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2017-09-29 03:04:56 AM  
38 votes:
9. Doctor Katherine Pulaski - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Sadly she fell down an empty turboshaft.
2017-09-29 06:46:22 AM  
11 votes:
Julian Lennon?
2017-09-29 02:17:09 AM  
11 votes:
vignette.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2017-09-29 08:21:59 AM  
9 votes:
I wish there was more Roy.
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2017-09-29 02:19:21 PM  
8 votes:

Astorix: OtherLittleGuy: fusillade762: Farking Clown Shoes: List fails without SHUT UP WESLEY!, but I guess they figured they couldn't do a TNG twofer.

I just found out Crusher was almost played by

[img.fark.net image 451x600]

Jenny Agutter.

Damn, now I'm imaging a Sejanus-era Sir Patrick as Logan.

I'm glad there's another I, Claudius fan on this thread!👍

I preferred the second book,  II, Claudius.
2017-09-29 07:19:08 AM  
6 votes:

Plant Rights Activist: In one season Pulaski had 10x the personality Crusher ever had

Stuck-up biatch is a kind of personality, I guess.
2017-09-29 02:19:12 AM  
6 votes:

jbc: List fails without Jeff.

You'll get over it.
jbc [TotalFark]
2017-09-29 12:24:06 AM  
6 votes:
List fails without Jeff.
2017-09-29 10:16:44 AM  
5 votes:
Know a family named Cunningham. They used to joke about their brother Chuck who went upstairs carrying his basketball and never came back down.
2017-09-29 01:34:48 PM  
4 votes:

carrion_luggage: Wasn't there a guy in S1 of Parks & Rec who was supposed to be whatsername's love interest? He seemed to vanish fairly quickly.

2017-09-29 12:19:37 PM  
4 votes:
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2017-09-29 08:08:17 AM  
4 votes:
I used to work with a guy who claimed that in the mid 90s, he worked in Southern California hanging drywall with the blonde member of Koy and Vance. Apparently, people were still teasing him about being the blond member of Koy and Vance, but the dude claimed he got a lot of action out of it. And that the regular cast was pretty cold to Koy and Vance.
2017-09-29 06:41:06 AM  
4 votes:
Realising their mistake, producers brought back Doctor Crusher for season three, and Pulaski beamed away (vanished).

Is that what "beamed away" means?  I thought it was something "the kids" were doing these days involving butt play and squirt guns.

2017-09-29 03:43:54 PM  
3 votes:
CSB time -
My best friend in high school's cousin was (still is) Byron Cherry, the blonde replacement Duke boy.  No, he didn't last, but the producers did give him a gen-u-ine, fully painted, complete with a roll cage, General Lee, which he brought back to Atlanta.
Byron let my friend and I drive it around occasionally and one Friday afternoon in '85 or '86 we took it to our old HS for a tour of the grounds.  It didn't suck.
2017-09-29 01:05:36 PM  
3 votes:
PS: List fails without Seven on Married With Children

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love the way they lampshaded it
jbc [TotalFark]
2017-09-29 03:14:24 PM  
2 votes:

Li'l Robbie: Were Scrappy-Doo and Cousin Oliver on the list? (They should have been, if they weren't.)
And what about Chuck Cunningham?

Scrappy Doo saved that franchise. It's not even considered canon anymore without at least one mention of "Puppy Power".
2017-09-29 08:31:19 AM  
2 votes:

HawgWild: List fails without Mandy.

nypdecider.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

2017-09-29 08:12:56 PM  
1 vote:
vignette.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2017-09-29 02:26:08 PM  
1 vote:

Scorpitron is reduced to a thin red paste: abhorrent1: PlaidJaguar: abhorrent1: [img.fark.net image 232x317]

He wasn't written out of the show for being a terrible character.  He was written out of the show for objecting to the dismissal of the original showrunner

Was still a terrible character

Which ones aren't terrible characters?

Shhhh.  You're only supposed to comment on TWD if you LIKE the show.
Don't you know that?
2017-09-29 01:12:55 PM  
1 vote:
img.fark.netView Full Size

"Hey guys, what's going on in this thre-"

2017-09-29 10:05:12 AM  
1 vote:
Somewhat related story.  I had two Shelties, got the second one late in the first one's life. Our youngest son, Dawson, never got along with the first dog, Pacey, so we let him pick the new dog which was named Joey.

After Pacey went to the bridge we agreed that it would have been much harder without Joey around, but I told my wife that he is the Cut and Vance of the dog world.

She didn't get it.
2017-09-29 07:55:35 AM  
1 vote:
They should make a list of characters that ruined shows but somehow stayed around.
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2017-09-29 07:38:06 AM  
1 vote:

Shadow Blasko: LoneWolf343: Plant Rights Activist: In one season Pulaski had 10x the personality Crusher ever had

Stuck-up biatch is a kind of personality, I guess.

She may have been hard on Data, but who else really got to know Worf in a short basis the way she did?

She was cool with the Klingon. I liked that.

she was also right about Data.  He did hijack the ship several times.
2017-09-29 06:46:57 AM  
1 vote:
In one season Pulaski had 10x the personality Crusher ever had
2017-09-29 06:43:09 AM  
1 vote:
Oy, Dawson's Creek is how Mrs. dragonchild got her celeb crush on Michelle Williams.

As for Pulaski, I thought she made Star Trek: TNG much more interesting than Bev Crusher.  Here was a woman who wasn't physically attractive (Troi was already the eye candy and otherwise more of a liability), could be abrasive, was even somewhat of a bigot toward Data but also had the air of unimpeachable competence.  I thought Diana Muldaur gave her a pretty good identity and plenty of chemistry in her own way -- the others played off her flaws.  Dr. Crusher played by McFadden was kind of just this one-note huffy biatch who happened to be a doctor.
2017-09-29 03:07:23 AM  
1 vote:
I wanted to punch this one in the face when I was a kid.
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