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(Yahoo)   RNC unveils "Kerryopoly," satirizing John Kerry's wealth   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2004-06-02 07:49:13 AM  
Nuke Laloosh:

if being rich is inherently wrong...then FDR probably doesn't have the credentials to connect with the nation's poor and middle class, nor pull this country out of depression!

People aren't saying that. Well... some people are, but they are either jealous of the wealth or socialists so their opinions don't matter.

I would say that wealthy people are better leaders. They are doing all right for themselves, they could probably run a country. Better than poor people at least. Poor people can't run their own lives. Poor people would take greater advantage of their position than wealthy people because there is more that they can take.
2004-06-02 07:50:02 AM  
Flipper the Dolphin

so should they have 800 squares for the other soldiers? oh one for berg too
2004-06-02 07:51:10 AM  
People are asking how can you make fun of Kerry's money???


'Shrek 2' made over $120 million during its first week. In a related story, John Kerry asked Shrek to marry him."
Conan O'Brien

"Lot of people wondering if John Kerry supports gay marriages. Here's a hint ... he gets $1,000 haircuts."
Craig Kilborn

"President Bush listed his income as $822,000. You know what John Kerry calls someone who earns $822,000? Not even worth dating."
Jay Leno

"They say John Kerry is the first Democratic presidential candidate in history to raise $50 million in a three-month period. Actually, that's nothing. He once raised $500 million with two words: 'I do.'"
Jay Leno

"Today, John Kerry announced a fool-proof plan to wipe out the $500B deficit. John Kerry has a plan, he's going to put it on his wife's Gold Card."
Craig Kilborn

"John Kerry is busy trying to raise money right now for his campaign. It was reported today that Kerry's hoping to raise $80 million before the Democratic convention. That's a lot of money. Yeah, Kerry has two ways to raise the $80 million: soliciting Democratic donors and going through his wife's purse."
Conan O'Brien

"Kerry has already begun his search for a running mate. They say that because John Edwards still has $50 million in campaign money, Kerry might pick him. Pick him? Hey, for $50 million, Kerry will marry him."
Jay Leno

"They had a profile of John Kerry on the news and they said his first wife was worth around $300 million and his second wife, his current wife, is worth around $700 million. So when John Kerry says he's going after the wealthy in this country, he's not just talking. He's doing it!"
Jay Leno

"During the Democratic presidential debate Howard Dean started off by apologizing to the crowd for having a cold. Then John Kerry apologized for once having a cold while serving his country in Vietnam."
Conan O'Brien

/Oops. That last joke didn't belong.
2004-06-02 07:53:25 AM  
Now that rich=bad according to the RNC, Bush has revamped his image:

[image from hysterics.art.pl too old to be available]

A true man of the people. Like a homeless Jesus.
2004-06-02 07:53:34 AM  
Flipper the Dolphin

you are either being paid to post here, and are going to continue to ignore that each and every one of your posts can be turned back on bush with more hostility, or you must be deluded
2004-06-02 07:53:36 AM  
I'm really getting tired of the farking Republicans harping on this. I mean, a rich presidential candidate? WHAAAAAAT!?

George W. Bush? Rich.
Bill Clinton? Rich.
George Bush Sr.? Rich.
Ronald Reagan? Rich.

...notice a pattern forming? Well, it goes on for quite some time.

The only thing the RNC is proving is that it's swarming with hypocricy. Think the voters will notice? I hope so!
2004-06-02 07:53:48 AM  
No Iraqopoly? The Chance cards would be a lot of fun.
2004-06-02 07:55:11 AM  
the important thing to keep in mind is that republicans are slimeballs who wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face.
2004-06-02 07:55:22 AM  
This whole "wealthy people are evil" thing is only a ploy to seduce the "common" man to vote for them. Every Joe Poorman is upset that they work 40 hours a week to make next to nothing while some rich guy does a few hours of work per week (in their eyes) and is rich. Of course, the rich guy doesn't work at Walmart, and does work more than a few hours a week.

Nevertheless, the common man sees some bloke speaking out against the problems of plutocracy. He likes that. Doesn't matter that the person speaking out is equally wealthy. He's against rich people running things. So why not put him in power? He will fix things.
2004-06-02 07:57:34 AM  

the important thing to keep in mind is that republicans are slimeballs who wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face.

the important thing to keep in mind is that there is no real diffence between republicans and democrats when comes to character or reasons for desiring power.
2004-06-02 07:58:13 AM  

Read the jokes.
Enjoy yourself, have fun.

If you can't have fun on your own, then login to democraticunderground and get your orders for the day. Today's "Art of Denial" should warm your little liberal brain.
2004-06-02 07:58:31 AM  
2004-06-02 07:49:13 AM theflyingdutchman

"I would say that wealthy people are better leaders. They are doing all right for themselves, they could probably run a country. Better than poor people at least. Poor people can't run their own lives. Poor people would take greater advantage of their position than wealthy people because there is more that they can take."

You think Paris Hilton would be a better leader than you? Your last sentence applies to both rich and poor people, BTW.
2004-06-02 07:59:59 AM  
I was just checking the GOP.com website's photoalbum, and they have a section called "GOP Outreach Photos" with has categories like Catholic, Women, Hispanic, African-American, etc.

So I check the African-American one and there's a picture of Bush with Condi Rice. I check the Women one and there's a picture of Bush with his wife, Laura! Maybe I'm just tired, but isn't that kind of funny?
2004-06-02 08:00:19 AM  
fisherman62: Still not an accurate statement. More like this.

"The important thing to keep in mind is that politicians are lying liars that will lie until it's the truth."
2004-06-02 08:01:12 AM  
The difference between Republicans and Democrats: when Democrats are in power, they give their friends jobs. When Republicans are in power, they give their friends money.
2004-06-02 08:01:29 AM  
George W. Bush? Rich.
Bill Clinton? Rich.
George Bush Sr.? Rich.
Ronald Reagan? Rich.

Kerry has married more money than all 4 of those have and will ever achieve - emphasis on the word "married"
2004-06-02 08:02:10 AM  
Lalala: Are there any photos of the President using his outreach wisdom with Iraq? I imagine that's a picture of a missle pointed at Iraq.
2004-06-02 08:02:29 AM  
it's silly to say there is no difference between republicans and democrats.

democrats are sentient beings.

the only thing republicans are good for is hawking a loogie on them, or slapping them around for kicks.
2004-06-02 08:03:26 AM  
Fisherman! That's hate speech!
2004-06-02 08:03:30 AM  
Thank you, Flipper, for proof that the media is not as liberal as they say it is.
2004-06-02 08:03:33 AM  
The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn.
The Republicans are the party that says government doesnt work and then they get elected and prove it.
- P.J. ORourke

/Hey, you gotta learn to laugh at yourself.
2004-06-02 08:04:04 AM  
is that the best they've got? you can almost hear the clickety-clack of the keyboards as those white house staffers' resumes get updated...
2004-06-02 08:05:07 AM  

Those people are not the liberal media.
They are late night talk show hosts.

If you are going to be so stupid as to think that a small collection of jokes proves there is no liberal media, then you are hopeless.
2004-06-02 08:05:31 AM  
Flipper the Dolphin

keep going buddy, you are the most tired of all the trolls on here, more power to you
2004-06-02 08:06:16 AM  
the media tends to be liberal because republicans can't farking read.

it's on account of the generations of inbreeding.
2004-06-02 08:07:30 AM  

Why the immature antics? You aren't a very good salesman for your precious democrats. If I want to act like a 5 year old and put boogers on girls' heads, I'll join the DNC.
2004-06-02 08:08:01 AM  
Aren't Flipper the Dolphin, Kerrykabob, and ChelseaClintonissomethingsomethingsomething the same person? Honestly, do they show up in the same thread at the same time?
2004-06-02 08:08:33 AM  

LOL, obviously your definition of troll is someone who disagrees with you.

Sorry Mein Herr Obersturmfuehrer but if you don't want disagreement, you should to to democraticunderground or Daily Kos. They are... interesting. In a weird bizarro-world way.
2004-06-02 08:10:41 AM  
[late night talk show hosts] are not the liberal media.

Then who is the liberal media?

The conservative corporations that own the networks?
The network news anchors paid by the conservative corporations that own the networks?
The conservative corporations that pay the networks millions of dollars for ad time?
2004-06-02 08:11:00 AM  
2004-06-02 08:11:21 AM  
[image from politicalhumor.about.com too old to be available]

Gotta run.
Have fun complaining.
2004-06-02 08:12:33 AM  
My new fark handle is "obviouslypartisonattemptattrolling"
2004-06-02 08:13:30 AM  
The RNC is full of idiots.

Kerry scenario: Marry a rich chick. Repeat.
Republican scenario: Ditch your soul. Be a nepotistic, exclusionary greedy bastard. Suck up to powerful rich people to pass laws that pee on poor folks. Never admit fault.

Honestly, that's correct. I'm much more likely to sell my soul to make money than I am to marry a rich girl...
2004-06-02 08:14:37 AM  
barjockey these people who argue with and try to reason with republicans are fools.

it's like trying to reason with a cockroach. you don't reason with the farker, you stomp on it. no amount of debate will ever result in a republican recognizing the truth or for that matter making a statement that lends credence to his being a sentient creature.
2004-06-02 08:14:51 AM  
When will we be able to put the myth of the liberal media to rest? In the last election 57% of the country's newspapers endorsed Bush. 57%! How liberal is that? The media's editorial opinion tends to be conservative, a few big papers like the NY Times to the contrary. Individual reporters tend to be socially liberal and economically conservative. Their reporting is or should be completely unbiased. Of all the big news outlets only Fox News has a blatantly conservative slant, despite claims of being "fair and balanced." The media gets slapped with the liberal label for daring to report the bad news along with the good. Liberal? That's their job.
2004-06-02 08:15:32 AM  

You think Paris Hilton would be a better leader than you? Your last sentence applies to both rich and poor people, BTW.

Paris Hilton is a special case (there are a bunch) as she has people that keep her rich. I should have wrote rich people who make/keep themselves wealthy. They can have help, but it does take some skill not to blow your money on magic beans when you really don't see in end (to your money).

I say that poor people make poor leaders because most poor people can't handle wealth or power. Just look at what happens when poor folk come into money (usually by lottery winnings). They fritter it all away.

The last part is more that there is a lot more than poor people can abuse because they have less so they need to take more to get it. For someone like Paris Hilton, there really isn't have all that much that she could take through nefarious actions. For a poor person, there's a shiatload more opportunity, and they are more likely to make the attempt because there is less to lose.
2004-06-02 08:17:20 AM  
deadparrot: I've heard this "conservative owned media" parried about before. Who other than Rupert Murdoch is a known player in this so called conservative owned media?

Sumner Redstone(Viacom) - Democrat, liberal
Ted Turner(Time Warner) - Democrat, Liberal
Steve Case(Time Warner) - Democrat, liberal
Barry Diller(Universal) - Democrat, liberal
2004-06-02 08:18:54 AM  
Teh REAL democrat war heroes:

[image from peacecouncil.net too old to be available]
2004-06-02 08:20:02 AM  
ah, I see the boys from the south are up early today, hawking away for Bush....
2004-06-02 08:22:48 AM  
Seeing the left wingers here try and line up behind someone like Kerry.....now that's rich...
2004-06-02 08:24:48 AM  
Oh no! John Kerry's rich!?!?!?!

I'm glad we have middle-class heroes like George W. Bush, Bill Frist, and Dick Cheney in charge!

/more Republican Kool-Aid please!
2004-06-02 08:24:55 AM  
"The media gets slapped with the liberal label for daring to report the bad news along with the good."

I'm loving all that "good news" the media reports out of Iraq. Wait a minute, they aren't reporting any good news. Does that mean there is no good news coming out of Iraq? What a bunch of daredevils our media has become.
2004-06-02 08:26:39 AM  
Kerry was wealthy and married and got more wealthy.

Bush worked hard long hours at the sno-ball one summer way back and saved up all of his money to buy the Texas Rangers. Bush is everyman.

2004-06-02 08:26:40 AM  

Well damn - give us some of your "truth" instead of talking about cockroaches, loogies, and slimeballs. Again, you are not making any kind of relevant argument nor do you seem to attempt to demonstrate any corroboration to your accusations.

The truth, as you call it, is that all politicians want to screw you out of your money. If you trust the democrats as much as you seem to, then you have already lost. You've ate out of their hand so long that you have become domesticated toward them and they can trust you to shutup and be a silent loyal subject for the rest of your life. Republicans are very similar as far as wanting your money. And they are certainly no worse than the democrats. In America, we have a two party system, and it sucks. It leaves no gray area for people to decide. Everything is with us or against us. You need to familiarize yoourself with modern American politics a little more, I believe.
2004-06-02 08:26:52 AM  
Remember, Democrats: This is just as much your fault. If you hadn't nominated an unelectable tool like Kerry, we wouldn't be facing another 4 years of Bush hell. You reap what you sow.
2004-06-02 08:26:59 AM  
2004-06-02 08:27:01 AM  

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary?
2004-06-02 08:28:56 AM  
BTW: Not voting for either out-of-touch idiot -- Kerry or Bush. I'm voting for the broke Libertarian nominee.
2004-06-02 08:30:40 AM  
maffick: Quit whining. fisherman62 has been asking for it repeatedly in this post. Stooges for political parties deserved to be smacked down.
2004-06-02 08:32:48 AM  
setaanbomb:Stooges for political parties deserved to be smacked down.

Such a good comment, it merits repeating ...
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