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(International Herald Tribune)   Geniuses in US intelligence conclude terrorism now bigger threat than nuclear missile attack   ( iht.com) divider line
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2002-01-12 10:16:06 AM  
Figures. Like the weather guy looking out the window, seeing rain, states, "100% chance of rain today..."
2002-01-12 10:18:25 AM  
Someone needs to design a 'No SHIAT, Captain Obvious?' banner
2002-01-12 10:21:06 AM  
"Also, nontraditional weapons "would avoid missile defenses," if the United States had any."

MMmm... I remember when all I was worried about was the "traditional" tactical nuclear strike. Times were much simpler back then...
2002-01-12 10:36:41 AM  
*Whew*, what a relief.
2002-01-12 10:45:56 AM  
Aarons, anyone attacking the US wouldn't be sending a "tactical strike" persay. They would be sending a "we're farking idiots so we think we'll lob some missles at the US" strike.
2002-01-12 10:47:57 AM  
The first rule of the nuclear arms race is that you DO NOT TALK about the nuclear arms race.
2002-01-12 11:06:05 AM  
No shiat, Sherlock...

In other news, there is a greater chance my cat will meow rather than bark...
2002-01-12 01:10:28 PM  
Just another reason backing up our need for our missle defense shield.

/cynicism off
2002-01-12 01:20:31 PM  
"Army Intelligence" == oxymoron. Any questions?
2002-01-12 01:39:13 PM  
Statusquo- No, they would more likely be sending a "truck with a small nuclear weapon in it, rendering the MDS totally useless" kind of attack. ICBMs are too expensive anyway
2002-01-12 01:44:30 PM  
<sarcasm> Really?! </sarcasm>
2002-01-12 01:54:23 PM  
to elaborate on yet oppose Playa hatah's point, a truck with a nuclear weapon could be concievably stopped and searched, while an ICBM (as it stands) cannot be interdicted. Plus, as terrorism is in some sense psychological, ICBM attack might be more attractive as it would shake us up more.
2002-01-12 04:12:42 PM  
China seems to still think ICBMs are worth building in increasing quanities. Any country that has more political power in its military than in its totalitarian dictatorship government scares the shiat out of me, so I don't think we should completly ignore the idea of ICBMs either.
2002-01-12 05:28:16 PM  
whut about nuclear terrorism. uh uh
2002-01-12 06:20:37 PM  
2002-01-12 06:38:35 PM  
Good thing Bushie is testing nuclear weapons again, eh?
2002-01-12 07:22:52 PM  
"China seems to still think ICBMs are worth building..."

When you say China don't you mean Bush?

China still thinks mass produced consumer goods off middling quality are woth building.
2002-01-12 07:24:55 PM  
I want an edit button! :(
2002-01-12 07:40:46 PM  
Military Intelligence is to intelligence what Military music is to music.

In other words, it's not what we would consider intelligent
2002-01-12 07:52:11 PM  
Intelligence gathering is a difficult, time-consuming process. I think it's miraculous when any accurate information is gleaned, processed, and utilized in a timely manner. Unfortunately, most successful missions conducted due to the acquisition of good intel can never be publicized to prove that the system occasionally works.

Just sit tight and let people do their jobs.
2002-01-12 08:28:23 PM  
Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?
2002-01-12 09:46:39 PM  
ZKmYou are lucky with your current president, 2 days ago Bush said he would store 4500 nuclear weapons instead of destroying them, to save them for unforeseen circumstances.

This kills another treaty with Russia ofcourse, so they will leave more weapons as well, but who cares...

And as for viewing China as a threat, I think you are wrong, China is mostly interested in regional affairs, they will not harm the US unless the US attacks China.
2002-01-13 12:15:41 AM  
Allright, who put Mihoshi in charge of the National Intelligence Estimate? (Tenchi Muyo joke).
2002-01-14 09:47:53 AM  
Popken, the Taiwan issue makes China a global threat. And Kudos to Botsuraku_Hato, who has said the most intelligent thing here...
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