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(Some Guy)   Own your very own working catapult, ballista, petraria arcatinus, yes, even mangonel   ( divider line
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11164 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jun 2004 at 7:24 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-06-05 5:45:49 PM  
Trubuchets == awesome. Wish I had some money...
2004-06-05 6:41:28 PM  
When I was yer age sonny we heaved rotting carcasses over a castle wall with our bare hands, we didn't have your fancy-dancy trebumacallits.

(Grampa Grumps the Elder from the Middle Ages)
2004-06-05 7:27:35 PM  
slangin some balls

/insert catapult noise
2004-06-05 7:30:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Do they have anything that fires lightning bolts?
2004-06-05 7:31:23 PM  
Take me back to my childhood with some water ballons, now!
2004-06-05 7:31:50 PM  
2004-06-05 7:39:46 PM  
I want a cataphract. Can I spell?
2004-06-05 7:52:19 PM  
I want a cataphract.

You want a Byzantine heavy horse archer? Or are you talking about the battlemech?

I want a trebuchet. Anything that can hurl a small car across a field using only gravity is a toy worth owning.
2004-06-05 8:05:36 PM  
Right now, somewhere, there is an upright piano trembling in fear.
2004-06-05 8:07:51 PM  
I've been waiting so long to have my own Pokemon!

/didn't RTFA
2004-06-05 8:24:43 PM  
Trebs rock. They were the atomic bomb of the middle ages.
2004-06-05 8:26:30 PM  
Does any farker here already have one of these toys? I've wanted one for a while, and the 1/10th scale warwolf looks pretty cool.

Covet covet covet.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-05 8:32:47 PM  
This link and thread needs a mercy killing...
2004-06-05 8:40:05 PM  
I built a trebuchet last year. It has about a 5 ft. throwing arm and about 150 pounds of counter weight. It can throw a hedge apple pretty far. About 3/4 into the keg, we started taking burning logs of the fire and flinging them. We called it redneck fireworks.
2004-06-05 8:42:12 PM  
PUH-LEEZE! I built my first self-designed crossbow when i was still fires number 2 pencils about 50 yards.
2004-06-05 8:48:43 PM  
VTSquire Try using exacto knives instead of crossbow bolts or pencils. We were disemboweling cartons of milk at school with this method.
2004-06-05 8:56:40 PM  
I've only ever made combustion cannons, but 'buchets are way awesome.
2004-06-05 9:00:25 PM  
WHAT!?!? No trebuchets, an outrage!
2004-06-05 9:01:44 PM  
VTSquire, FunkOut, how come I wasn't lucky enough to of had you two as classmates?! Those would of been a blast!

We just balanced a pencil on the edge of a desk and slap the one end trying to see how far it would go. Don't know how many kids we almost skewered doing that. *eep!*

My Hubby when he was young, made a sugerical-rubber-tubing operated "spear gun" that worked. Every now and then, he toys with the idea of building a "stone bow". No squirrel would be safe!
(rotten,fluffy butt tree-rats!)

I enjoyed some success with a home made stone sling. Two long strings with a peice of cloth or plastic mesh from the bag of oranges tied in between.
It worked, Sadly I never stuck with it to improve my aim.

/looks around for string/ *!*
2004-06-05 9:01:52 PM  
Siege Onagers and ballistas are pretty cool.
2004-06-05 9:04:33 PM  
I once thought to build a towable catapult with a small two-wheeler trailer, some metal pipe and scrap, a couple of automobile suspension springs and a come-along.

I figure the car springs ratcheted down would deliver a pretty good amount of power, and the rubber tires would provide nice bounce.

Would be very cool, especially driving down the freeway with its own little trailer license tag.

/Don't know how to weld. Project unrealized.
2004-06-05 9:21:06 PM  
I wanna puntbow!
2004-06-05 9:22:13 PM  
A guy down the street from me built a working miniature Trubuchet once. It was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen, that is, until I saw a History Channel program where they build a real full-scale one. Oh man, I'd do anything to have one of those in the backyard.
2004-06-05 9:33:49 PM  
Pfft, Teutonic knights or petards can take care of a trebuchet in no time at all.
2004-06-05 9:35:42 PM  
You can download a pattern and instructions to build a model treb from cardstock here:

With about 50 cents in pennies in the bucket it'll throw a 3/4 inch wooded bead about 30 ft. Pretty cool. But I REALLY want to build a BIG one now....
2004-06-05 9:51:19 PM  
Trebuchets, Onagers, Ballistas are great. Yet, it won't impress me until they can build Archimedes claw to a scale that is able to seize and turn over cars.
2004-06-05 9:57:57 PM  

Built one from there a while ago. My cat broke it while I was sleeping...

But it did work very well until then!
2004-06-05 10:15:19 PM  
I wanna build a mongol!

What? Mangonel? What the fark is a mangonel you farking gimp?!? ME WANT MONGOL!
2004-06-05 10:24:08 PM  
Summer Project! Lumber, must find lots of lumber. This is so much better than that bulldozer idea. Huh!
2004-06-05 10:29:19 PM  
Great. Another reason for girls not to talk to you.
2004-06-05 10:34:01 PM  
We built a tabletop ballista for fun last year and shot cheetos everywhere. Flaming cheetos, that is! Those little buggers really do stay alight quite well. This is why my kids don't sneak off to do or build potentially destructive or dangerous things. They know I'll aid and abet every time, and even hold the camcorder.
2004-06-05 10:40:28 PM  
JohnnyFlatline, get some Teutonic knight action right here...
2004-06-05 10:46:36 PM  
haha i was just out working on my ballista today! its my second one ive built. anyone who hasnt built one, do it! you can use scrap construction wood to make a cheap small one and just buy some rope thats on clearence. the first one i built cost me about 20 bucks. just build it stronger than you think!
2004-06-05 10:47:09 PM  
Everyone might remember the trebuchet used to great delight (especially the coffin) on Northern Exposure.
2004-06-05 10:48:25 PM  
When I was 12, one of our garage door springs broke The repairguy came and replaced all 4 of them and then asked me to throw the old ones away I said ok and took two of the unbroken ones to my freinds house in my wagon. And guess what we built in the wagon as soon as we got back from stealing some 2X4's from the new subdivision? you got it CATAPULT! sucker would throw a softball size rock clean out of site and the creek behind my friends house had farkloads. Had it for a week or so till my mom caught us with it in the garage, drilling some holes it it for a new trigger. Unfortunately my Mom made us take it apart (right now, youngman!)Years later my Dad told me he was sorry he didn't get a chance to see it work. My folks still have that wagon. this was in the mid sixties.
2004-06-05 11:00:53 PM  
2004-06-05 10:40:28 PM Big Red

Great, now I have to change my boxers.
2004-06-05 11:13:36 PM  
Everyone might remember the trebuchet used to great delight (especially the coffin) on Northern Exposure

JackT - as a huge fan of Northern Exposure, your post made me smile. I just put on ZZ-Top's 'Fandango'.

2004-06-06 12:15:10 AM  
anyone hungering for some AoE?

/fark teutonic knights
2004-06-06 12:24:51 AM  
Maybe I've been on the computer too long. To me, a "trebuchet" is a font.
2004-06-06 12:36:04 AM  
VTS squire, been trying to do that for ages,

PLEASE IM me with some details if you wouldnt mind,

its Bauerman5001.
2004-06-06 3:24:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-06 4:42:35 AM  
I wouldn't mind having a trebuchet in my backyard to fling stuff all over the neighborhood. I'll just have to settle for my potato gun. That thing can launch some taters! I always wonder where they land, because most times it blows them clean out of sight.
2004-06-06 7:56:26 AM  
I would like some Aoe! Bring on the Cho Ko Nu! (Friend is borrowing disk for awhile)

Seriously, a trebuchet is only good against a building. So just mount yer horse, grab yer mace and kill the operators.
2004-06-06 3:34:21 PM  
Did anybody else see the words "watermelon skeet" and laugh uncontrolably?
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