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2017-12-27 02:00:04 PM  
Here are your Headlines of the Year finalists for the Main page.  We've sorted the headlines from the Main page this year into four contests: Context, Puns and Wordplay, Politics on the main page, and Story Headlines.  Some headlines fit in more than one category, so we debated and put them where we felt they fit best.

For this category, we collected the headlines that had a heavy political slant for "Politics headlines posted to Main".  In past years we've moved these headlines to the Politics tab competitions, but this year we decided that these headlines made it to the Main page in the first place and deserved to be considered on their own.

Some people love politics, some people hate it; for Headline of the Year, consider reading and voting for these headlines on the merits of the headlines themselves, whether or not you agree with the actual sentiment or the story, because they are funny / clever / otherwise Fark-worthy.

The Headlines of the Year come from the collected Headlines of the Week, usually 10 headlines chosen for Main and Politics, and 3 chosen for each of the other tabs - Sports, Entertainment, Geek, Business, and Discussion.  Some weeks we choose a few extra headlines when we have a lot that stand out.  All these headlines are chosen by multiple criteria, including originality, creativity, intelligence, and looking at the article in a new and sometimes sideways way -- and above all: humor.  The headlines that you can show to anyone and tell them *this* is Fark.

For Headline of the Week we are influenced greatly by TotalFark voting - so vote early, vote often when you see a headline you love!  We notice!  Voting isn't the only thing we take into account in Headline of the Week though, we also consider every headline individually.  Just a couple of the things we consider: some great headlines get posted at lower traffic times and get less notice, and some decent headlines get an abundance of votes because people like the article.  We do our best to balance these and other factors to bring you the Headlines of the Week.  We do a pretty darn good job if we do say so ourselves, but we know we'll never pick all the best. We apologize if we missed yours!

Headline of the Year is all *your* votes.  Every December we collect the Headlines of the Week into multiple voting round preliminaries, where TotalFarkers get to read, enjoy and vote for all your favorites.  For the past month, TotalFarkers have been voting on multiple categories of headlines for the main page, and are currently finishing voting in the tab preliminary contests for Sports, Entertainment, Geek, Politics, Business, and Discussion.

This post is the Final round for this Main page category for Politics headlines posted to Main.  We took the top voted headlines in each category from the preliminary rounds in TotalFark, and posted these top voted headlines *here* for *all* Farkers to vote, and your votes will determine the winners!

Voting will remain open until Monday, January 1, 2018 at 13:00:00 Eastern Time.
Enjoy reading and voting!
2017-12-28 02:22:06 AM  
North Korea threatens to nuke Australia. Australia threatens to mail them a box of local wildlife

2017-12-28 02:22:09 AM  
We're in trouble / POTUS is crazy / We need a distraction / so Comey, maybe?

2017-12-28 02:22:13 AM  
Texas man jailed for using Twitter to harass others. That kind of behavior could get him sentenced to four years as President of the United States

2017-12-28 02:22:16 AM  
Five more Best Korean officials executed by anti-aircraft gun after 'enraging' Kim Jong Un. To be fair, if you're going to work in his government, you've got to be ready to catch a lot of flak

2017-12-28 02:22:19 AM  
Obama unveils sanctions against Russia for election meddling, including limiting Russian operatives to three U.S. cabinet posts

2017-12-28 02:22:22 AM  
North Korea media issues a threat to "wipe out" the United States. Wall Street bankers: We tried that back in 2007 and it's harder than it looks

2017-12-28 02:22:25 AM  
Flow chart that shows connections between Trump, Russia and White Nationalists looks exactly like an Escher staircase after a fight with a Xerox machine

2017-12-28 02:22:28 AM  
Russian Ambassador to the White House resigns

2017-12-28 02:22:31 AM  
Wild boars overrun Islamic State position, kill 3 militants. That'll do pigs, that'll do

2017-12-28 02:22:34 AM  
Ivanka Trump: "I don't know the meaning of the word 'complicit.'" Merriam-Webster: "HOLD MY FLAGON OF ALE I GOT THIS"

2017-12-28 02:22:38 AM  
Those 700 jobs Trump "saved" at +++CARRIER LOST+++

2017-12-28 02:22:41 AM  
♫ Scaramouche, Scaramouche you can't do the Trump fandango ♫

2017-12-28 02:22:44 AM  
ISIS uses Facebook, LinkedIN, Google +, Instagram to recruit jihadis, marking the first time LinkedIN got anyone a job

2017-12-28 02:22:47 AM  
Transgender woman beats senior citizen

2017-12-28 02:22:50 AM  
The THAAD miththle defenthe thythtem wath a thuccethth after all. THAAD

2017-12-28 02:22:53 AM  
Trump/Putin meet lasts over 2 hours. In other news, Trump is now pregnant

2017-12-28 02:22:56 AM  
How do you keep an asshole in suspense for a weekend?

2017-12-28 02:23:00 AM  
Washington Post submits headline to Fark, does not get approved, posts it on their own site in a fit of pique

2017-12-28 02:23:03 AM  
Jeffrey Lord simply wanted to know the whereabouts of his friend Kyle, who's about *this* high

2017-12-28 02:23:06 AM  
Well, in Washington they say - that the McCain's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of healthcare came through, and the McCain found the strength of *ten* McCains, plus two

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