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2002-01-13 10:07:13 PM  
oh this is good
2002-01-13 10:09:39 PM  
Who's that babe Simmons is married to again? I think she's a former porn star.
2002-01-13 10:10:55 PM  
I dont think you want too take ANY advice from this guy...

[image from cnn.com too old to be available]
2002-01-13 10:13:11 PM  
Gene Simmons is married to Shannon Tweed, a washed up porn actress I believe.

[image from frankkiss.com too old to be available]
2002-01-13 10:16:39 PM  
he said he sticks out his tongue for a living.

good enough reason to interview him about what he thinks should be done to terrorists.
2002-01-13 10:19:12 PM  
so... Gene Simmons is a jew?

explains the tongue. ;-)

2002-01-13 10:20:20 PM  
I don't like kiss, and gene simmons seems like a creep.
However, he does sort of have a point.
2002-01-13 10:23:56 PM  
Gene isn't married to her. He just pumps out kids w/ her.

...and the only advice I'd take from that dude is financial.
2002-01-13 10:25:11 PM  
He's a lot better than that Sharon butcher. Better fashion sense too.
2002-01-13 10:26:55 PM  
I liked "Muslim, Muslim, bad guy, bad guy. Wrong. "
2002-01-13 10:32:15 PM  
SIMMONS: Yeah, I think they oughta string them up by their (UNINTELLIGIBLE), and poke sharp things into their(UNINTELLIGIBLE), and slice their (UNINTELLIGIBLE) open and remove their (UNINTELLIGIBLE)!
2002-01-13 10:37:32 PM  
Advice from Gene Simmons on fighting terrorism? No. My mind is recoiling at this thought. Gene Simmons. Fighting terrorism. Have him come on and talk about music. Have him come on and talk about porn star wives. Have him come on and talk about snorting lines from the chests of naked groupies. But Gene Simmons telling us how to fight terrorism? That's no better than have Earl the street sweeper come on and tell us how to fight terrorism. In fact, I'd rather see Earl. It's pretty pathetic of Fox. They'll have any suck ass mofo on if he's got any noteriety at all and is willing to toe their line.
2002-01-13 10:38:12 PM  
Gene Simmons played a terrorist in some movie
2002-01-13 10:40:59 PM  
Gene Simmons movie where he was a terrorist.
2002-01-13 10:45:13 PM  
Make terrorists listen to Alive III.
2002-01-13 11:05:58 PM  
Why don't we kill this guy?
2002-01-13 11:08:32 PM  
I watched this interview almost a month ago, I think.
2002-01-13 11:09:07 PM  
Can't believe he didn't advocate burying them in KISS caskets...
2002-01-13 11:11:01 PM  
Sure... steal the kiss casket line from me...

[image from canoe.ca too old to be available]

Farging bastages!!
2002-01-13 11:15:53 PM  
[image from thingtone.com too old to be available]
2002-01-13 11:19:06 PM  
C'mon, if KISS can save Santa, he can help us with the Terrorists.
2002-01-13 11:33:08 PM  
Gene Simmons was in Dead or Alive with Rutger Hauer, and he played a terrorist.

"fark the Bonus"
2002-01-14 12:05:46 AM  
Gene Simmons always has had and always will have all the answers. He's radioactive, you know.
2002-01-14 12:10:54 AM  
I wouldn't take any advice from him, not because he's a rock star (a hack at that), but because he's a giant arsehole.
2002-01-14 12:11:31 AM  
hmm.. I saw the below text on the front page of yahoo news...

World from Reuters Jan 13 7:42pm AZ
Colombian FARC Rebels Prepare for Army Strike
2002-01-14 12:15:53 AM  
I think we should get Richard Simmons to provide his opinion.

THAT would be quality entertainment.
2002-01-14 12:16:54 AM  
It said that he left Israel when he was 9 yrs old. Hell, that was about 60 years ago! Does he still qualify as an Israeli?
2002-01-14 12:37:33 AM  
Isn't Gilbert Gotfreid Jewish? Why isn't he being interviewed? He's just as ugly and stupid as the Simmons guy.
2002-01-14 12:37:56 AM  
Yes, farkers, Gene Simmons is (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the best spokesman and ambassador (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Although his background in KISS seems to be dismissable, keep in mind that (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Unlike Kissinger and Powell, Simmons (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the best (UNINTELLIGIBLE). His secret plan to (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the terrorists will annoy Fb, but (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and (UNINTELLIGIBLE).
2002-01-14 01:21:02 AM  
You guys leave Gene Simmons alone. Sh(UNINTELLIGIBLE)it, most of you are uglier even than he is and would probably be considered lucky to be able to bag your sister, let alone a former playmate like Shannon Tweed.

Gene Simmons, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen...jeez, they give all hairy geeks like you guys a reason to live in the blind hope that someday you may actually be naked with a girl who doesn't look like you, yet you'd rather ridicule. Tisk...tisk...

And what the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) was up with all the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) unintelligibles?
2002-01-14 01:23:19 AM  
Shannon Tweed= good
KISS= suck
2002-01-14 01:25:36 AM  
i don't think gene "i stick my tongue out for a living" is a very poignant speaker.
2002-01-14 01:31:47 AM  
He scares me less when he's wearing the makeup.
2002-01-14 01:45:31 AM  
What was the movie where Gene was a bad guy, and he had boobs?
2002-01-14 02:12:49 AM  
I (unintelligible) really (unintelligible) this (unintelligible).
2002-01-14 02:28:44 AM  
2002-01-14 02:46:40 AM  
Torchsong -
Man, face the facts. Ol' Gene is one ugly dude. The only reason he gets arm candy the likes of Shannon Tweed is because he has a shiatload of cash from selling ANYTHING with the KISS logo on it. Why do you think he got in to rock and roll anyway?
Is this the guy you look to for answers? I hope not, man.
2002-01-14 03:19:12 AM  
lol TLBreer
2002-01-14 04:31:19 AM  
"You know, that might be enough to frighten Usama bin Laden, that book. "
Who the fark is Usama bin laden?
2002-01-14 07:11:39 AM  
What crazy, crazy nights these are, when teenage boys think wearing flamboyant outfits and make up make you look tough!
2002-01-14 07:30:15 AM  
Ir@to: That's the proper way to spell the douchebag's name. The media has been butchering it for quite some time now.
2002-01-14 10:01:10 AM  
Kiss! That's their name! Kiss! You know they look insane!
At least he's realistic about the Palestinian State issue.
2002-01-14 10:43:14 AM  
A lot of you seem to be flaming Ol' Gene as though he were a moron or a somewhat unintelligent person. That is ignorant. This guy is a GENIUS. Not ONLY is he a member of MENSA, he speaks 8 languages fluently and for a few years he was a school teacher.

KNOWING is half the battle.

2002-01-14 10:55:07 AM  
People, the movie is Runaway, starring Tom Sellick, Kirstie Alley, and, of course, Gene Simmons as the bad guy. Michael Chriton directed it, it's actually pretty good SF, but very 80s and dated.
2002-01-14 06:37:45 PM  
Drac is correct. Kiss invented 'glam-rock'. And, it made them rich.

I like the fact that he calls them "bad guys".
Not 'misdirected', not 'uninformed', not 'sick', not 'disadvantaged'. No wishy-washy crap like that.
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