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(paNOW)   You've just boldly stolen some vodka. Do you drink some then cause a disturbance at the correctional centre?   ( panow.com) divider line
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2017-09-21 12:08:18 AM  
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2017-09-21 12:13:56 AM  
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2017-09-21 01:47:50 AM  
I'd love to say no, but the reality is that the answer is inevitably yes.
2017-09-21 01:50:09 AM  
Where does subby get off asking these questions? I do what I do.
2017-09-21 02:02:19 AM  
I at least sort of understand people who commit crimes for enough money to pay their rent when desperate. And those who embezzle large amounts. But vodka is dirt-ass cheap if you buy the big bottles from the bottom shelf and mix it with some reconstituted frozen orange juice concentrate to make it somewhat drinkable.

When you're stealing vodka, you haven't hit rock bottom - you're determinedly drilling to see if you can find out what's beneath rock bottom.
2017-09-21 02:03:53 AM  
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You know... I have one, and it wasn't something that was rushed. It took careful deliberation and a lot of mental preparation to let someone get near my junk with a 6ga dermal punch.

My advice... if anyone is pushing you to get a PA "RIGHT NOW", I'd choose another practitioner.
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2017-09-21 02:29:08 AM  

Wookie_Jesus: [img.fark.net image 306x484]

433 [TotalFark]
2017-09-21 02:29:28 AM  

433: Wookie_Jesus: [img.fark.net image 306x484]


rather, "wat y"
2017-09-21 02:37:05 AM  
Why no vodak?
2017-09-21 02:37:30 AM  
D) Finish it at the store...

Man drinks the whole bottle in the shop so that he doesn't need to pay for it
Youtube F7ugdOu3V6g

/ Russia, not even once.
2017-09-21 02:38:07 AM  

Next question.
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2017-09-21 02:43:03 AM  

carnifex2005: D) Finish it at the store...
[iFrame https://www.youtube.com/embed/F7ugdOu3V6g - 480x360]
/ Russia, not even once.

That was impressive, astounding even.  I'm left aghast, really, that poor man.
2017-09-21 03:20:20 AM  
love my hometown. I'll post more for you all in the future. Usually see at least one fark worthy story a week. Look out Florida, here comes the "Prince Albert" tag!!
2017-09-21 04:02:13 AM  

MasterPython: Why no vodak?

It just how they spell it there. Just like Centre instead of center.
2017-09-21 06:25:11 AM  
Mountain Dew.
2017-09-21 10:12:03 AM  
Reading the headline, First thought was Canada...   next thought was  "Ricky"...
The I read the article...   1 for 2.
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