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(   I'm not saying we'll have evidence of aliens by 2035, but we'll probably have evidence of aliens by 2035 ...if they really exist   ( divider line
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2017-10-06 05:06:19 AM  
10 votes:

fusillade762: If WE really exist in 2035. The way things are going it's not looking good.

"In the year 2035... if man is still alive... if woman can survive..."

2017-10-06 06:38:27 AM  
8 votes:

Kirablue42: Who says that intelligent life must contain matter, for that matter. There could be vastly sentient galactic clouds of gas. We might even be able to make contact with such an intelligence.

But would we believe it if we did? Or could it ever be proven that we have?

"That's ridiculous. How can meat make a machine? You're asking me to believe in sentient meat."
2017-10-06 07:56:39 AM  
3 votes:
I have it on good authority it'll be 2086.

Galaxy Rangers
Youtube n8sOc2T_Ckc
2017-10-06 05:26:00 AM  
3 votes:
Permit the company that finds alien signals, akin to radio or TV, to file copyright to the recieved works and the humanized derivatives. Disney and Sony will quickly build deep space radio telescopes in search of a new idea.
2017-10-06 12:30:27 PM  
2 votes:
The Fermi Paradox is a has-been movie star saying, "John Boyega?  Well, I've never heard of him, so he can't be that famous."
2017-10-06 05:45:00 AM  
2 votes:
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The truth is.... out of fashion.
2017-10-06 05:32:36 AM  
2 votes:
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2017-10-06 07:58:20 PM  
1 vote:
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2017-10-06 01:26:10 PM  
1 vote:

Esroc: There are plenty of arguments to be had for us being the only civilization in our galaxy and that's why it's not colonized. But claiming it couldn't be colonized period because "it's just too big maaaan" is dumb.

I'm pretty sure they're not saying that it couldn't be colonized because it's so big, but rather that it's very possible that there's colonization out there that we have no idea about because it's so big.

The folks who buy into the Fermi Paradox are like someone who's lived in Reykjavik their entire life, never gone more than a few miles outside the city at any point, and says, "You know what, I have never in my life seen a Taiwanese person.  They've had thousands of years to spread across the Earth, and yet I've not only never seen one, I've never seen any evidence of one here in Reykjavik.  If they actually existed, don't you think I'd have seen some evidence of them here?"
2017-10-06 11:40:27 AM  
1 vote:
Aliens don't exist because the simulation isn't programmed for them. Maybe in a future expansion pack.
2017-10-06 11:37:37 AM  
1 vote:
34 posts in and this not up yet? Farkers be slippin'.

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2017-10-06 06:44:03 AM  
1 vote:
Numerically alone, the odds are high that there is not only Life somewhere else in the Universe, but Intelligent Life. But we will likely never encounter them, because they are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over there in Galaxy X, and we are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over here. And that's fine, although it would be cool if we did meet aliens, if only to drive the Abrahamic religions nuts.
2017-10-06 05:51:03 AM  
1 vote:

Snapper Carr: I doubt we'll discover signs of an extraterrestrial intelligence anytime soon unless they have the a) ability and b) desire to contact us (assuming they exist at all).

But I do think we'll discover some form of extraterrestrial biology within the next 50 years or so. It might be something as simple as algae clinging to the surface surrounding a thermal vent on Europa but it'll be organic. Full Size
2017-10-06 02:31:19 AM  
1 vote:
If WE really exist in 2035. The way things are going it's not looking good.
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