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(Fark)   So back in the day, let's say 20 years ago, how did you find your internet pr0n. I admit to catgirls   ( fark.com) divider line
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2017-11-10 01:39:31 AM  
20 years ago, the Internet was just getting off the ground. Before that it was 8-bit.

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2017-11-10 02:04:43 AM  

Back then tho as a horny teenager I found out about some stupid law that required porn sites to actually confirm that you were over 18 with a credit card # or some such bullshiat. Thank god that law was thrown out so a perv like me could see boobs.
2017-11-10 02:50:41 AM  
1997? Usenet.
2017-11-10 03:52:13 AM  
20 years ago there was porn on the Internet. There was a lot of it. Mostly pictures, of course. There were websites consisting of links to other websites where porn could be found. There was some video as well, though it was generally





generally done with Rea








2017-11-10 04:54:31 AM  
Let's see, phone connection, AOL... all the photos were hyperlinked file names.  And, they took about ninety seconds to load; but, after a while you'd develop an intuition and could hit the back button about a quarter way through the load because "nonamim.gif" wasn't what you guessed it was.
2017-11-10 05:11:23 AM  
Yahoo groups. But it was pics, not videos then.
2017-11-10 05:12:52 AM  
I found it to be quite pleasant, thanks for asking.
2017-11-10 06:14:03 AM  
I ran a dial up BBS with 3 modems on a 386 and was a node on FIDOnet.

/or was that 30 years ago?
2017-11-10 06:37:07 AM  
AOL chat rooms. You could trade and collect porn for days on end. Twas glorious.
2017-11-10 06:49:29 AM  

adamgreeney: AOL chat rooms. You could trade and collect porn for days on end. Twas glorious.

I spent a lot of time in those chat rooms. The ALS girls were my favorites.
2017-11-10 07:01:48 AM  

catusr: adamgreeney: AOL chat rooms. You could trade and collect porn for days on end. Twas glorious.

I spent a lot of time in those chat rooms. The ALS girls were my favorites.

Ha! Oh yeah. I learned what that meant real quick, and also learned you can't trust anyone on the internet soon thereafter.
2017-11-10 07:29:33 AM  
Persian kitty was a good aggregator.
2017-11-10 07:47:47 AM  
I learned to use uuencode and decode.
2017-11-10 07:57:55 AM  

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2017-11-10 08:06:55 AM  
Concatenating like a mo-fo.
2017-11-10 08:08:36 AM  
*sigh* I took my time and bought my first personal computer in 1999. I couldn't afford a PC or Apple product on MSgt pay. And then the divorce wiped my budget out after I retired, began working as an engineer.

Pretty much the old-fashioned way. Peeking in neighbors' windows, cruising lovers' lanes. In those days, you had to improvise.
2017-11-10 08:09:01 AM  
Dad's temporary internet files.
2017-11-10 08:17:32 AM  
Suze Randell's website. It was a pay site but when you were in your early twenties, had a decent starter job and moved out of your parent's house to your own apartment, paying few bucks a month for fairly high quality photoshoots of hot women was considered more of a bonus.
2017-11-10 08:28:49 AM  
Wild Cherries, baby
2017-11-10 08:34:22 AM  
Hell, back then you could even browse to it in Yahoo's organizational structure. Or maybe that was a little earlier- like 1994. But it's never been hard to find on the internet. At all. Ever.
2017-11-10 08:46:13 AM  
Usenet and then Thehun.com.
2017-11-10 08:48:32 AM  
2017-11-10 08:52:59 AM  
Catgirls <3
2017-11-10 08:56:10 AM  
Anyone remember Persian Kitty?  Um, a, er, friend, told me it was the place to go way back when.
2017-11-10 08:58:30 AM  

MasterAdkins: Usenet and then Thehun.com.

And various Hentai sites.
2017-11-10 09:14:47 AM  
the year was 1995.  We had just gotten netscape navigator in the computer lab.

Someone said that with this new web you could find naked pictures of anyone.  I searched for betty white.

I found a picture of a playing card with a nude picture of betty white on it.  it took over a minute to download.
2017-11-10 09:14:50 AM  
2017-11-10 09:14:56 AM  
ASCII porn is the best porn
2017-11-10 09:15:08 AM  
Persian Kitty and then TheHun.

For research purposes only, of course

2017-11-10 09:21:24 AM  
www,f3,to/mbap/ has been around for 20 years.

/no ads
/no javascript
/still updated
/loads well on 2g
/why aren't more sites built like that?
2017-11-10 09:28:19 AM  
The first porn I saw was passed to me via 3.5 floppy disk.  After that, once dial up was obtained, IRC chat rooms were pretty solid.
2017-11-10 09:29:05 AM  

McGrits: Persian kitty was a good aggregator.

2017-11-10 09:51:17 AM  
Not quite 30 years ago, but a friend told me about ultrapassword.com (or something to that effect) which was supposed to let you sign on to pay sites.  It worked most of the time.
2017-11-10 09:51:27 AM  

fusillade762: 1997? Usenet.

Back in 1997 I had a girlfriend (and was engaged to her), so I had no sympathy for the dateless virgins out there.  Like the complete asshole I was, I uploaded binaries pictures of goats labeled "Hot babe" and sat back and waited for the "waaaahs".
2017-11-10 09:59:26 AM  
Usenet and BBS systems. The earliest computer porn I saw was an ASCII picture of a woman printed over a few sheets of line printer paper.

As long as the old timers are here, anyone ever know what happened to the GIFFY girl "Jenny". She was probably my first computer porn crush. She had long black hair and an honest, girl-next-door look.
2017-11-10 10:14:56 AM  
Thumbnail sites. Persian Kitty. Etc. They're probably still out there.

Back in the 80s,  a buddy had a moving ASCII image of a well endowed girl; Xs and Os and what not. It was very crude, graphics wise, and took up all the space on a 5 1/2 inch floppy.
2017-11-10 10:32:43 AM  
20 years ago, my colleagues on an IRC channel used to break into porn sites for fun and then share the directory of leeched content out. Had a network backbone channel of bandwidth and a Sun workstation to devote to this highly important project. Not just porn, but any stuff we could dig up in open directories, guessed passwords. It got a bit competitive. I was a jr. netop at an ISP working overnights, some of these other guys were either students or else hard workin' hobbyists.
2017-11-10 10:35:18 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size


2017-11-10 10:38:47 AM  
I've always enjoyed written erotica, so alt.sex.stories.moderated via Deja News.
2017-11-10 10:50:45 AM  
Usenet and Yahoo groups have been mentioned. I also would find stray web pages with pictures on them and I had a script that would do a batch download. I'd do that at work where we had a T-1 and then save them to external media and take home for personal use. I once employed a ZipDrive for that purpose.
2017-11-10 10:51:22 AM  
Forte Agent + Usenet + 56k modem.

In 8 hours or so you could download an entire 15 min long video.
2017-11-10 11:04:47 AM  

vudukungfu: Wild Cherries, baby

You just gave me a flashback.

I mostly stalked IRC chat rooms to trade pictures.
2017-11-10 11:17:02 AM  
Search engines like Alta Vista when I first started.

Then I discovered a thing called "Dogpile" which amalgamated a bunch of the better known search engines, and was fun to watch as it compiled and spat out its results (most of which were the same ones).

Then one day in a pub conversation with about 8 other dudes, one guy who was a bit further ahead of us all with his computer-fu had found a treasure-trove, mother-lode website (name of which is now forgotten) which had TONS of photos of naked babes, many famous ones, and all alphabetically sorted. All were great quality shots, too.

That night when I got home and first tried it ... in spite of the slow dialup modem loading speeds, I managed to practically rip the head off it, thrashing myself to smithereens ... oh yes, the chicken got choked ...

... numerous times.

I pretty much surfed that site exclusively for MONTHS after that.
2017-11-10 11:32:56 AM  
Mostly usenet, Yahoo groups and some other sites. Of course back in the days of dial up it was mostly just frustrating, waiting a minute or two just for one image to load, so I usually gave up after a while and went to the adult bookstore and rented some vhs tapes.
2017-11-10 11:52:40 AM  
Used to use Lycos and Yahoo then Dogpile.  All 3 still alive btw.  Also tried Netscape (didn't like it) and Opera (unreliable).  Then there was a beta available that worked and I haven't looked back.
2017-11-10 11:57:34 AM  

adamgreeney: AOL chat rooms. You could trade and collect porn for days on end. Twas glorious.

Yep, people would have pics, you'd say "list me", and get on the list they sent stuff too. Those chat rooms worked wonderfully well.

And then I moved on to Usenet newsgroups.
2017-11-10 12:07:08 PM  

Snapper Carr: Forte Agent + Usenet + 56k modem.
In 8 hours or so you could download an entire 15 min long video.

Forte Agent has to be the best usenet reader I've ever seen (which is weird, considering how much better all other internet connections were on linux or unix at the time), although around 1997 I may have used a binary-only reader (long since forgotten).  For extra-special greatness, Forte Agent + data fit well on a zip drive so I only had to occasionally swap horded porn onto other zipdisks.  This was a great thing when using a 200MB laptop (I was living on the road).

I'm not sure when verizon dumped usenet support, but I foolishly abandoned it long before then.  For those who missed usenet, you really missed what may have been the high point (or at least high signal to noise) of the internet.
/had some sed code that autodownloaded alt.sex.pictures in 1989.
//could then dump it to floppies on school computers
///things were slower between graduation and dsl.
2017-11-10 12:30:32 PM  
Mostly through a site called link-o-rama or something like that.
2017-11-10 01:05:56 PM  

Seussie: www.whitehouse.com

Strangely enough, the .gov version is also filled with lots of folks who objectify women.
2017-11-10 01:19:26 PM  
The internet was ok twenty years ago Subby. Now, thirty years ago you had to navigate the world of BBSs. You'd download your porn based only on the filename and size and hope you got something cool. Anyone else remember VShow, the decent image viewer for DOS?
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