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(Russia Today)   Inspired Swiss company to market bottled air to polluted cities in China, India. $21 for about 10 minutes worth of air   ( rt.com) divider line
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2017-09-21 12:21:37 AM  
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2017-09-21 12:51:08 AM  
Done in one
2017-09-21 12:53:25 AM  
I'll get the lights.
2017-09-21 01:39:49 AM  
I wish for the days when we can reference Star Trek as our near future rather than Space Balls or Idiocracy.  I'll even take Bladerunner at this point.
2017-09-21 01:44:42 AM  
Sure the trade balance has China inhaling all this clean air, but if they manage to fix up their act and become net exporters of clean air... man, I don't know.

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2017-09-21 01:47:33 AM  
Meh.  Are "oxygen bars" still a thing?

Here in Denver, Rite Aid drugstores are selling cans of O2 to altitude-sick tourists; they look a lot like the can in TFA.
2017-09-21 02:53:00 AM  
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Predicted in 1990.
2017-09-21 02:58:00 AM  
Just think, there are still people who believe hydrogen cars to be a good thing.

/brotip: you're still using oxygen
2017-09-21 04:43:32 AM  
The good ol' Book of the SubGenius predicted this VERY THING in the Dateline to Dominance. Joke religion you say. So much they joked about has come to reality including Donnie Two-Scoops The joke's on Normals!

/ and sadly the rest of us must suffer with them
2017-09-21 06:16:05 AM  
Can they bottle water for Flint?
2017-09-21 07:49:36 AM  

Makh: I wish for the days when we can reference Star Trek as our near future rather than Space Balls or Idiocracy.  I'll even take Bladerunner at this point.


was a spoof on Star Wars, which was "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away," so it wouldn't be our near future.

/ the best kind of correct
2017-09-21 08:10:48 AM  
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2017-09-21 09:19:50 AM  

johnsoninca: [img.fark.net image 425x237]

Came here for this. Leaving satisfied
2017-09-21 11:34:06 AM  
Ten minutes of breathing for Twenty-one dollars.  Nope, doesn't seem exploitative at all.  I mean, this was only the scheme of a cartoon villain in a Dr. Seus adaptation after all.
2017-09-21 11:57:17 AM  
If I pay a bit more can I get the Frank Booth mix?
2017-09-21 03:18:57 PM  
Fark moderators: don't approve non-factual stuff from Russia Today.

All lies, all the time.
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