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(BBC-US)   What do your clothes say about you? Other than "Lemme guess, it's laundry day and everything from after 1994 was dirty?"   ( divider line
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2017-11-09 04:37:08 PM  
My clothes say as little about me as possible. Virtually all my day-to-day clothing is gray, black, navy blue, olive green, tan...or maroon if I'm feeling frothy.

My socks are odd colors, but that's only so I can find them easily when I'm doing the wash.
2017-11-09 04:55:49 PM  
If I'm on vacation or it is the weekend:

"I'm in my late 30s, but I still dress like a college kid."
2017-11-09 05:01:37 PM  
I'm an engineer and I've lost about 50 lbs in the past year. Still don't need to buy clothes, these are covering my shame effectively.
2017-11-09 05:09:59 PM  
Nah that's pretty much it.
2017-11-09 05:54:46 PM  
How did you know, subby?

Laundry day is going to Walmart and buying clean socks and underwear.
2017-11-09 05:55:40 PM  
They say that I like Levi's and TShirts, easy things to wear in an active job that will last forever. My shirts tend to "say" funny shiat.

At least to me.

In the dark.

When we're alone...
2017-11-09 05:58:23 PM  
Comfort.  My clothes say comfort.

I have two pairs of shoes that are from the 90's:

1993 pair of running shoes, Adidas, those MFers have lasted forever, but are stinky and worn down
1994 pair of Doc's that I wear as the occasional dress shoe.  They are comfy to me.
I also have a pair of boots from the mid 90's, but I only wear those in the snow.

My stylish and good looking clothes were bought for me by my wife.  Otherwise I would look like a hobo.
2017-11-09 05:59:20 PM  
I'm wearing this jacket until it completely falls apart, which is probably next Tuesday.
2017-11-09 06:01:25 PM  
That I bought what was on sale and have been making it last as long as it can.

that and I prefer plaid to some other prints and patterns, when all of said above are on sale and the choices are limited.

jeans, forever. Unless it's a houserobe and pajamas.
2017-11-09 06:03:04 PM  
"I flunked out of girl school."

/gimme pockets and comfortable shoes
//haven't carried a purse in over 20 years
2017-11-09 06:05:16 PM  
Mine say I'm retired, done with trying to attract the opposite sex and like to be comfortable
2017-11-09 06:06:49 PM  
Jeans or shorts (cargo of course), either dark blue, black, grey or white. Some have logos or whatever some are blank. I only replace them when they get holes.

Underwear and socks are more colorful and do not necessarily get replaces because of a hole.

I have everyday shoes, work shoes, yard shoes and hiking boots

My wife asks me what I'm wearing and I say my uniform and she knows what to get.
2017-11-09 06:08:32 PM  
"He wears a lot of purple for a white guy."
2017-11-09 06:15:49 PM  

Streetwise Hercules: "He wears a lot of purple for a white guy."

That is...interesting.  Purple does seem to be a color that white guys tend to avoid.

However, I once knew a (white) guy who was farking obsessed with purple.  He always wore purple clothes, always used a purple pen to write with, and drove a deep purple Chevy Caprice (the early 1990's ones that look like whales when in cop colors).
2017-11-09 06:21:44 PM  
The red shirt lets everyone know I'm supposed to die first.
2017-11-09 06:28:07 PM  
They say that I'm cheap enough to outfit myself at thrift shops, except for the occasional sweater gift I receive.
2017-11-09 06:30:46 PM  
"I've given up."
2017-11-09 06:32:33 PM  

Geotpf: Streetwise Hercules: "He wears a lot of purple for a white guy."

That is...interesting.  Purple does seem to be a color that white guys tend to avoid.

However, I once knew a (white) guy who was farking obsessed with purple.  He always wore purple clothes, always used a purple pen to write with, and drove a deep purple Chevy Caprice (the early 1990's ones that look like whales when in cop colors).

That was just an irrelevant pop culture reference, but I do have some purple shirts now that I think about it. Years ago I had a pair of purple jeans, but I tore them up for a "scrawny Hulk" costume.
2017-11-09 06:39:36 PM  
Old enough to know better, but still not care.  Or possibly homeless. You decide.
2017-11-09 06:43:51 PM  
pbs.twimg.comView Full Size
2017-11-09 06:47:42 PM  
Going out on a limb here, how relatable would this be to the rest of you (males):

"I'd still be wearing the same socks and underwear from the 90s (or so) of it weren't for that woman i had met"
2017-11-09 07:47:30 PM  
"rates Comfort way above style"
2017-11-09 10:34:55 PM  
They say I found what I like and I'll never change. Dark blue jeans, white Ts, black and grey anything, solids only, no adornment.
2017-11-09 10:47:00 PM  
What's wrong with my Hypercolour shirt?  Other than the evidence that I've been groped that hangs around for a while.
2017-11-09 10:57:15 PM  
thehonestmommy.comView Full Size
2017-11-09 11:02:44 PM  
Jeans and shirts. Not so many t-shirts, since it's cold around here. Nothing too bright. Shirts don't say anything, but I do like flowers. And wool anything.

I finally have two pairs of Levis that fit me, and I'm so relieved. Now I don't have to think about what pants to put on every day.

/Three is too many, then you have to decide.
2017-11-09 11:23:08 PM  
funny-potato.comView Full Size
2017-11-09 11:30:23 PM  
When I'm at a customer I'm in a suit.  When I'm not, I'm in a Hawaiian shirt.  Keeps things simple.
2017-11-09 11:32:45 PM  
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2017-11-10 12:46:05 AM  
I'm currently the fattest I've ever been and stubbornly refuse to buy clothes for my current body beyond the absolute minimum. So I have one pair of jeans that fit well. And maybe 3 shirts that fit properly - that I only wear if I leave the house. I work from home so I only interact with other humans in person no more than a couple of times a week.

So I wash the jeans every couple of days, and wear shirts that are still comfortable but too tight to wear in public around the house.

This has been going on for the better part of a year now . . . I'm usually a bit of a clothes horse. But I'm definitely in a "fark it" mode right now.

Been seriously considering a jumpsuit and/or overalls for around the house wear.
2017-11-10 09:51:35 AM  
Really depends on the occasion and look I'm going for. I'm probably going to sound like the most vain person in this thread, but I like clothes. So, here goes:
-the dressed up; suit, black or gray, dress shirt, patterned but not flashy tie. Suits were tailor made in Thailand years ago on a trip. Need to update.
-the jeans and t-shirt; going out with the kids, things might get messy, long trip look
-the going to the mosque; all white. And I look better dressed than Lawrence of Arabia
-the family look; going out with the wife, respectable khakis, nice shirt. Might go back to suspenders if I ever beat the bulge
-smart casual; dress pants and really nice sweaters (thanks mom!)
-the watchalookinat; cargo shorts, or (God help me) cargo short overalls. I think my wife burned those. Used to have a chain wallet to go with that look when I used to skate a lot back in the late 90s
-sporty; sports clothes, with or without a bandana
-the sarong; lounging around the room in a hotel. Don't judge me. It's been too long

Like I said, I like clothes
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