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(LA Times)   Billionare's ex-wife wants $320,000/month and private jet access as child support for one 3 year old.   ( divider line
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2002-01-14 11:13:55 AM  
I've never heard of a "no alimony" state. "No-fault" divorce is different from no alimony. But I digress...

Both of these people are now, and have from the beginning been, acting shamefully. The rich old coot was clearly interested only in banging a "hot" young thang. The ho' was clearly interested only in screwing the old coot for, and out of, his money. Meanwhile, an innocent child is brought into the world with essentially zero chance of anything approaching a normal life. The child's problem is less the fact that there is a bunch of money at issue and more the fact that both of her parents are disgusting, selfish pigs.
2002-01-14 11:16:12 AM  
i'm telling you, what really scares me is that this guy covered his butt in so many ways, but because she is a woman (irrational, undaunted by ignorance, and lacking accountability) she can ignore all his legal ammunition with phrases like 'heartbroken' and 'think of the child!'
2002-01-14 11:16:28 AM  
Take her out behind the court house and put a bullet in her head.
2002-01-14 11:16:57 AM  
She should be summarily executed on general principals.
2002-01-14 11:17:33 AM  
(sorry for the multiple posts...i'm practically feverish with outrage)

Probably a woman judge, too.
2002-01-14 11:17:41 AM  
I'm a woman and I think that this woman needs to be shot. End of story. I don't like money grubbers. I like to work for my money.
2002-01-14 11:21:03 AM  
I hope she gets it! I mean, trying to hold on to $6.99 Billion vs. $6.93? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think he's going to feel that. Over 12 years? That's just greedy! Remember, it's for your daughter!

This guy already is worth $7 Billion and is not going to stop making money anytime soon. $69 million is not that much in comparison.
Would he rather give her HALF of everything? That's what most of us poor folk would have to do. I'm just saying that as a percentage of his wealth, that's not too much to ask for your own daughter.
2002-01-14 11:21:20 AM  
That chick looks hot.
2002-01-14 11:25:16 AM  
I was wrong. She deserves that kind of money, but let's have fun with it.

$1000 per BJ
$1500 per vaginal intercourse
$2000 per doing her like the dirty whore she is

She could make that 320k a month pretty easy doing the $2000 trick; that's what she would want anyways.
2002-01-14 11:25:31 AM  
May as well give her both nuts too.
2002-01-14 11:26:12 AM  
Thejerseydevil should provide hope to all male Farkers, not only for her attitude about marriage not being lifestyle insurance, but more so for her rare ability to have opinions that transcend her gender.
2002-01-14 11:28:31 AM  
01-14-02 10:43:18 AM Omegacerberus
Thast means his child support is only 1% of his income...

I wish that were true in the real world... my child support would only be $16 / week instead of $400

$400 A WEEK?! I so feel your pain. If I had to pay that much I would probably flee to Mexico or somesuch thing. How awful. I hope you don't have long left to pay. I wonder how much longer men are going to allow themselves to be robbed at federal gunpoint just because they happened to father a child. I have 2 teenage boys and they do not cost $400 a week to raise. About $75 at the most and that is with McDonald's and soda pops nearly every day.

Men unite! Burn your jockstraps and refuse to take out the trash until the women get the message that we are not second class citizens that are good for nothing more than a free ride. Down with the matriarchy! Male Power! We built everything. We own everything. It is ours. You women can't have it anymore. Freedom! Freeedom!!!
2002-01-14 11:30:47 AM  
"That's what most of us poor folk would have to do."

That still doesn't mean that's how it should be.
It's actually completely ridiculous. As far as him being greedy, she was made a more than reasonable offer. He is well within his rights to want to have control of his own fortune.
2002-01-14 11:31:36 AM  
What is that supposed to mean Overpaid Slacker?
2002-01-14 11:31:39 AM  
money sucks...
2002-01-14 11:33:04 AM  
for those of you who haven't read the entire article:

"Among the monthly expenses Lisa Kerkorian lists: $144,000 for travel; $14,000 for parties and play dates; $7,000 for charity; $4,300 for food, plus $5,900 to eat out; $2,500 for movies, theaters and outings; $1,400 for laundry and cleaning; $1,000 for toys, videos and books; and $436 for care of Kira's bunny and other pets."

that breaks down to about $200/day for food. and that's not ALL food, just for eating out. i can GUARANTEE you, that kid would rather have mcdonalds every day than some $150 meal. and what the hell is she washing the kids clothes in? champagne?
2002-01-14 11:33:52 AM  
on a lighter note (and apologies for those who took my testosterone-spewing rant too personally)...the man on the TV says we can support kids for "about the price of a cup of coffee a day."

so what gives?
2002-01-14 11:34:01 AM  
She and Anna-Nicole should start a support group for ex-wives of billionaires.
2002-01-14 11:36:50 AM  
$7,000 for charity? Who the hell is she to forcibly give this guy's money to charity?
2002-01-14 11:41:24 AM  
Heard a funny joke this morning on the radio. Guy calls up trying to impersonate Michael Jordan (whos wife recently filed for divorce).
"Hey this is MJ, does anybody have OJ's number? I need to ask him for a favor."
bud-ump bump ch!!!!
2002-01-14 11:42:18 AM  
Dude shoulda just found a nice warm dog in the park...
2002-01-14 11:42:46 AM  
So if a billionaire pays $320,000/month for child support, would a millionaire pay $320? And a tenthousandaire (me) would pay $3.20? That seems about right.
2002-01-14 11:43:09 AM  
It was intended as praise and admiration. A lot of the guys here indict the entire female gender for the actions of a few contemptible women. Many of the ladies have expressed support for this type of extortion, although some have half-heartedly qualified their enthusiasm for post-marital graft.
You, however, expressed an opinion rare for women which should provide the men out there with hope and comfort that some chicks are as disgusted by this predation as we are.
On a personal note, I especially liked the "needs to be shot."
2002-01-14 11:45:32 AM  
Fj, I believe the $7,000 for charity is for tips paid to the cabana boy... and the laundry bill? Well, have you ever had your laundry washed at a hotel? $6.00 for a pair of socks! $6.00!
I still think he's getting off cheap for having such a young wife "take care of his every need"!
I mean, look at him!
2002-01-14 11:45:49 AM  
For Kira--and her mother--the private jets, chartered yachts, summers in France, nannies, gardeners, housekeepers, security guards and almost unlimited supply of cash are things of the past. Lisa Kerkorian says she's selling her own securities to maintain Kira's lifestyle. It can't be done on $50,000 a month, she says. She's "house rich and cash poor."

For someone who makes a bit more than this a year...Fuch that biatch. Get a a nice house (mortgage..about $5,000/Month) Food, clothes, vacations...another $30,000/Month..that still leaves $15K/month to piss"escorts"...Whatever.

This article really pissed me off!
2002-01-14 11:47:38 AM  
decade- long courtship, monthlong marriage

Did this strike anyone else as being a little wonky?

HappyDaddy is entirely right. It's not about the poor kid, and posters saying they would pack up and leave for Mexico or whatever are pathetic, and hopefully sterile--I know any number of dedicated, loving dads who pay high child support, and they don't abandon their children because it. (Or, more accurately, because they hate their exes.)

There should be joint custody for both parents and a reasonable amount of child support. There's nothing to suggest the mom killed her ability to making a living by marrying.

And all the guys who are having tantrums about women ripping men off....did it ever occur to you gents that it's your female counterparts, the "opposite sex is the enemy to be used" contingent, who are doing this? Probably not.
2002-01-14 11:48:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Rae Carruth was in the trunk of a car and could not be reached for comment.
2002-01-14 11:48:48 AM  
That's all any of this is
2002-01-14 11:51:33 AM  
MrBrownNow he is not getting off cheap. Being publicly robbed by a greedy, snobby biatch is a crime, whether it is for $3 or $300,000.

You seem low class, so I am going to guess you make $20,000/year. Does that mean that I am entitled to $100/month from you because we post messages to each other on Fark? I mean come ON, it is only .5% of your income.

You are getting off cheap!
2002-01-14 11:53:26 AM  

I can give you the Iowa code if you'd like :) (I'd have to look for the Texas code). A friend of mine who went through a divorce in Texas and I were helping a friend in Iowa where we live now with her divorce.


NhDanm when a nasty divorce happens, does the man ever get back all the money he wasted on his money-grubbing wife or toys for the rugrats? No. What about the fact that now he has to do his own housework-- Does he ever sue for money to have a housekeeper or a cook?! hm?! NO. So why should the woman be entitled to ANYTHING?

Please, please tell me you weren't serious with that, and were just trying to get a flame war started. Please???
2002-01-14 11:53:27 AM  
The kid is not even 4 years old. Even if she does notice that she hasn't gone to Paris 6 times this month, she would probably forget soon enough.

Nice touch for the wife to change her last name for a marriage she knew would only last a month. Adds credence to her "heartbroken" story.
2002-01-14 11:59:35 AM  

"The concept of alimony comes from the simple fact that in the majority of marriages, one person makes the money, one person does the housework."

That hasn't been true for over 20 years. The majority of married couples both work. Which means that the majority of alimony cases are just a greedy spiteful "fuk you!" from a bitter ex.
2002-01-14 12:00:31 PM  
Both these people sound so farked up, I doubt they "knew" the marriage would last a month.

I'm hoping most of 'em are flames or whiny teenagers, as well, Rei. The idea that some of the people screaming about "rugrats" or going to Mexico have actually spawned is waaaay too depressing otherwise.
2002-01-14 12:01:38 PM  
86 with a 3 year old kid and a 36 year old ex-wife?

She caught him fooling around?

I can't wait till I'm old.
2002-01-14 12:03:07 PM  
Mythago your statement is unfair, because you imply that we would do the same if the roles were reversed.

The fact of the matter is, I am a young engaged male, and I am scared shiatless how common this practice has become in this country. I love my fiancee, but i am scared to think that if our relationship ever went sour in 10 years, she would have a legal precedent(and the support of public opinion) to rape me financially.

We are perfectly justified in expressing outrage at a greedy woman who is thinking about her bank account and not her child. I wish it were not the case that 99% of woman think the same way, but the ubiquity of cases like this only support my point.
2002-01-14 12:06:25 PM  
"It can't be done on $50,000 a month, she says"

Bullshiat! I live on 42k a year. And I'm doing damn good.

I think the lady and her kid should be shot. And that old bastard too. Her for being such a gold-digging coont. The old man for being such a stupid person. The kid so that the genes don't spread and contaminate the rest of the world. Give his billions of dollars to various charities, disease research centres, etc.

Honestly, why is it that guys (although not really this one) get roasted over the coals with child support? Co-worker of mine was making some damn good money (in the order of 1k after taxes a week) and had three children (10, 14, and 17). He had to live in a tiny ass rented room because after paying child support, he was left with $75 a week of spending money.

He did nothing wrong, nor did any of the court appeals to review the child support amount work. He was paying for his wife to not work, go on week long vacations to Greece, Hawaii, etc.

Why does the court always feel the need to financially rape the male?
2002-01-14 12:06:59 PM  
I meant what i said. Why shouldn't the man be allowed to ask for 'house-cleanimony?' He has become accustomed to a clean house, meals on the table, and sex. If the woman gets money because she has grown accustomed, why wouldn't the man get a maid who gives hummers?

Honestly. I thought chicks wanted equal rights...
2002-01-14 12:10:44 PM  
Rei I'm talking to you. Why shouldn't the man be entitled to a housecleaner and a paid prostitute? Isn't that what alimony is about? Giving a woman the lifestyle to which she had grown accustomed?

Please please tell me you have a reason it should only cut one way. Please??
2002-01-14 12:11:29 PM  
Crazyeddie: It just sounds wrong, but I agree. If you actually look at what alimony is supposed to be for, it does make sense.
2002-01-14 12:20:56 PM  
If there's even a tinge of doubt regarding the solidity of a marriage, you shouldn't be getting married in the first place.

Old fart got reamed, greedy biatch makes out like a bandit. What a couple of fark-ups
2002-01-14 12:22:46 PM  
Skidnuts Oh that's weird. I guess i'm the first groom-to-be in the history of the world that got cold feet (temporarily). You are right. My marriage is doomed.
2002-01-14 12:25:50 PM  

Your average housewife (or househusband, for that matter) is not exactly in a prime position to get a decent job after 10 years of marriage right out of high school, for example, and has put so much time into building a home, raising kids, et cetera, that it's ludicrous for you to think that just because she didn't "make the money" that she doesn't deserve a chunk of it."

What has this woman been doing for the last 18 years since leaving high school... living off Taco Bell and living in the ghetto? She must have some kind of job or she wouldn't have been in the position to attract a billionaire. Also, I hardly think one month merrrits 320,000 a month and a private jet, 95% of America doesn't do that well. No simpathy whatsoever for this woman.

Maybe her profession is obvious... expensive hooker.
2002-01-14 12:29:58 PM  
As it stands, the current child support and alimony policy is whitewashed and rubber stamped.
2002-01-14 12:34:35 PM  

Texas alimony:
2002-01-14 12:38:32 PM  
Women only want equal rights when it suits them.
2002-01-14 12:40:58 PM  
That chick makes me sick. No one OWES her anything because she shiat out a kid and is 'accustomed to' being rich. Get a job like the rest of us you stupid douche bag!
2002-01-14 12:41:46 PM  
In Texas, since we enjoy a community property system of joint ownership of everything of the marriage, the courts believe it would be unfair for the spouse earning the larger salary to solely enjoy the salary.

BS! What right do the courts have to say that your wife / husband had anything to do with you having a lucrative career? Did they work the hours for you? No. Did they ask for the raises? No.

When you divorce, you divorce... as in go your separate ways. I can understand supporting the kid jointly but supporting the other spouse? Go get a job! These laws should be abolished.
2002-01-14 12:42:02 PM  
DjArcas: Amen, preach on...
2002-01-14 12:50:28 PM  
Cube jockey: I was quoting NhDanm's post, I forgot to italicize it

2002-01-14 01:04:05 PM  
Look at how much poor working stiffs have to pay out in child support. The father should have to pay out in proportion to his income, although 75 large a month ain't bad and I personally don't see why she's biatching. It's way more than what she agreed to in the prenup, he's being generous and she's being greedy.
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