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(BBC)   Nokia unveils mid-air text messaging (with pic)   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2004-06-02 08:47:30 AM  
i'm sure this will end up being helpful only to perverts and terrorists in the long run.
2004-06-02 09:07:13 AM  
Wow! That's pretty farking worthless!
2004-06-02 09:15:13 AM  
I'm still waiting for the "10-in-1" thingy just like in the Johnson Smith & Co catalog. You know, magnifying glass, pencil sharpener, etc?
2004-06-02 09:23:45 AM  
Thats farking hot shiat. I want one.

/Gadget geek
2004-06-02 09:23:59 AM  
Worthless? maybe. Cool? yeah.
2004-06-02 09:45:11 AM  
I'm with newmoonpuppyhead on this one. Perhaps worthless, but still looks cool, at least in theory.

That is, until I have to see high school kids waving them everywhere when they're sitting talking distance from one another. Then I'll have to head-slap them.
2004-06-02 10:35:58 AM  
If I had a dollar for every useless but cool gadget I've bought over the years, I could buy more useless but cool gadgets. Like that thing.
2004-06-02 10:48:42 AM  
this is a repetative stress injury waiting to happen.
2004-06-02 11:21:16 AM  
it'd be good for requesting encore songs.

20,000 LED images of "freebird" might get really annoying though.
2004-06-02 11:53:36 AM  
They act as if it displays messages onto thin air. It doesn't work unless you wave it around at exactly the right speed. This is not a toy for the easily embarassed.
2004-06-02 12:07:30 PM  
Bah humbug, Picasso did this years ago for "Life" magazine.

I've developed a pocket laser that allows you to etch short text messages on your loved one's foreheads. Onward, towards PROGRESS!
2004-06-02 01:35:30 PM  
2004-06-02 01:35:34 PM  
How long do you think it'll take for the advertising industry to pick up on this little gimmick? That's gonna suck...
2004-06-02 01:36:21 PM  
"fark OFF"

will be very popular I'm sure.
2004-06-02 01:37:48 PM  
That's pretty damned cool.
2004-06-02 01:37:48 PM  
Besides toys for geeks/raver kids, how useful is this?

Honestly, if another person can see it, They're close enough to talk too, or text message, or moon.
2004-06-02 01:38:27 PM  
Worthless? No. Seldom used? Probably.

WasabiChimera: If this is a repetative stress injury waiting to happen why arn't there emergency rooms filled with horny 14 yr olds?
2004-06-02 01:38:29 PM  
2004-06-02 01:38:33 PM  
2004-06-02 01:38:36 PM  
Another useless device added to an already annoying product. Like the guy in the commercial with a cheese grater.

/Sorry I watch too much TV
2004-06-02 01:38:40 PM  
umm... why is this news?
2004-06-02 01:39:08 PM  
Imagine this, you're in a club. the lights are low. you see this hot chick by the bar... you get up, and swagger over, giving her your best sexy glance. and the waves her cell phone through the air...

2004-06-02 01:39:31 PM  
On the lighter side, there won't be such a long line to use the 'bat signal.'
2004-06-02 01:39:42 PM  
They got right the first two letters of the word most likely to be spelled out in the air.
2004-06-02 01:40:08 PM  
I can just imagine flashing "STFU" to some obnoxious jabbering dolt in a movie theater. Wait, then I would be an obnoxious dolt myself.
2004-06-02 01:40:16 PM  
jnash: umm... why is this news?


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2004-06-02 01:40:31 PM  
2004-06-02 01:40:45 PM  
I would like to get one just so I can wave it at people driving while talking on cell phones:

2004-06-02 01:40:57 PM  
Oh, Jeez. I can't wait for these things to start showing up everywhere. Just when you thought cell phones could not possibly get any more annoying, this comes along.

How are they going to make them even worse for the next version? I suppose next year the phones will shoot oil onto your clothes and have a case made from stinging nettles.
2004-06-02 01:41:10 PM  
It's amazing how cell phone companies have managed to convince people they need the most worthless things included in their cell phones.

Games that suck more than any 1st generation GameBoy game? You need them!

Cameras that suck, have no flash, and are under 1 megapixel? You need it in your camera!

A messaging wand that was a pretty neat idea in the 1982 Sears Catalog? WTF?
2004-06-02 01:41:31 PM  
Very usefull indeed!

I can see the Mardi Gras aplications now.

Messages will have to be even more terse than the hugely popular text messages because the air texting system can only handle a maximum of 15 characters.

SHOW YOUR TITS = 15 characters exactly

I'm sure that somewhere in the design phase this phrase was addressed. Kudos to Nokia.
2004-06-02 01:42:05 PM  
For about 3 months your commutes on public transport will be hell, then this will die away.

Nokia has already dropped from a 35 to 29 percent market share. Not sure this will help in the long run.
2004-06-02 01:42:07 PM  
Still.... No Cure for Cancer, but at least we can write about in the air.
2004-06-02 01:42:24 PM  
The clip-on cover is sold separately to the 3220 phone.

Why would you sell something to a phone?
2004-06-02 01:42:44 PM  
can't wait for things like "8=====D"

/so far the future sucks
2004-06-02 01:42:49 PM  
/can't wait to wave "Move the FARK out of my way" to the slow-ass drivers in front of me...
2004-06-02 01:43:05 PM  
Yah, i agree with The_Pink_Pimp
I would only use it for b_o_o_b_i_e_s
2004-06-02 01:43:15 PM  
"Key to the air texting system is the motion sensor which works out when the phone is being shaken and illuminates the LEDs in the correct sequence."

great device for people with Parkinson's.
2004-06-02 01:43:52 PM  
2004-06-02 01:43:55 PM  
Ok so its only 14 characters... but what the heck...

Kudos to Nokia for "SHOW YOUR TITS" capability.
2004-06-02 01:43:59 PM  
That would make you a big, fat hypocrite, now wouldn't it? Unless you were hypothetically standing on the sidewalk waving it or something... :p
2004-06-02 01:44:31 PM  
In all fairness, the Europeans are going to gobble this one whole in their love affair with texting.
2004-06-02 01:44:39 PM  

Another reason not to go out to the movies. Bunch of teenage farkwads are going to be annoying the crap out of people with this.

/hates laser pens
2004-06-02 01:44:46 PM  
Now we can have cellphone raves.
2004-06-02 01:44:49 PM  
>>> WHAT
>>> EVER
2004-06-02 01:45:51 PM  
Just when I thought cell phones could get more annoying. A break through in pest tech. Thanks alot...cancer cured yet?
2004-06-02 01:45:54 PM  

They act as if it displays messages onto thin air. It doesn't work unless you wave it around at exactly the right speed.

they solved it in the article:

Key to the air texting system is the motion sensor which works out when the phone is being shaken and illuminates the LEDs in the correct sequence.
2004-06-02 01:46:03 PM  
Wow, you guys are so angry.. geez.. It's Wednesday! Relax! Have fun.
2004-06-02 01:46:07 PM  
I'll use it to make sure everyone knows "I'M NOT WEARING PANTIES"
2004-06-02 01:46:37 PM  
I can see Mom's everywhere saying "No"....I magine the damage you could do with that thing. I'm gonna make a movie about it starring other people's reactions to things I type. I mean, Tom Green got rich.......
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