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(The Hill)   Well-tanned Chris Christie says "I would not have pardoned Arpaio." Also would not have left that last cheeseburger on the plate at last state dinner   ( divider line
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2017-08-30 10:24:28 AM  
He doesn't tan so much as baste.
2017-08-30 10:43:56 AM  
Yeah, so?
2017-08-30 10:45:02 AM  
Go away, governor. Please.
2017-08-30 12:03:27 PM  
You're done, dick head.
2017-08-30 06:32:10 PM  
To be fair, he wouldn't pardon a delicious Thanksgiving turkey, either.
2017-08-30 09:47:32 PM  

Diogenes: He doesn't tan so much as baste.

He's also well-marbled.
2017-08-30 10:07:43 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2017-08-30 10:08:46 PM  
We get it. He's fat!

No really. He's so farking fat.
2017-08-30 10:10:00 PM  
It doesn't matter you corrupt piece of shiat. You're not president.
2017-08-30 10:12:42 PM  
"Look at me, I'm midly less shiatty than the guy I was embarrassingly sucking up to last year!"
2017-08-30 10:13:10 PM  
On Morning Joe this morning, a reporter asked him to run for Menendez's seat assuming the Senator resigned following conviction. I can't believe the crew didn't burst out laughing. What's his approval rating, 18% or so?
2017-08-30 10:19:15 PM  

markhwt: We get it. He's fat!

No really. He's so farking fat.

he is but really he's just a bully and he's super sensitive about his weight so people should mention his fat and mention it often.
2017-08-30 10:20:19 PM  
Why do we suddenly give two shiats what lame ate 17 ducks sold my soul to Trump for absolutely nothing guy says about anything
2017-08-30 10:21:01 PM  
Is the headline because he's fat?  I bet it's because he's fat.
2017-08-30 10:25:35 PM  
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2017-08-30 10:26:38 PM  
He'd be known as "All the scoops"
2017-08-30 10:28:46 PM Full Size
2017-08-30 10:41:19 PM  
He didn't really want the White House.

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2017-08-30 10:43:57 PM  
Who cares? So Christie wouldn't have pardoned someone for violating a court order and violating an individual's Constitutional rights. Very impressive.
Christie would still vote for Trump in the 2020 election, so morally Christie really doesn't give a shiat. He's just saying this for attention. And this is how a majority of Congress will win reelection. Speak out against Trump publicly and support him privately. You think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stand any chance of losing an election?
2017-08-30 10:51:57 PM  
I know I'll get slammed for this but there is a part of small chunk of Christie which is almost admirable. He's authentic like 40% of the time.
2017-08-30 10:59:10 PM  
Somebody tell ol' Chris 3 Scoops that nobody cares what he thinks.
2017-08-30 11:31:50 PM  
Family Guy - Dance You Fat Bitch (HD)
Youtube Vd0PZ0b7WAg
2017-08-30 11:42:35 PM  

The Zen Philosopher Basho: [iFrame - 480x270]

Its funny, I used to live in Jacksonville.  And on the odd occasion I would have to go to the Regency Mall.   The most ghetto/all color trash mall I have ever been to in my life.  (and I am brown) .  And off of the food court they had an arcade with a DDR machine in the front.  Every time I went there, there was a fat kid killing it.  Pimply, sweaty, WOW tshirt, killing it on DDR, and over the years, I saw him almost become a skinny kid.  I still think someone from the Fam Guy staff saw him too.
2017-08-30 11:54:42 PM  
Lulz. I <3 fat jokes.

Seriously though, in my cashier days the over/under for someone who bought an empty ice cream bar or candy wrapper was like 350. That's about a buck sixty in frog units, btw, for any farkers of the non-American/Liberian pursuasion.
2017-08-31 03:29:11 AM  

Jiro Dreams Of McRibs: [ image 330x200]

...Okay, it took me way too long to realize the last part was referring to the drink.
2017-08-31 05:58:47 AM  

Pichu0102: Jiro Dreams Of McRibs: [ image 330x200]

...Okay, it took me way too long to realize the last part was referring to the drink.

Ah. An ill-spent youth? Hey, I got one of those.
Boe [TotalFark]
2017-08-31 01:26:10 PM  

Jiro Dreams Of McRibs: [ image 330x200]

This montage is missing photos of him in a baseball uniform and on the beach
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