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(WRAL)   Duke strips Charlie Rose of journalism award and I'm conflicted   ( divider line
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2017-12-04 07:13:14 PM  
Duke sucks the fun out of bashing Duke.
2017-12-04 08:05:03 PM  
It just means Rose sucks worse.
2017-12-04 09:09:33 PM  
They can both suck.
2017-12-05 12:24:06 AM  
Because his playing grabass and Duke's *mildly* problematic record on sexual assault cases are SOOOOOOOOO relevant to his journalism.
2017-12-05 12:59:06 AM  
well, fark.

Charlie Rose.

How about we just say all    most male authority figures abuse, sexually, their authority. We can (hopefully)  celebrate the exceptions.
Mr Rogers? Tom Hanks? Al Yankovich?

Well. I hope so. Mayhap you have other favorites.

So. Let us accept what we have been told or inferred, or expected, for the last 50 years, or more.

I guess that will be a bit much for some.

2017-12-05 01:38:17 AM  
I'm going to suggest that there is a difference between grab-assing some co-worker, and creeping on them, forcing yourself on them. People at about 14% marry people they met at work, the affair ratio is, I assume, a lot greater.

creeping on people is bad.
flirting is not, ImHo.

If someone grabbed your ass, you didn't like it,you let them know, and they never did anything else, I think I'm going to give them a pass.

Do I think/feel that grabbing ass is acceptable?

Hell NO

If some shiatard confessed that to me, I would rip them a new one.
There are much better ways to flirt. But men are ignorant and privileged.

It's a problem.

That's not going to be fixed by destroying every man who touched a butt or asked about oral sex.

It's just not.
2017-12-05 01:43:37 AM  
Awards for men should simply no longer exist.  Its the only way to be sure.
2017-12-05 02:34:22 AM  

fader74: creeping on people is bad.
flirting is not, ImHo.

There problem with that is, people tend to define what's acceptable based on their desire towards the person doing it. In other words, if a guy flirts with a woman and she is attracted to him, it's acceptable. But if she's doesn't happen to like the guy, it suddenly becomes harassment. In my opinion, you can't define sexual harassment that way. It's either ok to flirt, or ask someone on a date, or it's not. Placing arbitrary stipulations like a behavior being "unwelcome" by the other is ridiculous.

Of course, this brings up a slew of other factors which only muddy the situation further. How does one define flirting? To some, a smile and cheerful greeting can be flirting, to others it involves various levels of sexual innuendo. While asking someone on a date may be harmless enough, repeatedly badgering someone after they've clearly said no is crossing a line. The real question is, where exactly are these lines drawn?

I'm curious to see how all this plays out.
2017-12-05 02:57:36 AM  
Its not that hard. Ask. Ask once. If no, cease asking.
2017-12-05 05:34:28 AM  
When are we going to start taking the Grammys back from the Michael Jackson estate?
2017-12-05 08:34:12 AM  

willfullyobscure: Because his playing grabass and Duke's *mildly* problematic record on sexual assault cases are SOOOOOOOOO relevant to his journalism.

"*mildly* problematic"?  Please continue....
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