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2018-01-03 02:27:15 AM  
These are the Final rounds for the Headline of the Year for each tab.

Voting will remain open until Monday, January 8, 2018 13:00:00 Eastern Time.

Enjoy reading and voting!
2018-01-03 02:30:25 AM  
Indjánafjöður from Reykjavik rescued by Þorvarðardóttir, just in time for kötturdag

2018-01-03 02:30:29 AM  
Stay calm. We can do this. If we believe, really believe in it, we can bring the sun back. So clap. Clap like your sun depends on it. Official discussion thread (live webcast starts at 11:45am ET)

2018-01-03 02:30:32 AM  
My office finally started blocking Fark. I'm stuck using my phone to communicate with you people. You're so tiny now

2018-01-03 02:30:35 AM  
A single glass of wine a day is great for your heart and could make you live up to a fifth longer

2018-01-03 02:30:38 AM  
"Being a writer requires an intoxication with language." -Jim Harrison. Dangit, and all this time I was going with bourbon. This is your Fark Writer's thread, anti-sobriety edition

2018-01-03 02:30:41 AM  
Ms. T has a problem: she's single and in her 20s, and frustrated that her younger sister, whom she's always been academically and athletically superior to, is getting married. Ms. T can't stand losing and wants to know what to do. I pity the fool

2018-01-03 02:30:44 AM  
What's the craziest conspiracy theory that someone you personally know actually believes? Difficulty: No lizard men

2018-01-03 02:30:48 AM  
Goth girl becomes Barbie. There's no Cure for that

2018-01-03 02:30:51 AM  
There are two types of people: Those that believe 'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie, and those that are wrong

2018-01-03 02:30:54 AM  
An embittered Santa, a reindeer with poor body image, and an elf who desires to come out of the closet as a dentist team up for...wait, what exactly IS the moral of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? (8pm, CBS)

2018-01-03 02:30:57 AM  
Is the period dead? How social media has killed the period well, it's a good thing Fark doesn't remove periods from the headlines that would be awkward

2018-01-03 02:31:00 AM  
It's been over 10 years. Are we over it yet?

2018-01-03 02:31:03 AM  
I think that in light of Twitter revealing that their 240 character limit is arbitrary that we on fark should consider why we are limited to only 250. Do the owners and maintainers of this website believe that we can or shouldn't express our selves m

2018-01-03 02:31:06 AM  
What is the appropriate sharing ratio when eating Doritos with your dog? It can't really be one-to-one like my dog says, can it?

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