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2017-10-02 04:21:27 PM  

shower_in_my_socks: FARK TODAY.

I saw his very last concert. Hollywood Bowl a week ago tonight.

I saw that last show too. Grateful.

Thank you for all the great music Tom - rest in peace
2017-10-02 04:21:33 PM  
I'm freeballing in his honor.
2017-10-02 04:21:43 PM  
2017-10-02 04:21:58 PM  
2017-10-02 04:22:05 PM  

abhorrent1: News flash?
He has some great songs. Saw him in concert once. Most boring concert I think I've ever been to.


Yes. People knew him. He was famous
2017-10-02 04:22:26 PM  

Libelec: JK8Fan: Remember all of those folks that were happy to say goodbye because 2016 sucked so bad? 2017 sucks worse.

Really? Why? Who has died so far in 2017?

2017-10-02 04:22:30 PM  

GrahamManning: [YouTube video]

His final finale from last monday.  RIP and thank you so much

I thought of you when i heard about this.  Im now very jealous you got to see him at the Hollywoid Bowel. :-(
2017-10-02 04:22:57 PM  

Markoff_Cheney: That doesn't offer much hope, your brain can not survive very long without a blood supply. 
If you are an organ donor, they will still do their best to revive you even if you are brain dead so they can harvest your innards.  This sucks, what a shiatty day.
And confirming brain dead.
Well, I now have to assume that the day certainly can and will get worse.

Oh, it's already over.
2017-10-02 04:22:58 PM  
Great video.  Great song.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - You Got Lucky [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Youtube mtLpZWNyM0I
2017-10-02 04:22:59 PM  
RIP Mr. Petty.  Really enjoyed listening to your tunes over the years.
2017-10-02 04:23:04 PM  
RIP, Tom.  Thanks for "Baba O'Riley."
2017-10-02 04:23:09 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2017-10-02 04:23:46 PM  
Subby, nice headline.
2017-10-02 04:23:47 PM  
Thanks, Tom.
2017-10-02 04:23:50 PM  

Vacation Bible School: NASAM: thismomentinblackhistory: God damn it. I had him on my list of people I must absolutely go see -- no excuses -- since 2016. God I am a lazy piece of shiat.

Me too.  I'm kicking myself for not going to see him the two times I had the chance.

After Prince and Chris Cornell, I promised myself I'd never pass up an opportunity to see an artist I like again. Even if they disappoint me.  I'm looking at you U2.

I had that thought a few years ago. "I gotta catch Leonard Cohen next time he comes through Chicago." New album comes out. Dead.

That was me with the Beastie Boys & MCA.
2017-10-02 04:23:51 PM  
The first concert I ever attended was his. Saw him live in Nashville twice. This hurts.
2017-10-02 04:24:14 PM  

vrax: Great video.  Great song.

[Youtube-video https://www.youtube.com/embed/mtLpZWNyM0I]

My favorite of his.
2017-10-02 04:24:16 PM  

The Bunyip: [Youtube-video https://www.youtube.com/embed/6SFNW5F8K9Y]

That......was freakin' awesome!
2017-10-02 04:24:17 PM  

Pocket Ninja: God farking damn it. If this day gets any worse I may have to go on a rampage myself.

Careful what you post, the 2nd Amendment is more protected than the 1st these days.
2017-10-02 04:24:22 PM  
F*ck....just F*cken Shiat.
2017-10-02 04:24:30 PM  
One of the guys at my company was a persuasive friend of Tom Petty, they used to jam together in the 60's. He just left work very upset after a personal phone call.  Now I know why.

The universe is being very uncool right now.
2017-10-02 04:24:31 PM  
He was only 66? Damn.
2017-10-02 04:24:40 PM  

dwrash: Well... this really really sucks.

Fairwell Tom.

This makes Jeff Lynne the last remaining Traveling Wilbury... so sad.

WAIT! Bob Dylan is dead!?! Since when?
2017-10-02 04:24:52 PM  
Well shiat.
2017-10-02 04:25:11 PM  

Pocket Ninja: God farking damn it. If this day gets any worse I may have to go on a rampage myself.

I feel you, but it's not going to get better.
2017-10-02 04:25:12 PM  
The darkest timeline.
2017-10-02 04:25:20 PM  
Takes me back to the Damn the Torpedoes tour in '80 at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, one of my besties LOVED him (I was 14 but looked 20), so we thought let's try to get back stage (back then you could get backstage without doing anything unladylike). We ran and hid under his tour bus (the venue is outside pretty much), out him came on the loading dock to have a cigarette during a guitar solo or something, so there he is all by himself smoking, we are under the bus and she totally lost her sh*t & panicked, we laid there under the bus trying to figure out what to do and then he was gone. Really wishing now I had yelled from under that bus.
2017-10-02 04:25:22 PM  
shiate. Guess I know what Sirius station I'll be listening to on the way home.
2017-10-02 04:25:31 PM  
Stop dragging his corpse around.
2017-10-02 04:25:39 PM  
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - American Girl
Youtube bhcnmVN4X3Y

Thanks for the great music Mr. Petty.  Such a great soundtrack for being young in love and still yearning for more.
2017-10-02 04:25:40 PM  
He will be truly missed.
2017-10-02 04:25:44 PM  

Non Sequitur Man: God dammit.

[Youtube-video https://www.youtube.com/embed/cwqhdRs4jyA]

I love that song so much
2017-10-02 04:25:54 PM  
And last night on the Las Vegas thread is a perfect example of why, even when I saw this, I still had to check the internet to make sure it was true. Can't even trust Fark anymore...

And yeah, this sucks. The daughter is starting to ask for Tom Petty songs to be turned up. I was kind of hoping we'd go see him together. I've always wanted to see Petty.
2017-10-02 04:26:05 PM  

kling_klang_bed: RIP, Tom Petty.

[img.fark.net image 300x300]

Hate to break it to you, but that's Vincent Price.
2017-10-02 04:26:12 PM  
Saw him in concert, and Stevie Nicks came out and they sang Stop Draggin' my Heart Around and one or two more.

And one night in Gainesville as a UF student in the mid 80s, playing pool in this music bar, between the cover band's sets, Tom Petty walks out with an acoustic guitar.  "Hey I just wanna try out these songs, see what y'all think."  He played three unreleased songs.  Then he said thanks and walked off.
2017-10-02 04:26:15 PM  
Strange, I was just working on my car and started humming a tune.  Then I thought "what is that song, anyway?"
It was the Johnny Cash version of "I won't back down."
2017-10-02 04:26:17 PM  
Saw him probably 20+ times over 20+ years, lots of good memories.  Missed the last tour, but thought "Ok, he said that was his last big tour, but will keep doing smaller ones/not stop playing.. good"

So much for that.  Sad, sad day.
2017-10-02 04:26:19 PM  

Somacandra: happydude45: dwrash: Well... this really really sucks.

Fairwell Tom.

This makes Jeff Lynne the last remaining Traveling Wilbury... so sad.

Uhh, Dylan?

Jim Keltner played drums, and he's still around too, thankfully.

I didn't realize that. He was Lennon's main drummer on his solo things. Damn, he's played with just about everybody.

Petty was my wife's favorite artist for her whole life. My middle girl just went crazy over him a couple of years ago too, and finally got to see him for the first time on this last tour. One of her birthday presents last week was a mint edition tour booklet from the Heartbreaker's 1981 tour, and that was the favorite thing she got. Her and wife totally despondent about this. I am bummed. I was a fan, but the first time I bothered to go see him was when he toured with Dylan. Took wife to go see him for every tour that came by over the last 24 years though.

Same daughter who is crazy about him got to hear him from inside her mom's tummy on the 99 tour, about a month before she was born.
2017-10-02 04:26:22 PM  

zpaul: Too bad this won't make the news due to Vegas situation.

You don't listen to classic rock radio stations across the USA do you? I guarantee more than a few have switched to a block of all Tom Petty with somber announcements.
2017-10-02 04:26:48 PM  
Today has been awful.  Tom Petty is someone I've enjoyed and respected for decades.  I saw him at Red Rocks in 1999, possibly the best show I've seen there of many.  Epic version of Them's "Gloria" during the encore.  Petty was subtle in the way he worked a crowd, but he did own the stage.  Going to be hard to work with customers the rest of today.
2017-10-02 04:26:49 PM  
For me Tom was always a little different from the rest.
for some reason a lot of his songs are like time markers in my life.
my first thought when a tom petty song comes on the radio is the memory of my life at the time.
doesn't happen with any other artist , just Tom
r.i.p. Tom
should be a rockin wilbuy's show in heaven tonight.

here's a more recent song many don't know.
was played at the end of the entourage movie and i fell in love with it.
and the title is appropriate for today.
[Youtube video hqp6euOfd6E unavailable]
2017-10-02 04:27:30 PM  

Libelec: JK8Fan: Remember all of those folks that were happy to say goodbye because 2016 sucked so bad? 2017 sucks worse.

Really? Why? Who has died so far in 2017?

Gregg Allman and Glenn Cambell spring to mind, though in Glenn's case it was probably a blessing.

RIP Tomm
2017-10-02 04:27:32 PM  

brandent: I know I am going straight to hell and am a very bad person but I had a worse reaction to this than the Vegas thing.

I guess if you go because of this so will I.  I remember I had Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers greatest hits cd (still do) that I practically wore out gong to and from high school in my car each day singing along to it.  My friend probably thought I was nuts (she used to catch rides with me from time to time) because it was playing non-stop in my car back then.  Awesome music and his stuff never really has gotten old.  Also he was a Florida man born in Gainesville, FL.  Which made him that much more awesome to me because I am from Florida, it also meant that not every bad thing or crazy thing comes out of Florida.  Rock on Tom Petty, Rock on!
2017-10-02 04:27:40 PM  
Tom Petty in "The Postman"
Youtube cDRa8FDL2ts
2017-10-02 04:27:47 PM  
2017-10-02 04:28:01 PM  
RIP Tom Petty look alike kid...
img.fark.netView Full Size
2017-10-02 04:28:02 PM  

Snazzy1: He was only 66? Damn.

he had help. a LOT of it.
2017-10-02 04:28:13 PM  
Even his website is running behind on this news. Nothing on the front page, you just can't click on the tour pages for any upcoming shows. Talk about sudden. I hadn't even heard he went to the hospital yesterday.
2017-10-02 04:28:29 PM  

Crewmannumber6: Tom Petty in "The Postman"[_ image _x_][_ image _x_]

Loved when he showed up in this movie thought it was hysterical!
2017-10-02 04:28:35 PM  
Kinda jealous so many of you got to see him live.  I saw a lot of great bands over the years but never ticked that box and now I never will.
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