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(CBS Chicago)   It was the 2nd of February / the day I'll always...shiat, nothing rhymes with February   ( chicago.cbslocal.com) divider line
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2018-02-02 04:33:58 PM  
Estuary.  "It was the second of February.  I was punting on the estuary.  Now I'm on cloud nine."
2018-02-02 04:38:51 PM  
January rhymes
2018-02-02 04:56:26 PM  
A naked rabbi is a Hebrew airy.
2018-02-02 04:56:37 PM  
2018-02-02 05:03:31 PM  

/That was easy
2018-02-02 05:38:43 PM  
...remember Harry.

....wish I was hairy.
2018-02-02 06:38:06 PM  
Aviary. Mortuary. Constabulary. Larry. Nary.

It was- the second-of Feb-ruary
The day- I'll always- deflect -and parry.

You didn't give us many syllables to work with, subby.
2018-02-02 07:25:52 PM  
It was the second day of February, a day that I find very, very
Oh, no, I've lost my ability to rhyme!
A situation temporary, or at least hopefully unnecessary,
Assuming my vocabulary comes back to me in time!

When hoping to add commentary, consult an online dictionary
And a treasure trove of useful words you will find!
This lexicology of similar terminology
Is just one more way to lose your mind!

2018-02-02 07:36:27 PM  
2018-02-02 07:50:16 PM  
He's doin' fine
On cloud nine.

RIP Mr. Edwards, and thanks for the dance music.
2018-02-02 08:17:50 PM  
Someone already brought up mortuary; the guy's dead.  Lazy subby is lazy
2018-02-02 08:18:29 PM  
2018-02-02 08:18:31 PM  
Looking to rhyme with February
To form some lines not ordinary
Writing dumb limerick
Because I'm a real prick
Retarded, revolutionary
2018-02-02 08:21:28 PM  
Was talking about him at lunch today at work...

Will mention Weinstein tomorrow, see if I can score a two.
2018-02-02 08:25:02 PM  
You need a new rhyming dictionary, subby.
2018-02-02 08:29:12 PM  
Awww, dang, I love the Temptations. I had a couple of their albums that I practically wore out in my twenties.
2018-02-02 08:37:42 PM  
2018-02-02 08:57:14 PM  
2018-02-02 09:22:17 PM  
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2018-02-02 09:36:09 PM  

Remember, wearily.
2018-02-02 10:06:44 PM  
home-brewed sherry
2018-02-02 10:18:08 PM  
Temporary rhymes with February, so be wary.
2018-02-02 10:44:40 PM  
Lots of Eminems up in this thread.
2018-02-02 11:20:53 PM  
Fighting the Temptation to organize a tributary.
2018-02-02 11:51:17 PM  
Grew up in/on Motown during the amazing 60's-70's (Edwards > Ruffin)

Temptations are on my "you've been sitting at the computer too long, better get up and dance" playlist. Why yes I work at home.
2018-02-03 12:00:40 AM  
The Temptations- 'I Wish It Would Rain'
Youtube BrjJeP1GGxY
2018-02-03 12:30:18 AM  
M People - Don't Look Any Further (Original Version)
Youtube IwBCyvBMgjQ
2018-02-03 12:36:16 AM  
Very hairy
2018-02-03 01:27:49 AM  
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2018-02-03 06:58:57 AM  
February made me shiver. With every paper I delivered.
2018-02-03 08:29:48 AM  
Barbara Dickson - January, February 1980
Youtube TyZ9--3IpeM
2018-02-03 08:36:55 AM  
Ball of Confusion has proven itself to be very prescient

The Temptations - Ball of Confusion
Youtube -9poCAuYT-s
2018-02-03 08:48:44 AM  

GungFu: [Youtube-video https://www.youtube.com/embed/TyZ9--3I​peM]

The Berzerker - February (with Lyrics)
Youtube I2flebrPPes
2018-02-03 09:41:09 AM  
2018-02-03 12:12:18 PM  
Do you remember?
The 21st of September?
2018-02-03 01:10:23 PM  

Whiskey Dickens: Do you remember?
The 21st of September?

That's Earth, Wind, & Fire.
2018-02-03 01:33:45 PM  
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Mr. Cassowary is not amused
2018-02-03 03:17:15 PM  

Crewmannumber6: Ball of Confusion has proven itself to be very prescient

Politicians say "More taxes will solve everything!" (And the band played on...)

They'd get roasted on the politics tab with talk like that.
2018-02-03 05:26:25 PM  
And please can we beat up everyone who pronounces it "Feb-yew-erry"?
2018-02-03 06:02:30 PM  

ukexpat: And please can we beat up everyone who pronounces it "Feb-yew-erry"?

Both pronunciations are in dictionaries, Americans beat them down.
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