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(KXAN)   Six-and-a-half-foot-long cigar stolen. Police set trap for crooks with worlds largest glass of cognac   ( kxan.com) divider line
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2004-06-03 12:28:21 PM  
Monica Lewinsky sought for questioning.
2004-06-03 12:44:40 PM  
damn you carolyn, that's what i was gonna say!
2004-06-03 12:57:38 PM  
.... Monica Lewinsky heard groaning in pain throughout the land.
2004-06-03 01:06:57 PM  
neener, neener, neeeeeenerrrrrr...

Happy birthday, by the way, CGL.
2004-06-03 02:37:04 PM  
My initial thought ran slightly different: "Was to be used by Michael Moore to film an allegorical scene between Bill Clinton and the Statue of Liberty"
2004-06-03 04:32:29 PM  
Sometimes a six foot six inch cigar is just a six foot six inch cigar.
2004-06-03 07:04:38 PM  
damn, all FARKERS think alike.

/pissed my post couldn't be made Carolyn
2004-06-03 07:05:17 PM  
Get me a banana-cognac, biatch
2004-06-03 07:06:06 PM  
apostrophe is the crux of the biscuit
2004-06-03 07:06:21 PM  
I love my cigar, too, but every once in a while I take it outta my mouth...

/five points to whoever gets the reference
2004-06-03 07:07:15 PM  

Groucho Marx, I believe.
2004-06-03 07:07:30 PM  
I was going to say something about a 300 foot intern attacking the city. Never mind.
2004-06-03 07:07:58 PM  
*removes ratty stoogy from lips*

"I love it when a plan comes together"

2004-06-03 07:08:17 PM  
Groucho Marx
2004-06-03 07:08:35 PM  
How do you light that thing? Flamethrower?
2004-06-03 07:08:59 PM  
I thought you had to leave the Stogey in there while you say that Neutron.
2004-06-03 07:09:49 PM  
Was it rolled in the US Constitution?

2004-06-03 07:09:52 PM  
Maybe it was a Pink Floyd set piece.
2004-06-03 07:11:25 PM  
Body in da club, body full of bub', my mind got what you need, you need to feel tha' rub, I'm in to havin' sex, I ain't in to makin' love, so come get what you need, you'll end up gettin' rubbed. SORRY Y'ALL, I got caried away wit my Par-tay. I'll return yo' shiat, soonest.
2004-06-03 07:12:11 PM  

I win by 62 seconds. Those five points are mine, all mine.
2004-06-03 07:12:28 PM  
someone post the pic of the glass that holds the bottle of brandy
2004-06-03 07:13:14 PM  
That was beautiful, man. Two responses in a minute, maybe even less. Props to Doc and Rock...
2004-06-03 07:14:42 PM  
y'all know just as well as I do that "No questions asked." really means "You're under arrest."
2004-06-03 07:16:35 PM  
Wanted for questioning:

[image from members.chello.be too old to be available]
2004-06-03 07:17:53 PM  
Doc Daneeka

you did, and kick ass name by the way
2004-06-03 07:20:32 PM  
Cheech and Chong sought for questioning...
2004-06-03 07:21:31 PM  
Blunt it.
2004-06-03 07:23:17 PM  
I would love to meet the lady who rolled that on her inner thigh...

or would I?
2004-06-03 07:24:27 PM  
That blunt will get you farked up guaranteed
2004-06-03 07:24:43 PM  
though, I do agree with you, TheZug
2004-06-03 07:25:25 PM  
Mecca-Lewinski! Mecca-Lewinski!!!
2004-06-03 07:26:22 PM  
Oh great, now the burglar knows about the trap. Thanks Fark!
2004-06-03 07:28:12 PM  
Castro makes guest appearance in America.
Coincidence?...........you decide
2004-06-03 07:28:37 PM  
cancer cures smoking

(pass it already)
2004-06-03 07:30:03 PM  
JackBurton, that was the great Groucho Marx, I do believe.
2004-06-03 07:30:05 PM  
I used to say all great minds run along the same gutter. After this thread, its apparent that all minds run in the gutter, period.
2004-06-03 07:31:35 PM  
[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]
Wonder if she knows anything about this.
2004-06-03 07:31:43 PM  
Oops, didn't see someone already read responded above with Groucho Marx.
2004-06-03 07:36:28 PM  
2004-06-03 07:36:45 PM  
It disappeared in a puff of smoke.
2004-06-03 07:37:01 PM  
I can see U. Can U see me?
2004-06-03 07:39:27 PM  
I wonder if these guys had anything to do with it...
2004-06-03 07:41:45 PM  
rolled on the thighs of a 60 foot virgin

An A-team reference E-VEN.
2004-06-03 07:48:48 PM  
[image from englisch.schule.de too old to be available]

Artist's rendering of the suspect.

2004-06-03 07:53:02 PM  
Or take the 50-ft woman and a 6 1/2 foot long cigar, and what do you have?

"Some cigars are hand-rolled; Independence is rolled...with love." (NSFW)
2004-06-03 08:04:20 PM  
Yeah, I know lots of people beat me to it, but still...

"Hey jerk, how much is that $10,000 cigar?"
"I'll give you $300 for it."
"Nice try (etc.)"
"Fine, then just give me those $300 burglar's tools."
2004-06-03 08:07:05 PM  
Andorion beat me to it!
[image from us.ent4.yimg.com too old to be available]
2004-06-03 08:10:19 PM  
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, boys....

[image from cigarglamour.com too old to be available]
2004-06-03 08:17:07 PM  
In other news, Tommy Chong released from jail, seen rolling extraordinarily large blunt to celebrate.
2004-06-03 08:25:40 PM  
slow news day. this article sucks a fatty just like getting kicked off fark for "berating mods"
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