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2002-01-14 08:38:14 AM  
Ah, my alma mater.
2002-01-14 08:42:00 AM  
"This is the kind of dildo your Grandmother used."

2002-01-14 08:43:08 AM  
"You can hand it down from generation to generation," she said. "And it's dishwasher safe."

it's the gift that keeps on giving!!!
2002-01-14 08:47:06 AM  
Best line from the article:

"You can hand it down from generation to generation," she said. "And it's dishwasher safe."

Ah, I can see it now. "Dear, Grandma has gone to Heaven to be with Jebus... but I know she would want you to have her Mega Dong."
2002-01-14 08:47:15 AM  
If my grandmother weren't already dead... she'd have a heart attack.
2002-01-14 08:50:57 AM  
"....advised students to start small when it comes to anal penetration."

No wonder my girl has never been into anal sex.

Now I know.

And knowing is half the battle.
2002-01-14 08:50:58 AM  
"I'm very interested in sex toys," said freshman Crystal Sickles. "I've never experienced any type of sex toy, so I wanted to come and try it out."

Shouldn't that be "try it out and come"?
2002-01-14 08:53:53 AM  
Methinks one 'Crystal Sickles' will have no problem getting dates from now one.

Then again, so what if she has to 'go it alone.'
2002-01-14 08:55:56 AM  
Everyone see the related article backlash at the bottom of the article?
2002-01-14 08:56:26 AM  
I assumed this one of those misleading headlines until I actually read the article (for a change), and laughed so hard I blew hot coffee out of my nose. Damn that hurts.
2002-01-14 08:59:11 AM  
If my grandmother used that dildo, I don't want it inside me... that's too much information for me to handle.
2002-01-14 09:05:06 AM  
isn't there some rule about putting things that have been in your ass in the dishwasher?
2002-01-14 09:07:10 AM  
It's wonderfull things like this that the $84 dollar student activities fee that nearly all college students pay goes to.
2002-01-14 09:14:02 AM  
"I'm very interested in sex toys," said freshman Crystal Sickles. "I've never experienced any type of sex toy, so I wanted to come and try it out."

I wish I'd been there for that...
2002-01-14 09:16:13 AM  
God damn people taking the obvious Grandma joke.

No jokes on "The Gerbil"? :D
2002-01-14 09:18:18 AM  
I'd had intentions to go to this, but I had an evening class that night so I had to miss it. The Rainbow Alliance is a pretty damned active group here on the Pitt campus. You can never miss their flyers.
2002-01-14 09:22:25 AM  
"If you've never put anything in your ass before, you don't want to start with this,"

Yep, That's what I have to tell all my new girlfriends. Ha!
2002-01-14 09:23:52 AM  
my question is why do college students need any instruction about sex? if they're like me, they've seen it all and done a lot of it already. a lecture on dildos? might just as well have a lecture on breathing
2002-01-14 09:28:48 AM  
"Also, you can never use enough lube, especially when it comes to putting things in your ass."

Thanks, I did not know that. Now, I'm ready for life.
2002-01-14 09:29:44 AM  
What?! No picture of the gerbil?

[image from xxxfreesexchat.com too old to be available]
2002-01-14 09:32:42 AM  
Ya know I might actually use the gerbil... if they didn't call it......... THE GERBIL.
2002-01-14 09:37:37 AM  
shiat like this never happened when i attended Pitt years ago.
2002-01-14 09:37:58 AM  
Naah, you don't want to start with something as big as The Gerbil. You should start with something small, like a finger. Or something even smaller, like The Fb- Dildo.
2002-01-14 09:41:02 AM  
Interesting -- check out the sidebar letter from the administrator who was disappointed about the content and placement of the story. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs has a name quite appropriate for a college campus (maybe ironic): Jack Daniels.
2002-01-14 09:41:45 AM  
I goto Rutgers. I highly doubt that there's anyone from Rutgers in Fark. Nah. I'm the sole representative! Woohoo!
2002-01-14 09:42:06 AM  
I wonder if Pitt will provide a copy of this article to the parents of prospective freshmen!
2002-01-14 09:44:24 AM  
Wonders said the toy is ideal for anal pleasure as the handle insured that the "gerbil" would not get lost in the rectum.

Photoshop this!
[image from a1747.g.akamai.net too old to be available]
2002-01-14 09:46:52 AM  
Meanwhile, many freshmen starting college can't read.

2002-01-14 09:47:49 AM  
[image from probertencyclopaedia.com too old to be available][image from xxxfreesexchat.com too old to be available]

Pitt alum?
2002-01-14 09:50:54 AM  
"For example, I could choose to make a reference to an "incestuous son," as opposed to selecting the more profane expression" : found on related page.

Hmmm... I wonder what common term means "incestuous son"... HAHAHA... Trust me, mofo is a much less offensive term than "incestuous son"...
2002-01-14 09:55:54 AM  
"I'm very interested in sex toys," said freshman Crystal Sickles. "I've never experienced any type of sex toy, so I wanted to come and try it out."

never experienced any type of sex toy? with a name like Crystal Sickles she has to headlight as a stripper!
2002-01-14 10:06:51 AM  
Ermm...You mean "moonlight" Slayer? I agree with Kyosuke, she probably won't have to spend many nights alone in the near future...

2002-01-14 10:19:31 AM  
i go to rutgers
but should we ever meet, we must pretend we don't know each other... i refuse to say "hey, we met at that forum for ANAL SEX TOYS... remember me?"
2002-01-14 10:19:38 AM  
My old best friend was kicked out of this school because he had liquor stashed in his room...and yet...teaching students about how to use a double dong dildo (The dreaded three D's!) is okay. Damn...what a farked up school.
2002-01-14 10:20:50 AM  
too many stupid things in that article...
my headache quadrupled trying to pick only one to make fun of
2002-01-14 10:34:41 AM  
Ok, I did it myself!
2002-01-14 10:37:13 AM  
2002-01-14 10:38:46 AM  
Lost in the Rectum
2002-01-14 10:39:12 AM  
Fark keeps throwing away my link (thanks!)
2002-01-14 10:42:05 AM  
2002-01-14 10:51:12 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-01-14 10:55:13 AM  
"You don't want to shove something in your ass that doesn't have a retrieval ring," Wonders said. "Otherwise, your ass will swallow it."

Damn, I didn't know my ass was even hungry.
The best thing to stick up your ass:
2002-01-14 11:10:23 AM  
yes, the backlash from this was quite visible.

i say we go to a Pitt Farkers Drinking Party!
2002-01-14 11:14:55 AM  
Yeah, this was a pretty big deal, but not as big as the Homecoming Queen being a biatch. Pitt kind of reminds me of high school. By the way, use this http://accounts.pitt.edu/Public/ to find the email address of any person at Pitt (including freshmen stupid enough to express their interests in sex toys.)
2002-01-14 11:23:33 AM  
Woohoo! This was my submission. A friend of mine at Pitt mailed it to me with the comment, "this is why I can't do campus journalism". The rest of the newspaper is almost as funny.
2002-01-14 11:28:13 AM  
Last try...

Fark deletes this link every time I post it:
http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/1210de78/bc/images/LostInAss.gif?bcKr1k​8A2Dcts2 OO

so you'll just have to cut-n-paste
2002-01-14 11:29:29 AM  
http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/1210de78/bc/images/LostInAss.gif?bcKr1k8A2Dcts2 OO
2002-01-14 11:38:50 AM  
Why? Why? Why? must they cheapen a serious subject of "Toys for Intercourse" by constantly saying "ASS!" That is so crude and insensitive. Why not use phrases that are more pleasing to the ear such as balloon knot, raisinette, puckered sphinctor, or Poo poo hole. Geez, don't use a word just for the shock value, some of these girls (Chrystal Sickles) are here for the first time to learn.
2002-01-14 11:57:06 AM  
my question is why do college students need any instruction about sex? if they're like me, they've seen it all and done a lot of it already.

Well, at least you THINK you have. Someday you will look back and wince at how much worse you were in bed at that age.

Dammit, I wish my college had had such worthwhile classes as this.
2002-01-14 12:53:54 PM  
"Also, this stuff isn't regulated by the FDA..."

surprized i'm the only one that noticed that dildos are not food nor drug.
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