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2018-01-03 02:28:32 AM  
These are the Final rounds for the Headline of the Year for each tab.

Voting will remain open until Monday, January 8, 2018 13:00:00 Eastern Time.

Enjoy reading and voting!
2018-01-03 02:49:41 AM  
The Rockettes have been informed that they are obligated to perform for Trump, because nothing says President Trump like a group of women forced against their will to dance in his presence

2018-01-03 02:49:44 AM  
2018-01-03 02:49:47 AM  
Electoral College member in MA wears tri-corner hat to cast vote, reportedly kept shouting HA HA as he did

2018-01-03 02:49:50 AM  
At last count, the number of Goldman Sachs executives in Trump's administration is up to six, or a Goldman Shower if you will

2018-01-03 02:49:53 AM  
2018-01-03 02:49:57 AM  
Man: "I've yet to read anything positive about this healthcare bill." Woman: "Try going 2 a conservative source and open up your reading habits." Man: "I'm the editor of National Review Online"

2018-01-03 02:50:00 AM  
It's official: Obama did not tap that Ass

2018-01-03 02:50:03 AM  
Trump supporters in NYC say it feels like they're at the Alamo. Ironic tag because that was the battle where the Mexicans won by climbing over the walls

2018-01-03 02:50:06 AM  
It was a heart attack - and not a nerve agent - that killed Kim Jong Nam according to DPRK envoy Kellyyang Khanwei

2018-01-03 02:50:09 AM  
This is bad news... for a llama

2018-01-03 02:50:12 AM  
♫ ♪ My Donnie lies over the Russians / My Donnie lies over the pee / My Donnie lies over and over / Stop straining our credulity ♪ ♫

2018-01-03 02:50:15 AM  
To hang on to power with her minority in Parliament, May needs to commit to a hard Brexit. And also a soft Brexit. And also no Brexit at all. And also a double Brexit with cheese. And also a Brexit, Brexit, eggs, bacon, Brexit, chips, and Brexit

2018-01-03 02:50:18 AM  
France gets a head of Trump by inviting him to Bastille day

2018-01-03 02:50:21 AM  
Actual headline: "Texas masturbation bill is now in the hands of the Texas State Affairs Committee" where they will be distributing Purell, we hope

2018-01-03 02:50:24 AM  
Los Angeles may soon dedicate a street called Obama Boulevard. Motorists fear constant gridlock

2018-01-03 02:50:28 AM  
Uhuru wins Kenyan Presidency, meaning there's now an opening for a communications officer on the Enterprise

2018-01-03 02:50:31 AM  
Barack Obama: You shouldn't stare at the sun without protective glasses

2018-01-03 02:50:34 AM  
The turtle vs. the hair

2018-01-03 02:50:37 AM  
GOP: Workers should save more for their own retirement. Also GOP: We're cutting out nearly all programs that help workers save for retirement

2018-01-03 02:50:40 AM  
Don't do what Donnie Don't does

2018-01-03 02:50:43 AM  
Mueller is looking at Donnie's tax returns. Subby is typing this one-handed

2018-01-03 02:50:46 AM  
Obama upgrades anger level on DACA repeal from "slightly annoyed" to "let me be clear"

2018-01-03 02:50:50 AM  
FARC transforms into a political party. Remember that less than 5% of FARC party candidates are hand-picked for nomination. Want to increase the chances of your candidate being nominated by FARC? Read this

2018-01-03 02:50:53 AM  
"Pop quiz, hotshot. You are the president of the United Sta..." "Shoot the hostages." "But I haven't asked the question yet." "Shoot the hostages"

2018-01-03 02:50:56 AM  
North Koreans: We're used to dealing with an insane megalomaniac, but seriously, WTF is up with your guy?

2018-01-03 02:50:59 AM  
In the midnight hour, Xi cried "Mao, Mao, Mao"

2018-01-03 02:51:02 AM  
"Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess." If CNN is going to just steal Fark comments as headlines, they should at least let Fark use their logo on links

2018-01-03 02:51:05 AM  
Coul dwe besa ying goodb yeto gerryma nderedd istricts?

2018-01-03 02:51:08 AM  
Better collusion. Better relations. Papadopoulos

2018-01-03 02:51:11 AM  
We secretly replaced the Tennessee GOP Twitter account with a St. Petersburg-based Russian troll farm. Let's see if anyone notices

2018-01-03 02:51:15 AM  
McCain accuses Trump of Benghazi in Niger. I think I just won GOP Mad Libs

2018-01-03 02:51:18 AM  
Mueller: Mr. President, urine trouble now

2018-01-03 02:51:21 AM  
Rep Ted Lieu sends out a Tweet welcoming Sen. Flake "to the resistance" then introduces the other members : Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, Deja Vu, Latrine, Croissant, Souffle, Escargot, and Chocolate Mousse

2018-01-03 02:51:24 AM  
Mueller: "Have a seat, uh, Mr...Snekretary is it?" Snek: "Family name." Mueller: "Snekretary, I'll be honest, you're in bit of hot wat-" Snek: "WOOOOOO" Mueller: "The, um, f*ck???" Snek: "Scaramucci's energy drink" Mueller: *sips* -_- "woo" -_-

2018-01-03 02:51:27 AM  
Three weeks after Hurricane Maria, only 16 percent of Puerto Ricans regret being able to read the President's Twitter feed

2018-01-03 02:51:30 AM  
Democrats can't stand it, they know Trump planned it; but they're gonna set Obamacare straight, this newfound Watergate

2018-01-03 02:51:33 AM  
Tim Murphy (R-PA) is leaving Congress to spend more time with one of his families

2018-01-03 02:51:37 AM  
What is Navajo for "What an asshole"?

2018-01-03 02:51:40 AM  
Drew Curtis called to say that subby was PROBABLY going to be named "Farker of the Year," like last year, but he would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. Subby said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway

2018-01-03 02:51:43 AM  
Listen, and understand. The President is on Twitter. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever

2018-01-03 02:51:46 AM  
2018-01-03 02:51:49 AM  
DONE: Let you down: ✓ Run around: ✓ Make you cry: ✓ Tell a lie: ✓ Hurt you: ✓ TO DO: Give up, Say goodbye and desert you

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