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2759 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2002 at 11:21 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-14 11:23:33 PM  
God help you.
2002-01-14 11:23:49 PM  
best of luck to ya, dude. You're gonna need it.
2002-01-14 11:24:14 PM  
2002-01-14 11:24:43 PM  
2002-01-14 11:26:05 PM  
Ultra Hal has nice knockers. (go to the link)
2002-01-14 11:26:33 PM  
2002-01-14 11:26:56 PM  

Good luck.
2002-01-14 11:27:21 PM  
GUY 1: "You've been swimming in raw sewage!!!!"
Nielson: "I LUVVIT!"
2002-01-14 11:27:56 PM  
When does this start?
2002-01-14 11:29:45 PM  
"It was then that I saw a pale horse, he who was riding it was named Zabaware, and hell followed close behind."

One word friend:
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-01-14 11:30:06 PM  
Does UltraHal have a penis? Looks like a HeShe.
2002-01-14 11:30:13 PM  
Make us proud.

Hi, Sweater Girl.
2002-01-14 11:32:36 PM  
Jesus, isn't this the 60th article posted today? Is it monday (today) or tuesday that this will happen?
2002-01-14 11:35:12 PM  
[image from repubblica.it too old to be available]

Yeah capitalism!
2002-01-14 11:35:14 PM  
Weren't you guys linked before?

And conversation simulation is pretty interesting, I think. Dunno if anyone here knows MegaHAL, but that one rocked.
2002-01-14 11:35:19 PM  
You want us to cast Wil Wheaton as you in FARK:The Motion Picture???
2002-01-14 11:36:16 PM  
[image from rodserling.com too old to be available]

A human subject enticed to cross the threshold of a world designed in butchery and judgement.
Through a simple Ebay auction no boundries will be made, no quarter taken.
Stepping into a realm, a dimension few come out of unscathed or for the better.
The signpost up ahead reads:
"You have just entered the FarkZone"
2002-01-14 11:37:54 PM  
I don't know about the rest of you, but this Hal thing seems pretty cool and i'm downloading the free version. Thou I'm reminded of the Oddesy 2001 and scarry thoughts come to my head. If I piss of Hal, will he/she make fun of me and display all my pron?? haha well lets see what happens.

2002-01-14 11:38:23 PM  


uh yeah drew takes the cuss filter off all the time really
2002-01-14 11:38:36 PM  
2002-01-14 11:40:08 PM  
Polypuga - Tuesday is the day. :)
2002-01-14 11:41:51 PM  
Hey Hytes! How are you tonight, sweetie?

Poly I think it starts Tuesday. Then again, I don't know what time, as it's almost Tuesday on the east coast.
2002-01-14 11:45:26 PM  
Zabba Dabba Doo!
2002-01-14 11:46:07 PM  
[image from plainwhite.net too old to be available]

"Don't muck it up, kid."
2002-01-14 11:47:14 PM  
Yeah it starts tuesday. I didn't realize the admin account posts directly without first going to the submission queue. I was planning on posting it first thing 12:00 am tuesday. Oh well, its 20 minutes early.
2002-01-14 11:47:17 PM  
another sucker
2002-01-14 11:48:02 PM  
Yay, let the fun come in buckets then!!! Maybe I can convince the 1-Day-Ruler to give me a lower account number. I can threaten to post a pic of myself naked.
2002-01-14 11:49:31 PM  
!!Bring on the BOOBIES!!
2002-01-14 11:49:49 PM  
Blah blah blah suck. Blah blah blah sell out. Blah blah blah Drew. Blah blah blah spam. Blah blah blah never looking at fark again.

There. Now that the complainers have been mocked in advance, they can go do something useful.
2002-01-14 11:50:00 PM  
nah how about this....butt shots of the guy farks and boobies of the girl farks...

2002-01-14 11:51:38 PM  
'Everything Is Possible . . With Zabaware'

(Wait . . I've got that mixed-up, somehow.)
2002-01-14 11:54:16 PM  
My Wookie Broke

You did it nibbles you've saved the School
no chew through my ballsack.

wasn't this where we were supposed to post favorite Simpsons quotes?

farking robot misdirects
2002-01-14 11:55:08 PM  
[image from gannon.edu too old to be available]

Home of the Fark Ruler for a Day.
2002-01-14 11:55:56 PM  
Do your ads, but throw us a little somethin-somethin now and again.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-14 11:56:19 PM  
Gannon University

We are all doomed, the dark lord is here.
2002-01-14 11:58:52 PM  
2002-01-14 11:59:09 PM  
who really gives a damn
2002-01-14 11:59:42 PM  
Good luck Deksza. Just remember, it's all fun and games until you start pushing the buttons. Be kind.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-15 12:00:17 AM  
2002-01-15 12:01:57 AM  
Deksza: You have exactly one day to get us to like and/or respect you. You may begin...now.
2002-01-15 12:02:22 AM  
begin by eating that baby
2002-01-15 12:02:44 AM  
Oh boy I want an Ultra Hal version of the M$ paperclip that makes my PC talk and shiat...NOT... what a silly load of software..Hope they did not pay much for the day, cause they are gonna need it when the dot.bomb they've got going goes under...SOOON
2002-01-15 12:05:07 AM  
That babies' eyes are daring me.... Stop that incredulous stare you little demon or I will slam that door and push start.
2002-01-15 12:05:08 AM  
And let the overrated whining begin....
2002-01-15 12:05:27 AM  



Hey that farkbot had nice boobies
someone throw a spitwad at her
2002-01-15 12:06:15 AM  
who gives a shiat about who is running this hell hole anyhow?? its the same shiat

thats a 600 bucks not very wisely spent, Ultra Hal
2002-01-15 12:07:46 AM  
Ultra Hal has an ultra Head

I wonder if she gives.....Never mind
2002-01-15 12:08:05 AM  
12:07a.m. and NO BOOBIES! ..dosen't look good for you, zab..
2002-01-15 12:08:13 AM  

2002-01-15 12:08:47 AM  
I'm telling your wife Grivas :)

Hey new Farker admin guy, please post a few news articles in between Boobies. Please.
You want us chick farkers to like you too, right?

Oh, and an article on how and why Harmonia and Goatman suck, wouldn't be bad either.
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