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2018-01-03 02:28:44 AM  
These are the Final rounds for the Headline of the Year for each tab.

Voting will remain open until Monday, January 8, 2018 13:00:00 Eastern Time.

Enjoy reading and voting!
2018-01-03 02:36:45 AM  
Mariah Carey takes photo with the twins. And also her children

2018-01-03 02:36:48 AM  
Sarah Jessica Parker gets trapped in an elevator, but not furlong

2018-01-03 02:36:51 AM  
Bob Barker turns 93, or at least close to it without going over

2018-01-03 02:36:54 AM  
Nine greatest Hollywood beards, not including Katie Holmes or Kelly Preston

2018-01-03 02:36:57 AM  
Carrie Fisher in stable condition, which is a personal first for her

2018-01-03 02:37:00 AM  
Carrie Fisher has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

2018-01-03 02:37:03 AM  
Full House creator buys the famous house featured in the show, plans to renovate it and put some new knockers on it... you know, kind of like they did with Jodie Sweetin

2018-01-03 02:37:06 AM  
Game over man. Game over

2018-01-03 02:37:09 AM  
Dewey Defeats Truman, Oscars edition

2018-01-03 02:37:13 AM  
Is Richard Simmons being held in a fitness protection program?

2018-01-03 02:37:16 AM  
Joanie beats Chachi to death

2018-01-03 02:37:19 AM  
Sixties pop star Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers collapses onstage four years after his last heart operation. Maybe doctors should put one of those whatchamacallits in his chest

2018-01-03 02:37:22 AM  
Once again, Alanis Morissette's talents will be going down in a theater

2018-01-03 02:37:25 AM  
Kim Kardashian introduces pool float shaped like her butt - and just like the person it's modeled after, the float contains nothing but air

2018-01-03 02:37:28 AM  
DMX checks into rehab to sober up in here, up in here

2018-01-03 02:37:32 AM  
J Geils's blood has run cold

2018-01-03 02:37:35 AM  
Could O.J. Simpson go from inmate to reality TV star? Industry insiders say somebody might want to take a stab at it

2018-01-03 02:37:38 AM  
25 years ago today, Sir Mix-A-Lot released "Baby Got Back," and was a real come-from-behind success

2018-01-03 02:37:41 AM  
Paris Hilton claims she could have been like Princess Diana if it weren't for sex tape. Which is understandable because Diana's life was also ruined by one night in Paris

2018-01-03 02:37:44 AM  
Martin Landau has passed. His missions included "North by Northwest," "Space:1999," "Ed Wood," and "Crimes and Misdemeanors." This headline will self-destruct in 10 seconds

2018-01-03 02:37:47 AM  
Stuntman on the Walking Dead dies in fall on set. Doesn't rule out returning to the show

2018-01-03 02:37:50 AM  
To Adam West,Thanks for Everything - Julie Newmar

2018-01-03 02:37:53 AM  
Lucasfilm on the Han Solo movie: "Uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?"

2018-01-03 02:37:57 AM  
"Prog rock is the whitest music ever," postulates columnist who has never heard of "country music" or "Guns N Roses" or "Kanye West"

2018-01-03 02:38:00 AM  
'The Mummy' features a creepy, ageless creature who seeks nothing but world domination. But enough about Tom Cruise

2018-01-03 02:38:03 AM  
Kim Kardashian responds to blackface controversy, which seems odd given that she and her sisters were the only KKK to let blacks in

2018-01-03 02:38:06 AM  
Deciding how erect Playgirl centerfolds should be was hard on the staff

2018-01-03 02:38:09 AM  
"SpongeBob SquarePants" musical set to hit Broadway. Early reviews say the actor portraying the sponge has become very self-absorbed

2018-01-03 02:38:12 AM  
Actress Ellen Barkin scares away burglar from Manhattan home. Which once again shows that criminals will run when they hear Barkin

2018-01-03 02:38:15 AM  
"All My Children" star Mark LaMura dies at age 68. He leaves behind a wife, daughter, three mistresses, seven illegitimate children and an evil twin

2018-01-03 02:38:18 AM  
Sorry folks, park's closed. Mouse out front should have told you

2018-01-03 02:38:21 AM  
Actor who played a butler who became a lieutenant governor with many other roles passes away. Confused? You won't be after this week's episode

2018-01-03 02:38:25 AM  
Hello muddahs / Hello faddahs / Here I am at / Camp John Waters / It was trashy / Life-affirming / But the pics ain't safe for work and you'd be squirming

2018-01-03 02:38:28 AM  
Clerks star died after taking 37 painkillers. In a row?

2018-01-03 02:38:31 AM  
2018-01-03 02:38:34 AM  
Tom Cruise to potentially appear in film about California-based cult. So... a documentary?

2018-01-03 02:38:37 AM  
Production on House of Cards is falling like some kind of analogy

2018-01-03 02:38:40 AM  
Yoko sues company over John Lemon lemonade. I hope nobody cares about my new coffee shop, Ringo Starbucks

2018-01-03 11:21:39 AM  

Headline of the Year candidate: "Prog rock is the whitest music ever," postulates columnist who has never heard of "country music" or "Guns N Roses" or "Kanye West"


CSB: Was listening to a guy talk about knowing Kanye when he worked as a telemarketer for TruGreen in a Youtube video just last night.

Sad that many of these headlines deal with celebrity deaths, though.
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