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(AZCentral)   The secret tricks job interviewers use to judge your personality are revealed: purposely spilling things on you, calling your house and pretending to be a telemarketer, and more   ( divider line
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38118 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jun 2004 at 3:01 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-07 12:20:33 AM  
I concoct ridiculous questions to test their sycophantery, and (I'll admit it) for my own amusement.

"If you were driving a car cross-country, you would do anything so foolish as to fill the gas tank several times, would you?"

Substitute relevant job skill minutiae/obviousness for car:gas analogy as appropriate.

Fun with sales candidates (best saved for end of successful interview process, as a final question): "One last thing. Tell me a joke......(pregnant pause, look them in the eye while they're thinking of a joke)........and the joke had better be funny."

A good salesperson should be able to entertain on command, and under pressure at times.

//secret tricks galore
2004-06-07 12:26:45 AM  
If I ever interview someone, I'll make sure to whip out my penis and rub it in their face... you know, just to see the person's reaction.
2004-06-07 12:38:43 AM  
just what I need to read while unemployed and preparing for interviews next week.
2004-06-07 12:43:12 AM  
Rosalea, be confident and pin the interviewer into talking in circles. If they pull unprofessional crap like this, then they deserve to be embaressed and you wouldn't want to work for them in the first place.
2004-06-07 12:58:17 AM  
If someone spilled something on me during an interview, and I found out they did it on purpose, I wouldn't be too happy. That's pretty unprofessional, if you ask me.

I won't rag on dropping a pen to see if the person being interviewed is kind and picks up the pen. The telemarketing calls... well, that's pretty lame to pretend to be a telemarketer (a person who many people dislike, and who many people treat poorly on the phone, fair or not) in order to judge how someone would react to a dumbass potential customer or something. I've dealt with idiots on the phone while working...I know to still treat them with respect, as I don't want to lose a potential customer. I'm not even rude to telemarketers, but I certainly don't treat them the same as I would a client.
2004-06-07 01:19:14 AM  
I'm not rude to telemarketers, I just hang up on them. That is, if they get past my privacy manager and my call screening.

The pen drop thing is innocuous enough.

Purposely changing the time & date of a meeting is VERY unprofessional; it shows NO respect for the candidate, as they do have a life and interfering with that is not a good way to start. And if someone keeps me waiting for an hour, they are clearly not ready to meet with me; that, too, is unprofessional and I'll leave.
2004-06-07 02:16:59 AM  

What would you do if i kicked you in the balls?
2004-06-07 02:35:07 AM  
The type of person who would fly in these 'tests' are servile and submissive A+ professional doormats. The type of people you'd wipe your a$$ with, not the type of people you want to give any kind of responsibility to.

The jobs this article is talking about can't be hot.

Aren't 'assessment centres' better than these limp 'techniques' at assessing people?
2004-06-07 03:07:12 AM  
So is it ok to rape the blonde chick to see how she would react in a situation with ahem a client?
2004-06-07 03:10:11 AM  
Hmm, I wonder how I would do on the driving thing, since I am agressive with my courtesy.
2004-06-07 03:12:03 AM  
All these tricks are based on the assumption that they don't need your services very badly. You are better off to find acompany that needs you and knows it.
2004-06-07 03:12:27 AM  
Hey, Boobies.

Yeah, this is kinda asinine when one's in that situation. Buit it's a damn good idea, no?
2004-06-07 03:13:25 AM  
Hm, that's strange....I didn't know they censored "my first p-ost" weird.
2004-06-07 03:14:19 AM  
This is great. I got a couple telemarketers the other day, and I'm in the habit of telling them "that person doesn't live here," even if they ask for "an adult in the house," or the "owner of this number." :)
2004-06-07 03:15:07 AM  
only interview i've ever gone to was astoundingly pleasant. i'd been smoking hydro and, like... licking mirrors. so i was nervous, to say the least. i ended up talking to the guy for like 50 minutes. think of the scene in trainspotting where spud goes to the interview on meth. anyway, the dude was from honduras. i felt like a fag asking about his accent but it was interesting. we shot the shiat and i got the job. i was a csi-evi telemarketer for West for TWO WHOLE DAYS, but that's another story.

/drop-out generation
2004-06-07 03:16:22 AM  
They made me wait 45 minutes when I interviewed for, but I think it was just cause the person was an idiot. Because of that I passed on it.

If you're trying to hire the best person possible, pulling that crap might just turn your #1 choice to your competitor. Of course if you want a slave monkey, then pouring wine on them is a good measure of their crap tolerance level.
2004-06-07 03:17:00 AM  
Entrepreneurship & self-employment enterprises seem more enticing every day.
2004-06-07 03:21:39 AM  
If someone spilled something on me on purpose because they think they are superior to me because I am asking them for a job... I think I would punch him in the face, take his wallet, take a shiat in his car and call his wife and say "your husband was just hit by a car"
2004-06-07 03:21:54 AM  
I had an interveiw last month where I was supposed to me him at a bakery for coffee. He told me to be there at 8 am. I showed up at 7:45. He didn't show up till 8:45. I had never seen the guy before in my life. He told me he was tall so I kept looking for tall guys. Any tall business guy that came in and seemed to look around, "hi, are you so and so?". It was kind of embaresing, people asked me, what are you selling, I'm like nothing now, thats why I am waiting for this person. It would have been a nice job too, I would have been a beer salesman. Mmm, beer. I have since said screw it to sales and decided to go back to school for a new degree. I got burnt out on sales selling real estate and cars.
2004-06-07 03:25:53 AM  
I've been interviewed dozens of times (at a minimum) in my career, and have never had this stuff happen.

I've conducted hundreds (yes hundreds) of interviews in my career, and never pulled any of this.

I don't have any personal knowledge of any of these things happening to anyone else. I call shenanigans.
2004-06-07 03:26:33 AM's a flameworthy statementcoming in 3.....2......1

Generation X is a bunch of lazy a-holes that have never had to really face adversity EVER!!!!
If you have to sit and wait for 45 whole minutes....well....thanks but no thanks. I would rather not have an impatient little whiney biatch working for me!

now dropping the pen......hmmmm....why did that just make me think of boobies? :P

/yeah yeah yeah....heard it all before I'm a sexist pig...blah blah
2004-06-07 03:27:06 AM  
doctorcal- care to share some of the gems with us? those real farked up slackers that come in stoned, and the like?
2004-06-07 03:27:59 AM  
so I've had a few.......sue me
2004-06-07 03:28:59 AM  
The most farking retarded thing i have EVER heard. What kind of moronic, farked piece of farking shiat is going to do those stupid games? Games that prove nothing but the person giving the interview is woefully incompetant. Plus why would anyone want to work somewhere that has cumstains like these interviewers working for them?
2004-06-07 03:29:00 AM  

you're saying those kids that go around shooting eachother aren't under pressure?
2004-06-07 03:30:16 AM  
they make choices.....
2004-06-07 03:30:34 AM  
If an interviewer were to spill something on me, he/she damned well better pay for the cleaning bill.

The pen thing and the driving test are the only things I'd really go for; everything else is just seeing how much of a doormat you are.
2004-06-07 03:33:53 AM  
Damn people. Why doesn't human resources just load up the Kobiyashi/Maru scenario in the holodeck.
2004-06-07 03:33:58 AM  
care to share some of the gems with us?

It's mostly pretty dry stuff. Secretaries, interns, lab techs, and a whole lot of software developers. I do remember one year, maybe '92, when we didn't start searching for summer interns until mid-April. The cream of the crop was long gone, and what did show up....*shudder*...well, let's just say that there were a number of "yes" replies to "have you ever been convicted of a crime?"
2004-06-07 03:34:21 AM  
I had an interview about a month and a half ago where I had to write out my answers to questions like, "What can you bring to the company?" and "Why us?" so the interviewer could do a handwriting analysis on me. All I could think was, "Who in the farking hell relies on a freakin' handwriting analysis when screening for potential employees?! It's farking bunk!"

Needless to say I didn't get the job, but since she showed up 15 minutes late and judges people on how they write (in terms of my penmanship revealing my deep dark secrets and true personality - oh, sure), I don't feel so bad about it.
2004-06-07 03:41:53 AM  
If you have to sit and wait for 45 whole minutes....

A few things, I wasn't biotching about having to wait, I was making a point thay maybe thats what he was doing. I didn't say screw the job because I had to wait. I wasn't selected for the job.
I will agree that many people in my generation are a bunch of lazy idiots. I don't think that I am one of them. I have held three jobs down while attending college (not a full time student then)before.

One a different note. I forgot that I had to take an hour long personality test for a job though, but that is quite a bit more direct than a 'spill stuff on you' technique.
2004-06-07 03:44:03 AM  
The dumbest "interviewing trick" I've heard of was some guy who supposedly would take the candidate out to lunch and watch to see if they salted their food before tasting it. He refused to hire anyone who salted food without tasting it first.

What a moron.
2004-06-07 03:45:40 AM  
If anyone passes these "tests", the boss can be sure to have another easily manipulated, passive eunuch to push around.
2004-06-07 03:46:29 AM  
How a candidate deals with an annoying telemarketing call tells the company something about how you would deal with an annoying client.

If one of my "clients" called me at my house at 8am on a Sunday to ask if I'm happy with my long distance service, I'm still going to tell them to fark off.
2004-06-07 03:48:14 AM  
If your employer can't give you the common farking decency to come in on time, how do you expect the rest of your experience to fare?
2004-06-07 03:48:21 AM  
Too bad these whimsical little tricks don't work very well.
2004-06-07 03:48:52 AM  
If I ever had to wait 45 minutes to an hour for an interview that I had scheduled time out of my day for (in the place of other possible interviews), then the first thing out of my mouth when we would get to the 'Do you have any questions?' part of the interview would be
"Tell me why I should work for your company when something as small as keeping a scheduled interview on time isn't even possible?"

Jerking a potential employee around like that is very unprofessional and makes the whole company look bad. Companies that do these kind of things need to remember that an interview isn't one way. The interviewee is also deciding whether or not it's a company they want to work for.
2004-06-07 03:49:57 AM  
The dumbest "interviewing trick" I've heard of was some guy who supposedly would take the candidate out to lunch and watch to see if they salted their food before tasting it. He refused to hire anyone who salted food without tasting it first.

What would he do about people like me that rarely ever salt thier food period? I might ad salt to something once every few hundred meals (but I still cook with salt).
2004-06-07 03:50:55 AM  
I've never worked with a Human Resources employee who has been given the salary to implement his/her own creative tactics. What farking fortune 25 company are they talking about here? I say bullshait to the everyday relevance of this article. If someone was going to pull psychological bullshiat on me during an interview, it would be pretty damn obvious. And besides, there are professional tests out there for job applicants that have credibility that companies rely upon instead of some watery tart giving her opinion.
2004-06-07 03:52:14 AM  
Fark them all. If I wasn't qualified for the job, I wouldn't have accepted the interview.
2004-06-07 03:52:54 AM  

What would he do about people like me that rarely ever salt thier food period? I might ad salt to something once every few hundred meals (but I still cook with salt).

No clue. I'd assume you'd get accepted or eliminated based on some other arbitrary criteria.

I never met the guy myself; he was described to us in an interviewing class as an example of how not to interview potential employees.
2004-06-07 03:54:12 AM  
To make someone wait 45 minutes to a hour for the interview in very unprofessional. I have yet to wait to have a interview, I am always 15 minutes early, and generally get in the interview right away. If I had to wait 45 minutes or so, I think I would walk out. No job is worth waiting that long, espically when my son would be in daycare and I would be paying for time wasted just sitting there. That's money wasted for a unemployed person, and it's not right to do.
2004-06-07 03:55:59 AM  
My favortite thing to do before I interview someone is take a big dump right smack dab center on my desk, in plain view. Then just start the interview process as normal, and watch and gauge the person's reaction. If they ask about it, pretend like they are crazy and simply go on to the next question.
2004-06-07 03:57:39 AM  
2004-06-07 03:57:57 AM  

Generation X is a bunch of lazy a-holes that have never had to really face adversity EVER!!!!

Obviously you've never met anyone from Generation Y :)
2004-06-07 03:58:48 AM  
It's entirely in the realm of possibility that you could be kept waiting for 45 minutes for a *really good reason*. Yes, it should give you serious need to explore the priorities of the company and/or your possible future boss, but you are much better off being courteous, civil, and understanding about it. As soon as you *aren't*, you have forfeited any control over your destiny. You can *always* say "no" to them, but once you've been rude, you won't get the chance to say yes.

(*cough*Do as I say, not as I do*cough*) ;-)
2004-06-07 03:59:40 AM  
X.....Y.....They're both pretty selfish generations.
2004-06-07 03:59:51 AM  

That wins my award for funniest post of the day, and its only begun.
2004-06-07 04:11:12 AM  

That would actually be something I'd like to have happen in an interview. It shows that the interviewer probably has a sense of humour, isn't grossed out easily, not adverse to people outside the norm, and isn't going to be uptight.
2004-06-07 04:12:02 AM  
I haven't even managed to get to the interview stage lately. I don't make it that far.

I'm applying for a shiatty, low-paying job stocking shelves part-time at a hardware store, and the application includes some 20-page 200+ question psychological exam that asks you the same dozen questions over and over again, but words them all slightly differently.

This is where I loose it. Being sit down infront of a computer terminal to spend close to two hours filling out a damned application... I tend to get a lil' edgy.

My favorite are the real simple questions that use the most confusing language possible with double and sometimes triple negatives.

"Under stressful conditions, would you not be unwilling to not gun down every person in the office?"

They're like little logic puzzles you'd find on the SATs. Half the damned questions I'm sitting there drawing little charts on a piece of scrap paper keeping track of the tenses and trying to figure out if "yes" mean "no..." or not...
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