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(ESPN)   Tigers' Wood tears ACL. I guess his golfing season is over then   ( divider line
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1961 clicks; posted to Sports » on 02 Mar 2018 at 12:10 PM (41 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2018-03-02 10:23:30 AM  
You got me. Well done.
2018-03-02 10:34:37 AM  
+1, you magnificent bastard.
2018-03-02 10:44:35 AM  
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2018-03-02 11:39:00 AM  
You sonofabiatch, subby.
I want to have your children.
2018-03-02 12:18:42 PM  
DAMMIT - good one, subs - you'll get a vote from me
2018-03-02 12:30:58 PM  
Heh.  That's pretty awesome,  subby .
2018-03-02 12:32:02 PM  
Nicely played
2018-03-02 12:37:05 PM  
What a double kick in the nuggets.  Big Tiger Woods fan and I'm from Michigan so the Tigers are my team.
2018-03-02 12:37:35 PM  
Lyndon Baines' johnson would have stiffened in your honor subby
2018-03-02 12:39:24 PM  
Sports HOTY contender
2018-03-02 12:44:11 PM  
Wonderful headline.
2018-03-02 12:46:15 PM win this round!!!
2018-03-02 12:51:34 PM  
2018-03-02 01:10:50 PM  
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'Subby!  You magnificient bastard!
2018-03-02 01:16:00 PM  
I'm not the kind of person who would every post a comment just to congratulate the submitter on a very well done headline that completely tricked me, but if I were - this would be the one.

But I'm not.
2018-03-02 01:18:32 PM  
Well done subby, +1

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2018-03-02 01:19:14 PM  
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2018-03-02 01:25:01 PM  
Damn Tiger, we told you that you were to old for Waffle House waitresses in the alley
2018-03-02 01:32:25 PM  
Once in a lifetime opportunity for a headline.
Attaboy subby, well played.
2018-03-02 01:41:02 PM  
First - Well Done Subby.
Second - Travis Wood is awesome.  Big Cubs fan here and he was one of my favorites.  I *think* he was the longest tenured Cubs player when they won the World Series.  I hope he recovers from this.
2018-03-02 02:03:37 PM  
Very nice job subby.
2018-03-02 02:42:32 PM  
Out the subby so he can bask in the glow of a wonderful headline
2018-03-02 02:46:04 PM  

Rex_Banner: Sports HOTY contender

2018-03-02 02:47:19 PM  

KingKauff: Out the subby so he can bask in the glow of a wonderful headline

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2018-03-02 04:04:48 PM  
Subby's trollin'.

/too bad for Wood, liked him when he played for the Cubs
//one of the few players to survive the entire rebuild and win the WS
2018-03-02 04:58:15 PM  
Subby, may you be scorched by the fury of a thousand suns.
2018-03-02 07:58:15 PM  
I was in enough awe of the headline that at first it didn't register who this was really about. get well soon, Mr. Shirtless at the WS Victory Parade Guy.
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