keys on the table, it's due to hyper focus of your eyes. I would have figured it would decrease it cause focusing would be more difficult.
2018-03-04 04:42:15 PM  

8 inches: I didn't understand the actual headline.

Big words hurt brane.

This. I'll try again when I'm sober.
2018-03-04 05:14:43 PM  
Most boring episode of Springer ever.  Everyone was using $5 words and the big bald security dude was nowhere to be seen.

Never should have clicked on the link.
2018-03-04 06:17:32 PM  
Meh. Last night I was drinking rum and coke, and playing Fallout 3. Even drunk, those supermutants didn't stand a chance. I dare say I was a better shot.  Suck it, nerdy scientists.
/I need to get out more
//that would require making friends though
2018-03-04 06:37:49 PM  
I went looking for the "Reaction Time" segment from WKRP, but got distracted.
2018-03-04 09:20:26 PM  
Oooooh. THAT'S what's happening.
2018-03-05 12:05:57 PM  
If a girl flashes me as a distraction when I'm shooting darts, I see it, even though my primary task was shooting darts.
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