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(Telegraph)   D-Day, according to British school kids: The day in 1899 that President Denzel Washington ordered Anne Frank's troops to invade Nazi-controlled New Zealand   ( telegraph.co.uk) divider line
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2004-06-02 06:40:51 PM  
Anyone remember "Hitler Blanks a Donkey"?
2004-06-02 06:42:05 PM  
What on earth do you expect from kids in the equivilent area of 5th - 7th grades!? All I remember from my elementary school history classes is learning over and over about Christopher Columbus and things up to the American Revolution.

Hell, we didn't study anything beyond the American Revolution until my Junior year of HS.

The US only has at most ~600 years of recorded history, the UK has a whole lot more than that, why is it so shocking that D-day would be a vague concept to these kids?

(Sure it is politcally incorrect to not acknowledge the Native American history in the ~600 year estimate, but they barely teach that in schools anyway!)
2004-06-02 06:42:12 PM  
Howard Zinn's "People's History of the US" did it for me, not because of his political incliniations but because he made history real -- he tells you what a loaf of bread cost in 1932, how people dressed, what they ate. He put the big events in the context of ordinary life, and I could imagine what it must have been like to live through them. Good book.
2004-06-02 06:42:12 PM  
George Washington ain't got shiat on me!
[image from tiramillas.net too old to be available]
2004-06-02 06:42:28 PM  
I wonder if they know about the Battle of the Bands where Mahatma Gandhi defeated the entire army of Switzerland, which was under the command of Alexander the Great, with a spork. Or that Hitler had been hatched from the METEOR of 1776, which was the direct cause of Lenin's fatal bungy jumping stint.

Though the most fascinating incident in history is when J.Lo and Mao started dating and Mao bought her the most beautiful tattoo ever.
2004-06-02 06:42:50 PM  
we really dont wanna see a survey of what american schoolchildren know about d-day

"thats the day when john wayne and tom hanks killed 9000 nazies single handed"
2004-06-02 06:43:01 PM  
Whoops, Godwins law. Thread's over I guess.
2004-06-02 06:43:49 PM  
plenty of Farkers in the WWII thread have problems understanding D-day and the role of the US in that war.

Including, I guess, the srub.
2004-06-02 06:45:00 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]

Yes even British student are dolts when it comes to history!

2004-06-02 06:48:10 PM  
In other words, USA please save our sorry European asses from ourselves -- again.

Yes, because it took the US 2 years to get into the war, and only did when attacked by JAPAN, during which time England held off Occupied Europe, won the Battle of Britain...While Prescott Bush opposed the Us getting involved in WWII.
2004-06-02 06:50:15 PM  
Anyone talking about the Russian contribution yet?
2004-06-02 06:55:19 PM  
"Anyone talking about the Russian contribution yet?"

Darned Russians know that if we hadn't stepped during the Korean War, they'd all be speaking Swahili ...
2004-06-02 06:56:31 PM  

and you people think BUSH is farked up?????


Good Point. When compared to ignorant 10 year olds, GW Bush can keep his head held high.
2004-06-02 06:57:14 PM  
Just for some interesting history, do a google on "operation mincemeat". Props to the UK for pulling it off.
2004-06-02 06:59:06 PM  
2004-06-02 07:00:24 PM  
Nice to know that British schools do just as crappy a job of educating students that American schools do.

Pretty much what I thought of it too. It was a good laugh.
2004-06-02 07:02:30 PM  
Did we all get logins for News Telegraph UK when setting up our Fark accounts?

Am I the only one who didnt get one?
2004-06-02 07:02:41 PM  

In the same vien as the article (but waaaay funnier!)

An extract:

"The once-mighty British Empire is in a "state of recline. Its colonies have slowly dribbled away leaving only the odd speck on the map." Chairman "Moo" has passed away, as has former President "Franklin Eleanor Roosavelt," and civil rights leader "Martin Luther Junior" was slain in the 1960s, shortly after making his famous "If I Had A Hammer" speech."

Buy the book!
2004-06-02 07:03:39 PM  
Party Boy - You mean those ravishing Russians?
2004-06-02 07:04:56 PM  
2004-06-02 07:07:00 PM  
Scrotar- yea thats them.
2004-06-02 07:08:51 PM  
This is OBVIOUSLY the fault of the US. Its unilateralism and cultural hegemony is wreaking havoc on the education systems of the rest of the world.

Notice you never saw stories like this before Dubya assumed residency.
2004-06-02 07:12:52 PM  
"One 10-year-old in a Northamptonshire school thought it was the day the 'Americans came to rescue the English'."

Riiiiiiight. We were there just for fun.

And to all you critics, we stayed out for two years because Congress had a bunch of pansey laws in effect that prevented involvement in foreign wars. Roosevelt had to fight Congress just to sell you guys weapons.
2004-06-02 07:13:51 PM  
Purple toupee?

[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]
2004-06-02 07:15:49 PM  
I think we can all agree that ten-year-olds are little shiats no matter where they're from!
2004-06-02 07:18:05 PM  
history is people, stories
the teachers need to get all into it and shiat, make it exciting
i had a teacher like that in 6th grade..i learned more from that class than any other teacher
2004-06-02 07:18:50 PM  
Nice troll, Mr.IF. Now go read a history book instead of a comic book.
2004-06-02 07:20:24 PM  
borden got there before me, but I was going to say "Let's all just say that school kids are dumb, and back in OUR day we actually had to learn something. Then we can all feel superior and go home, without slinging mud at other countries."
2004-06-02 07:20:29 PM  
This isn't because teachers make history boring, it's because schools are catering to caturwaling brats that are under the delusions that a) school is supposed to be fun and b) that they shouldn't have to learn anything that "they'll never use." This is why our scores in math, science, and history are so farking bad.

As adults, we've forgotten one of the basic rules of civilization: Kid's are dumber than a box of hammers. Hell, most people are dummer than a box of hammers until their about 28.

When some student tells you they'll never need that, what they aught to get is a whack on the ass. And whenever some teacher agrees with that, they aught to get one, too.
2004-06-02 07:22:54 PM  
Maybe the kids arn't stupid, maybe it's the questions they asked.

I mean, first a majority of British people thought that The Battle of Evermore was a real battle, now this.

Maybe they need better survey takers/test makers/whatever.


/is just saying!
2004-06-02 07:24:42 PM  
I disagree, maybe it's just my learning habits, but if history were more appealing then people would be more likely to want to study it. Every history teacher I ever had besides my 6th grade teacher was like listening to Ben Stine. Most of all they need to start teaching kids about business and finance from kindegarten instead of spawning this brainwashed socialist wage earner class that we have now
2004-06-02 07:24:51 PM  
I remember the year I went to camp,
Heard about some lady named Selma and some blacks,
Somebody put their fingers in the president's ears,
And it wasn't too much later they came out with Johnson's wax,
I remember the book depository where they crowned the king of Cuba,
That's all I can think of but I'm sure there's something else,
Way down inside me I can feel it coming back,
Purple toupee will show the way when summer brings you down....

etc etc etc

2004-06-02 07:26:31 PM  
The Brits like butter and mayo on their sarnies. Butter and mayo.

/It's just wrooooong.
2004-06-02 07:27:10 PM  
that's a bit like giving the seventh grade students in Ohio a survey on the Alamo, and then using the results to say that Texas students are smarter.

I was 13 before the history class was in my schedule and it started with 7th grade state history.

This is like many Americans thinking that Central America means Kansas, so don't go gettin all "I'm smarter then you are!" and don't forget it's just His Story.
2004-06-02 07:27:21 PM  
They really need start teaching kids more about history, and an unbiased balanced version.
Hitler, almost everyone that hears the name says he was bad/evil...blah blah blah.
He may be infamous, but all we ever hear is 6 of 9 million dead, holocaust.
Yes these events took place, and were heinous.
HOWEVER, what about his powerful speeches that roused a country back to its feet? Germany was at the brink of dissolving, the money was worthless and there were no jobs. Through his speeches he motivated a people and created an economy that drove technology and science to new heights and came closer to creating an empire and a one world government then most people imagine.
This was all done by a half Jewish Austrian who was an artist and vegetarian...who may never have killed anyone directly. Many of the great leaders of history were notorious for going about and killing as many people from a particular race/religion.
The Crusades were all about killing everything south of Constantinople ..err Istanbul (bah....ask the Turks) Muslims, Jews, Christians.....they didn't care.
WWII - when they stopped the formation of an empire, cool point in history.
Though I could not agree more Spin_Doc history channel and books are like crack for me.

Here is one for all the farkers in the states. In 1812 America invaded __________ and lost_____ times. Name the country and how many losses.
(please do not interpret what I have written as anything other then talking about history.Though undoubtedly there will be some jackass who will read the above and think I am some Neo-Nazi or crap like that. )
2004-06-02 07:29:50 PM  

Canada and several?
2004-06-02 07:29:55 PM  
Woot, CokedUpWerewolf!
2004-06-02 07:32:42 PM  
How many of thie kids do you think are just bull shiatting their way through the survey? I remember doing crap like that, especially when I knew it wouldn't count against me. I got extra credit for taking some spanish test one time that was multi-guess on a scantron and made designs. Not that I am proud of it or anything, I just didn't care cause it wasn't part of my grade.

Didn't we all have the teachers in school that never read your homework and gave you credit just for doing it? I had some good answers back in those days. I suspect the kids who are surveyed are probably doing it too.
2004-06-02 07:33:33 PM  
rowing still uses IE? Ha.

/Whats a popup?
/uses firefox
2004-06-02 07:38:59 PM  
Before you get yourself into a big worry over the state of education in Britain, ask yourself these questions:

1) What portion of the kids actually answered the survey to the best of their ability?

2) What portion of the kids just put down any bullshiat answer to get the damn thing done?
2004-06-02 07:41:45 PM  
A bit off topic, but meh.

I've always hated history class up until this year. From grades 4 through 10, we learned about ancient history. That's right. We'd learn the same damn thing every year. How frightfully boring. Interestingly enough, I haven't remembered jack squat about Egypt, or Greece, or Rome, or whatever else we learned about.

I'm rather enjoying my current history class (starting from the advent of civil rights, through WW1/WW2, and to the end of the Cold War). Most of the other students just don't seem to care, though. Perhaps I'm just a dork, or maybe the 6+ years of learning useless facts about people who have had no discernible cause-effect on modern times (Yes, things that happened in Greece god knows how long ago might be affecting me now, but Hitler's rise and fall from power certainly has more of a direct correlation) have jaded everyone else from caring.

History classes need to spend less time on ancient times and more time on what's happened over the last few centuries. I find it fairly depressing that I knew nothing about World War 1 and 2 until I was 16.
2004-06-02 07:46:14 PM  
"Time for the Mammoth hunt, dudes!"
2004-06-02 07:47:41 PM  
George vs. Denzel Washington? I can accept that; I often confuse Winston Churchill with Mr. Grainger
2004-06-02 07:52:11 PM  
Excellent. They're raising them to become good little conservatives. Soon we shall fill there empty heads with mindless

[image from cod.edu too old to be available]
2004-06-02 07:52:37 PM  
More proof that the hyper-liberal, PC, teacher's unions are pushing an agenda of uneducated America. Not that most teachers are really educated - most of them anymore are the products of that agenda and stupid to boot.

If you want your kids to get an education, it will not be through public schools.
2004-06-02 07:53:57 PM  
Denzel Washington had wooden nuts & George Washington was passenger #57 on the Titanic, dummies.
2004-06-02 07:55:07 PM  
I must admit I'm not that supprised by this, remember a lot of these kids grandparents are dead so there's no motivation to go find stuff out because no one left to tell the stories.

The main reason for this ingnorance is the change in the schooling, I left just as it was all changing.
When I was in my last school years we covered the entire 20th certury from the end of the industrial revolution (wish we did more on that, thank you discovery), WW1, the great depression WW2 all the cold war stuff, northern ireland (no falklands though thought that was odd) and lots of stuff in between. My sister who is 6 years younger and went to the same school covers womens vote and youth in america 1960-1970. Basicly pretty dull crap, pissed me off a bit actually when we have such a rich history in the uk and it's pretty much ignored for some PC hippy crap

/rant off
2004-06-02 07:57:12 PM  
/I was always farking shiate at english though
2004-06-02 07:58:33 PM  
Ok, as a graduate student (and TA) in history (i do ancient, but end up teaching all sorts of crap), I'd like to say a few things. First off, be wary of these silly surveys. Ever since people have tested kids on history, kids have given embarrasingly stupid answers. People were decrying lack of historical knowledge 100 years ago, and they will be in 100 years. Secondly, kids, even college kids, are dumb as shiat. (some of them), I had a student who once told me that the Crusades were about the English, who wanted to take the holy land back from the Jews. Finally, I apologize, on the behalf of the discipline for all of the terrible history teachers in the world. Hopefully I will not be one of them.
2004-06-02 07:59:05 PM  
TSD: Excellent. They're raising them to become good little conservatives. Soon we shall fill there empty heads with mindless

tee hee
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