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2017-10-02 07:09:45 PM  

Wireless Joe: [img.fark.net image 468x417]
/similar vocal stylings

Came here to say he's starting to look like Sam Kinison.
2017-10-02 08:08:39 PM  
I know this is heresy, but Chinese Democracy is a good album.  It isn't on par with Appetite or either Illusions albums, but I'd say it is on par with Lies, Slash's Snakepit, Believe in Me, and Pawnshop Guitars.  It is tons better than Spaghetti.  The fact they still play some songs from it with the original lineup says something.
2017-10-02 09:40:15 PM  

FormlessOne: In other news, humans age. Sometimes, they put on weight when they age.

And folks wonder why we're so obsessed with clothing, and cosmetics, and hair plugs, and liposuction, and personal trainers, and special diets, and so on, and so on.

I don't want to subsidize the health care of fat people.
2017-10-03 02:39:50 AM  

Farker Soze: Gandalf_is_dead: Farker Soze: He certainly can't sing any more.  In that recent Sirius concert he sounded like he was strangling a Bobcat.  No, not the feline.  Bobcat Goldthwaite.

Oh bullscrump, just saw them in concert a few weeks ago and they were a-frikkin-mazing, Axl's voice was strong as fark, three and a half hours of gnr awesomesauce. Two young guys (early 20s I guess) sitting behind me were wondering aloud before the show if it was going to be any good, chatted with them a bit to assure them it would be great, afterwards I asked them what they thought and 'mindblowing' was what they came up with. Im glad they got to see it, really was an excellent show (Miami Arena), easily one of the best concerts Ive seen.

On the broadcasted Apollo show I listened to, the band was great, while Axl sounded like nails-on-chalkboard.

So, just like Classic Axl then...
2017-10-03 12:25:28 PM  

devilEther: Texas Gabe: I saw Guns N Roses last month when they played the Sun Bowl. Axl has lost A LOT of weight. I was really surprised. He still had a small paunch, but he looked nothing like he did during his Tons Of Cake period a few years back.

Also, they put on a great show and Slash kicked ass for three solid hours.

They broadcast their Apollo theater concert live on Sirius XM. I was expecting a train wreck but it was a good show (despite Axl's "High Pitch Eric" vocals). And was surprised they played 3+ hours. Figured they'd play 1 and a half hours and bolt.

Who's High Pitch?
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