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2002-01-14 11:39:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

When islamic gorillas attack!!
2002-01-14 11:41:41 AM  
Harmonia: which war: seeing as Serbia was making war on its neighbors since 1989. Milosevic justified his power(and support) all along by making war. Guess he figured Tito kept power by keeping peace, he would do it through war with neighbors and internal undesirables (read non-Serbs).
2002-01-14 11:42:23 AM  
I was looking up stuff to make a lame-o Cuba/Elian Gonzalias joke when I found this
2002-01-14 11:42:24 AM  
Nuke those fukkers.
2002-01-14 11:43:00 AM  
yes 43% thats right, dont listen to any points dont read for yourself just regurtiate what your media tells you.

No real point arguing with you is there?

are the type of people who got rid of milosivic.
2002-01-14 11:44:07 AM  
Wow, more Europeans complaining about America...why am I not surprised?

Ask your government to put it's money where your mouth is (most likely attached to the coffee stirrer of your local extremist labor/socialist party) and do something to punish the US for being so uncouth. Otherwise, keep it down. You're just giving us hard working Americans more (generally unfounded) reasons to dislike Europe.
2002-01-14 11:44:25 AM  
01-14-02 11:07:19 AM Sgamer
"Vietnam 2: Attack of the Clones"

How about "Vietnam 2: Electric Boogaloo"
2002-01-14 11:46:07 AM  
Harmonia: what exactly do you purport to regurgitate?
Or is it divine revelation that you cast before us swine?
2002-01-14 11:46:33 AM  
Viet Nam 2: How Stella Got her Groove Back - Again!!!
2002-01-14 11:46:40 AM  
You guys love playing armchair general... "Beirut was another Viet Nam," "we don't belong there," we DO belong here," etc etc. You all claim all the media is bullshiat yet you all know more about national/foreign policy then anyone in any government of the world. Please enlighten me as to where you get the info and perspective to even HAVE an opinion on "what we should be doing."
2002-01-14 11:48:36 AM  
The words "Civil War" and "an internal affair" suddenly come to mind.
2002-01-14 11:50:45 AM  

I noticed you mentioned Somalia. Wasn't that where Rangers, on one of those "surgical" missions all the peaceniks favor, managed kill over 300 combatants and lost 18 brave men of our own. I am quite proud of them and not only for fighting. Some of the Somali combatants were actually hiding behind women because they knew the rules of engagement would prevent the Rangers from shooting unarmed women, and the Rangers didn't much to their credit. So as I said, I am proud of the men who battled in Somalia.

"Serbia, which was won but from 30,000 feet."

Yes, we learned in Somalia that it is much better to bomb the shiat out of the enemy from great altitudes.
2002-01-14 11:51:14 AM  
right, i am a media slave. i don't think for myself. Croatia and Slovenia were asking for it. The serbian people didn't need anybody's help overthrowing milosevic.

They just waited till he killed a large number of non-serbs to react. Oh, yeah, if a few Croats, Bosnians or Slovenes get purged along the way, so be it.
2002-01-14 11:54:33 AM  
Oh thats roght capig, a great victory, which is no doubt why your guys left the next morning.
2002-01-14 11:55:13 AM  
2002-01-14 11:55:52 AM  
There are fundamental differences between the Philippines and Vietnam which preclude any comparisons.

For a good read regarding Somalia, I would recommend "Black Hawk Down." An outstanding piece of journalism -- absolutely engaging...and soon the movie will be released nationwide!
2002-01-14 11:56:38 AM  
43%: that's supposed to be the lowest form of wit. i would say it makes a pretty good argument. well done.

harmonia: you are living in a dream world if you think Milosevic could have been overthrown by his own people. the only argument here should be about sovereignty.
2002-01-14 11:57:25 AM  
I wondering if US Special Forces should be called US Imperialist gaurds, it seems the USA is beginning to look a lot like the old Soviet Union.
2002-01-14 11:58:08 AM  
You know, we'd be a whole lot more convincing that this "isn't a war against islam" if we'd actually hit just *one* group that's not an islamic group :P
2002-01-14 11:58:33 AM  
My question is what the hell is forbidden in the constitution of the Phillipines that prevents us from fighting?
2002-01-14 11:58:51 AM  
Batfink he was overthrown by his own people

WTF are you talking baout?
2002-01-14 11:59:14 AM  
RockandRoller, 1smoothG, you guys are f.ucking idiots..
2002-01-14 12:00:58 PM  
Harmonia: what media sources informed your opinion of US involvement in Somalia or elsewhere? They would then be "your" media sources and you seem to have believed them, albeit in error.
2002-01-14 12:01:34 PM  
01-14-02 11:09:50 AM Random Person
"Yawn. Hasn't the world been desensitized to the "War on Terrorism" yet? Are there people out there whom still care?"

Buck up, RP, as we'll be witnessing years of this anti-terrorism war. Guess your type just doesn't have the nerve to what has to be done. Glad that you aren't at the helm
2002-01-14 12:03:18 PM  
arent all the dangerous colored people dead yet?
2002-01-14 12:06:06 PM  
Well slacker, CNN BBC anovava

Just the same as you really. But it doesnt take a genuis to work out that when someone takes casualties then bugs out that the operation was not a succes.

Remember Aideed, the "new Hitler" of Somalia. Your lot were going to get him as I recall, and had about as much success as you are having with OBL.
2002-01-14 12:06:34 PM  
Once again disHarmonia, I never said it was a victory. I just stated the facts of that battle and said I was proud of our guys. Can you dispute those facts?

Also, as I stated that was a surgical mission, to remove a single War Lord. I take it you think we should have stuck around and tried it again the next day. That doesn't sound like a very good plan.
2002-01-14 12:06:40 PM  
For all you idiots that are saying "nuke em"; the Abu Sayyef represent a very small minority of the Phillipines. The Phillipines is an archipelego and the Islamists like Abu Sayyef are only on a few of the smaller islands. Most of the country is still Roman Catholic from back when they were a Spanish colony. Also, most Filipinos love Americans and America. And for people like Harmonia who will say oh I'm sure they love how the Americans came in and systematically wiped out entire villages when the Filipinos wanted independence after the Spanish were defeated; almost no Filipinos actually know about that. My girlfriend is half Filipino and her Filipino mom didn't know about it, and neither did her grandma, and neither did this other Filipino lady I knew that actually went to college in the Phillipines.
2002-01-14 12:07:07 PM  
Harmonia, why would Grenada be a bad example of every war not being another Vietnam?

Last I heard it was a great success. Medical school students were recued and Cuba didn't get its airstrip built. Casualties were minimum. Objectives met with little cost, how does that amount to Vietnam?

Are you saying the style of combat was wholly different hence incomprable to Vietnam?
2002-01-14 12:08:42 PM  
If isn't wasn't for Rei, Harmonia, Pacifica and NPR I would've been a real hard core fascist. Thanks. ;)
2002-01-14 12:10:32 PM  
01-14-02 11:58:08 AM Rei
"You know, we'd be a whole lot more convincing that this "isn't a war against islam" if we'd actually hit just *one* group that's not an islamic group :P"

It's my contention that this war on terrorism is misnamed. What we have here is a war against ISLAMISM. Not Islam. What do you think about that?
2002-01-14 12:11:31 PM  
harmonia: yes i saw the piccies of serbian folk storming the parliament as well. i do not doubt that there was support for revolution. i just think these things generally need a catalyst. that catalyst was NATO policy in Kosovo. without that catalyst i think milosevic or his cronies would still be in power.
2002-01-14 12:11:43 PM  
A few things you all might be interested in:

Bush administration expecting war on terrorism to last at least until 2008 (my take: until people get sick enough of it, and only if we can stop it by then)

A widely circulated picture of George W. Bush walking away after a meeting with Kennith Lay, CEO of Enron:
[image from too old to be available]

Yahoo News's "version" of the picture:
[image from too old to be available]

Yep, that's liberal media for you!!! :) Gee, look who got cropped out?? :)
2002-01-14 12:11:52 PM  
01-14-02 11:44:25 AM Radiofreewill
How about "Vietnam 2: Electric Boogaloo"

damnit Radiofreewill, you beat me to it!
2002-01-14 12:12:07 PM  
Android, unless you regard Grenada as one of the worlds great military powers, beating a bunch of Cuban construction workers is unlikely to go down in the annals of great battles.

Of course it was just to distract people from the beruit disaster that happened a couple of days before.
2002-01-14 12:13:47 PM  
2002-01-14 12:14:06 PM  
IliveneerPhillip Ineshe works the salad bar trubble will comesoon yullsee9.
2002-01-14 12:14:19 PM  
Whoops, posted the links to the html, not the images :)

[image from too old to be available]

And, yahoo's "version"...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-14 12:15:48 PM  
You know, the world was a lot simpler when Spain and Portugal ran things...
2002-01-14 12:17:05 PM  
"I'll hire blacks as long as they can do the cotton-pickin' job."
--Evan Mecham (governor of Arizona, 1987-1988)

Thats my favorite, I would be offended, but man... Bwahahaha!
2002-01-14 12:17:11 PM  
Android 234,

Your points are wasted on disHarmonia. He will simply dismiss them. As a socialist he has had a lot of practice denying large portions of reality. This is the only way he can continue to believe that communism will ever work anywhere except a termite mound (Of course with their ant like devotion to the Queen maybe the English are the perfect test case for Socialism.)
2002-01-14 12:17:59 PM  
RockandRoller: Actually you idiot, her dad was in the Air Force stationed there when he met her mom. I think you are thinking about Russia.
2002-01-14 12:19:26 PM  
All hail the wisdom of Harmonia the knower of all.
Just had to get the plug in, I guess this is the war thread that I've been staying out of...

No we won't have another Vietnam...we've had it already and the people in charge now, we're the ones getting their rears shot off by Victor Charlie then. I think we've learned some things in the last ~30 yrs.

Thank goodness that we're not going into this stuff with our hands tied like in S.E.Asia. These people were trying to take out the cmnd. post and missed...very large error on their part. The pentagon ain't playin' and it seems that for the most part the world's stayin off of our backs.
We should take the oppurtunity to clean house.
Don't forget Kaddafi, Castro, Amin ... I'm sure someone more skilled than me can complete this list.

Anyway, This would be the new Laos anyway as Yemen has already called the "new Cambodia" spot.
2002-01-14 12:19:54 PM  
THats good old capig, never answer a point just throw the dirt.

I am a communist royalist, hmmm

Go on Capigm for a wee change why not answer a point not just attack the person making it.

It might feel good and you might even win some respect.
2002-01-14 12:21:25 PM  
01-14-02 12:19:26 PM E_nazgul
All hail the wisdom of Harmonia the knower of all.

Not really, but I will stop having an opinion if you want.

Any chance of the odd fact to counter an argument folks?
2002-01-14 12:22:31 PM  
Harmonia It's a good thing it doesn't take a genius. . . Your version of "success" is not quite right. The originial 1992 mission (securing food delivery to Somalis) had been pretty successful up to a point. However, then-President Clinton decided in 1993 to extend the US involvement in the -- pay attention -- United Nations operations in Somalia to "build a nation" (whatever that meant) and oust Aidid. Boutros-Boutros Ghali (the least deserving recipient of a Nobel Prize since Tutu) had decided for his own political purposes that Aidid had to go, and much of the combined armed forces control was ceded to the UN and its ill-defined crusade. Yes, that was a mistake.
However, even the battle in Mogadishu was success - the mission objectives were accomplished, although American combatant lives were lost. Dragging dead US Servicemen through the streets was typically ghoulish of the Somalis, but I'm at a loss to see how it's evidence of a lost battle, war or cause.
Many of the wounded Task Force Ranger were removed shortly thereafter, sure. It shouldn't take a genius to see that that was a sound idea. Likewise, it didn't take the Clintonistas too terribly long thereafter to realize that the United Nations' goal of removing Aidid was not possible without the commitment of more than the few hundred troops it had sent (without armor).
Errors made? Sure. Defeat, entanglement, consequential foreign policy damage, no.
I second the recommendation for Black Hawk Down, although it is a product of the media, which we benighted Americans are predestined to swallow whole.
2002-01-14 12:24:13 PM  
I'm not sure if people can get any more stupid.

What's your solution, Harmonia. Let's make this "Harmonia's World" for a moment. What would be your solution to conflicts in the world? Careful to test the reality of your ideas before you blurt them out, lest you reduce my impression of you any more (as if that's possible.)
2002-01-14 12:25:17 PM  
Overpaid slacker? how is a mission a success when it fails in its objectives? you went out to get Aideed and failed.

Oh thats right forgot about your success in capturing OBL and his associates.

Do you all get your history from movies?
2002-01-14 12:25:38 PM  
Harmonia"Android, unless you regard Grenada as one of the worlds great military powers, beating a bunch of Cuban construction workers is unlikely to go down in the annals of great battles."

I take it your solution to this would have been, We ship them better arms, then recruit better soldiers for the enemy thus making them a more capable of winning and transforming our victory into a "great battle". Hey, if Venus Williams beats Anna Kournikova does it still count?
2002-01-14 12:25:55 PM  
No we won't have another Vietnam...we've had it already and the people in charge now, we're the ones getting their rears shot off by Victor Charlie then.

Oh, like Bush, who kept the Lone Star State free from Charlie while a short hop from home, at a base known for having the children of people with political connections? And barely did that, with a record of absenses, including a suspension at one point for refusal to take a drug test, during the time where reports about his cocaine use run high?

to extend the US involvement in the -- pay attention -- United Nations operations in Somalia to "build a nation"

And Bush , after criticizing Clinton to no end for that - somehow *didn't* do exactly the same thing in Afghanistan?

Or, was it "right" to build a nation in Afghanistan but not in Somalia?
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