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2017-11-03 04:06:46 PM  
Had this terrible boss in 2000, took the job due to a promise of a substantial raise after a year.  Year goes by, raise comes.  25 cents per hour.  Packed up my desk and walked a block to a competitor.  Total time of unemployment, about 6 minutes.

/Also reported him for underpaying overtime.  Cost him thousands.
2017-11-03 04:52:49 PM  
Just stopped going. I called in 2 weeks worth of substitutes while I drafted my resignation and packed my shiat. I had the principal from hell and decided to walk out on my contract. That was in September, about 5 weeks into the school year and I was the first. By Thanksgiving, almost 20 had walked out.

It was a house of nightmares. Every substitute in the district had been called in full time to just our school. It was bad for the kids, but what they were doing to us was hell on earth. Just over the 4-day Thanksgiving break, four teachers called in "resigned" on Monday. By the beginning of the spring semester, the board told my principal to resign voluntariy or they would spend every cent they needed to get rid of her in court. As far as I know, she's not held another admin job. Thank god, because they're harder to get rid of than termites and cockroaches.
2017-11-03 06:05:20 PM  
After they tossed all of engineering and production, but kept sales and marketing, I walked into a sales meeting, threw my badge on the table and said, "You people are idiots.  I'm outta here."
2017-11-03 06:32:47 PM  
Shouting match when they demanded I stay past my notice period.

To be fair, I was open to the idea if they were going to compensate me. Then they said it would be at my normal rate (which was less than the new job) and that I should be thankful for that.

/whole office heard
2017-11-03 07:16:23 PM  
On my last day, I deleted the social media account of a well-know politician. He should have already been cancelled for terms violations. A real angry, misogynistic, abusive, philandering, lying blowhard.

But they noticed.

I'm going to put this on my resume.
2017-11-03 07:27:23 PM  
Not exactly "Fark this job" spectacular, but amusing. The college I was working for was going through serious hard times and laid off ~20% of their staff.  My position went, but I didn't- they had an open position so they could keep me, even if it wasn't what I wanted.

Pretty much everyone there had been sending out resumes for months- I got a call the day after I started new bad job from my current position, which had more responsibility, better pay, better benefits, etc.  I stuck around for a coupe of weeks in stealth mode to burn vacation time and do house hunting things..

During that time, both my boss and the head network guy turned in their notices as well. They were still working out their two weeks when I told my boss about leaving, who called the department together.  By total accident boss, network guy and me ended up sitting next to each other at one side of the table.

We didn't even say anything before people started congratulating me.
2017-11-03 07:55:07 PM  
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am no loner
employed by you
2017-11-03 07:57:32 PM  
You need to understand the mentality of English football fans with respect to local rivalry to fully understand this, but a long, long time ago, my mate Ray asked his boss for the afternoon off. His boss asked him why, and Ray said that he wanted to go to Old Trafford to see our local team, Derby County, play in a cup match. His boss refused the request, and they had an almighty row.

"You think more of Derby County than you do of working here" said the boss.
"I think more of Nottingham Forest than I do of working here" said Ray, and walked out, never to return.
2017-11-03 07:58:35 PM  
I had a co-worker at an auto center who re-wrote order sheets to steal my commissions and interrupted my conversations with customers to try and make it look like I was cheating them when he was the one selling unnecessary stuff.  The company wouldn't take action so I waited until the sales floor was swimming with people who needed service and once he weaseled his way into a conversation, I grabbed my stuff and walked out.  If they hadn't gone out of business, he'd still be there trying to handle the crowds.
2017-11-03 08:27:26 PM  
St. Patrick's Day 1990, I was the lone bartender in a busy bar/restaurant.
The owner, Bob, was a drunken, obnoxious bastard whose head looked like a cabbage with eyebrows.
I was at the sink trying to catch up on glassware, when unbeknownst to me, Bob set his unfinished drink down next to the dirty glasses.
I dumped it, and washed it with the rest of the glasses, thinking it was abandoned.
Well, Bob threw a fit, and started berating me in front of a full bar.
"How the hell am I supposed to make any money when I've got some jackoff like you pouring good booze down the drain" he said.
I reached in my pocket, took the key to the bar off of my key ring, laid it on the bar, and said "Fark you cabbagehead, you're on you own" before walking out.
2017-11-03 08:27:54 PM  
Not me, but my younger brother...The two of us worked in a restaurant that was essentially an upscale sandwich and burger joint. I was a waitress, he was the fountain and salad guy who worked in the kitchen. This restaurant also had its own bakery attached, and I have to say, the baked goods were outstanding - and verrry pricey. One extremely busy night, the kitchen was overwhelmed and the manager was irate. He was screaming at everyone, particularly my brother, who was just a sophomore in high school at the time. Now, my brother is a real gentle giant...he's 6'7" and very funny and sweet, and was even more so as a teenager. The manager, who was a short man in his 60s, got in my brother's face and told him he was a "farking asshole" for making a mistake on an order. Unfortunately for him, my brother was holding two enormous milkshakes at the time. After he finished pouring the milkshakes over the manager's head, my brother went downstairs where about 30 very expensive cheesecakes had just come out of the over and calmly poked his index finger into each and every one.
2017-11-03 08:30:53 PM  
Worked fast food. Worked the evening shift. When I left I changed the sign out front to "Bite Me [Manager]"
2017-11-03 09:00:15 PM  
I switched the Coke and Launch buttons around.
2017-11-03 09:50:23 PM  
Not a great one but I talked my boss into sending me to NYC for training for a week. Wife came with. I skipped the training and quit when we got back.
2017-11-03 10:08:08 PM  
Loaded up a cardboard box with my things and marched out the front door.
And I kept the box!
2017-11-03 10:15:42 PM  

fluffy_pope: I switched the Coke and Launch buttons around.

So, come 12 o'clock when people pushed the button for their "lunch", they actually got something?
2017-11-03 10:30:08 PM  

Billy Liar: fluffy_pope: I switched the Coke and Launch buttons around.

So, come 12 o'clock when people pushed the button for their "lunch", they actually got something?

they got a cave-in.
2017-11-03 10:31:17 PM  

Billy Liar: Loaded up a cardboard box with my things and marched out the front door.
And I kept the box!

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2017-11-04 01:30:45 AM  
I had three weeks of sick leave, and two weeks of holidays up my sleeve. This is Australia, so it was all at full pay, plus the 17% "leave loading" we had back then.

I was fed up with my immediate supervisor, who had a business degree, but no farking clue how to run an IT department. The next dickhead up the chain was also a dickhead. Did I say dickhead twice?

I went to see my doctor, and told him I was starting to feel depressed, and I had chosen to leave. Would he write me a letter for three weeks of sick leave? He would, and he did.

I then booked my two weeks of holiday. On the last day, I walked out. Two weeks later, I came back on the weekend (I had an entry key good for 24x7 access), removed the last of my personal stuff, left my phone, access key, resignation letter and sick leave certificate on the desk of the dickhead's boss. Said letter detailed the various technical and administrative failings of the two idiots between he and me.

I got a phone call at home on the following monday from the dickhead's boss, expressing regret and "why didn't you tell me this before?"

I also got a phone call from the departmental head, saying the same thing - at least she wished me good luck.

The dickhead was later "named" in an audit report - which is one step away from referral to the public prosecutor. He hasn't worked at that level since.
2017-11-04 11:33:05 AM  
So, I was working on a contracting gig for a (now-defunct) bank, rewriting their old software to deal with possible Y2K issues prior to, well, Y2K. I'm the lead dev, working for a team leader, who in turn reports to a manager. The gig was great - solid dev team, good managers, right direction - and they liked me so much that they went to bat for me to up my rate with my agency. (No, really - it was a surreal conversation.) I'd work for both team leader & manager again, happily.

Then, there was a reorg. We're five months into this year-long gig, when a new group manager was installed - and this guy was an asshole. In his first group meeting, in which we were all invited, contractors and FTEs alike, he explained that his primary goal was to fire each and every contractor that was "sucking money from this company like a vampire." He turned the parking lot for the building into paid parking, giving managers free spots, employees cheap spots, and everyone else had to pay through the nose. He started firing contractors left and right, often manufacturing excuses in order to break their contracts.

I made the mistake of showing up late and, after paying to park, parking in a manager's spot. When I told another employee that no, I'm not moving my car right now because I have to attend my team meeting, I was called in later that day to this asshole's office, where he basically said "if you want to keep your contract, you must write an apology and read it aloud to the entire group at the next group meeting."

I looked at my manager, who looked at me and went, "...oh, man...", and looked at this guy and said, for the first time ever to an employer, "How about you go fark yourself? I quit." This guy gets up to yell, but I don't bother waiting for his pointless farking reply as I walk out of the meeting room. My manager's trying to chase me down as I stomp back to my desk, begging me to reconsider - my team leader asks my manager what's going on, and while they get into an argument, I finish packing and leave.

The new asshole doesn't last six months. The bank doesn't last the year - Washington Mutual no longer exists, after getting their call center flawlessly through Y2K.
2017-11-04 11:39:45 AM  
Technically, WaMu lasted several years after Y2K, but they were dead long before the big run on them...
2017-11-04 05:57:21 PM  
I had worked at a screenprinting shop for a few years when the maintenance guy moved away. Management started training two of us to replace him, since they planned on adding a night shift in the near future. The other candidate was a meth-head since the 60s, but had worked at the company years longer than I had. He was "competetive" about the position in a weird passive-aggressive way.

After a couple months of playing us off each other, I got a call at work one day from my roommate, who worked making industrial-sized stainless steel beer and wine systems. His assistant had walked off the job (because my roommate was a nutjob) and his bosses were offering me the position, sight unseen. My starting wage would be the same as what I was making at the screenprinting shop after several raises. Since I had worked there for years, and was trying to finish college, I thought it would look better on my resume to have worked at one job for several years instead of several jobs.

Anyway, I went to talk to my supervisor and told him about my new job offer, but also told him I was interested in staying on there if I had the maintenance position. He was a typical Middle Management type, whose father owned the company. He said, "Well, we want to look at at where we are in a couple months, and evaluate our needs, blah blah blah... I'm a weaselly blame-shifter incapable of making a decision!"

So I pulled a quarter out of my pocket, flipped it in the air, caught it, and looked at the coin with deliberation. I said, "I'm putting in my two week's notice." The look on his face was priceless.

But the new job didn't work out since I was working directly with my nutty roommate. The reason his other assistants had all walked out was because he was afraid he would get fired if anybody else knew how to do his job. I was his first assistant that lasted longer than a week. After about two months I not only quit my new job, but moved out as well.

About a week later I got a call from my old job, asking if I wanted to be the new Assistant Night Shift Supervisor, with a raise.
2017-11-04 07:12:00 PM  
I've left most jobs in my life by simply handing the boss a reaignation letter without any drama, name calling or otherwise.

I've walked out once but a VP begged me to stay and said he'd replace my manager.  And he did.  That guy was just pure evil and enjoyed his reputation.  He was called a transmogrification of Musolini's name that sort of matched his name and he farking loved it.  Ex cop and even his fellow officers thought he was a dick.

Last year I told my boss I had a job offer with a 30% salary increase.  My company, which rarely counters, countered with $2k less than the new joint.  I would have lost 3 weeks of vacation and the new joint wouldn't budge so I stayed.
2017-11-04 07:42:32 PM  
I understand it's customary in this industry to give two days notice upon leaving. So consider this my notice. I'm leaving TO DAY, fark you very much.
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