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(Daily Camera)   Britney Spears sustains knee injury late in video shoot. Will have surgery and be on the DL for six weeks   ( divider line
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9857 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2004 at 5:22 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-10 01:06:34 PM  
6 weeks of chips and soda. Bets on weight gain?
2004-06-10 01:20:21 PM  
6 weeks of prescription pain-killers. Bets on CourtneyLove-skank factor?
2004-06-10 02:04:20 PM  
6 weeks of not having to hear about her? Yay!
2004-06-10 02:13:30 PM  
By knee injury, you mean boob job right?
2004-06-10 02:29:49 PM  
Heard on NPR a segment called Brothers on the DL - was quite interesting.

Done by a Nashville homophobe by the sounds of it
2004-06-10 05:24:59 PM  
6 weeks in rehab?
2004-06-10 05:24:59 PM  
Did her boobs pop out?

No? Don't care then.
2004-06-10 05:25:16 PM  
Our prayers have been answered!
2004-06-10 05:25:30 PM  
I thought she was a little off on her game last night.

but its hard for her to complain about a hurt knee with a full mouth.
2004-06-10 05:25:31 PM  
Is she still hittable?

Here honey, just put your knee over my shoulder, there we go.......
2004-06-10 05:25:57 PM  
yeah.. but how are her DSL's???
2004-06-10 05:26:47 PM  
This means she should be easier to corner and less able to get away.
2004-06-10 05:27:10 PM  
I'm sure the wife of the guy she's dating now is happy to hear of her injury.
2004-06-10 05:27:42 PM  
Dave Letterman?
2004-06-10 05:28:03 PM  
so I guess a blowjob's out of the question?
2004-06-10 05:28:08 PM  
What's a DL? She'll be on the Dali Lama?
2004-06-10 05:28:23 PM  
hmmm. a knee injury on a shoot with snoop dogg....

how odd.......
2004-06-10 05:28:28 PM  
You know, if she'd just wear kneepads when she's negotiating, this sort of thing wouldn't happen.
2004-06-10 05:29:03 PM  
I'm really disappointed in the pop music industry on this one. I mean, it's 2004 and there's still no pop star emergency android replacement technology? Fire the entire Spears research and development team!
2004-06-10 05:29:41 PM  
If she had only injured her throat, she wouldn't have to cancel any concerts, she could just continue lip-synching.
2004-06-10 05:29:45 PM  
No lip-syncing to crappy music for 6 weeks?

whatever will i do?
2004-06-10 05:29:53 PM  
2004-06-10 05:31:02 PM  
Ah, if only it had been something unimportant the show could have gone on.. like her voice.
2004-06-10 05:31:05 PM  
while under the knife she decided to throw and extra cup size in there, for good measure
2004-06-10 05:31:41 PM  
My name's Buck...
2004-06-10 05:31:56 PM  
GIS for "DL"

[image from too old to be available]

He's smiling for a reason, people
2004-06-10 05:32:25 PM  
2004-06-10 05:34:17 PM  
Seriously, what does "DL" stand for?

2004-06-10 05:34:19 PM  
Interesting? I have to disagree.
2004-06-10 05:34:53 PM  
The LAST time she went in for knee surgury, she came out with D cup tits.

I wonder what glorious surprise is in store for us this time.

/patiently waiting for some tits to explode on
2004-06-10 05:34:57 PM  
on the "down low"
2004-06-10 05:35:21 PM  
Disabled List
2004-06-10 05:35:26 PM  
Maybe she'll get a horrible infection from the surgery and have to get it amputated. Then she can't dance, will put on weight, and we'll never have to listen to her 'sing' again!
2004-06-10 05:36:11 PM  
2004-06-10 05:36:11 PM  
fatnathan: ooh, I didn't even think of that one. You're good.
2004-06-10 05:36:26 PM  
Fine. Now can we please get back to monitoring Mariah Carey's every move?
2004-06-10 05:38:08 PM  

Already on it!
2004-06-10 05:38:21 PM  
Somebody_Someone: You should see my change up
2004-06-10 05:38:46 PM  
Damnit, my comment was covered in the first p... (whoa almost lost my head there for a minute) ... in the initial instance of someone commenting in this thread.
2004-06-10 05:39:26 PM  
You know when horses break a leg people shoot them.
2004-06-10 05:40:06 PM  
Damn that girl is such a nasty-lookin' slut.

I would so hit it.
2004-06-10 05:40:33 PM  
Ok, they selected this over the myriad of "Britney injures knee, goes in for surgery. In totally unrelated news, her breast size doubles" topics?

Come on fark. Do you remember the last time she went in for "knee injuries"?
2004-06-10 05:40:37 PM  
Snoop Dogg, "Yo biatch...just sizzle my ma dizzle on one knizzle."
2004-06-10 05:41:56 PM  
6 weeks on her back requires a new position for her. Usually she takes it bending over a chair.
2004-06-10 05:42:49 PM  
Thank you rock gods, now please smite Nickle Back.
2004-06-10 05:42:57 PM  
I don't care what anyone says-
Britney Spears was blessed with musical genius and you are all just upset that when you sing it sounds like a fat kid trapped in a doorway. Blaagahhghaahgaaghaa!
Cheetos please!!!!!
2004-06-10 05:43:28 PM  
That's what happens when you mess with Queens. Hopefully no other pop stars go frontin' on Roosevelt Ave.

2004-06-10 05:43:49 PM  
Britney is so dreamy
2004-06-10 05:44:41 PM  
I'd knee it!
2004-06-10 05:44:51 PM  
And I would hit her untill she had a caved in chest cavity and 3 black eyes. God bless her!!!
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