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(   Old man attempts to thwart bank theft, doesn't like cops or banks just pissed it itterrupted him cashing a check.   ( divider line
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2002-01-10 07:46:32 PM  
Good headline read like butter smooth.
2002-01-10 07:52:15 PM  
This morning the old geezer crossing gaurd, was directing traffic. Not a kid in sight. Last year he jumped in front of my car and almost gave me a stroke. I gave him some shiat about it this morning and he argued right back.(lol) My point, (yes I have one) watch out for these retired ole timers. They are looking for trouble! Who said nursing homes were a bad thing? Another scary thought.....they drive!
2002-01-10 07:52:59 PM  
Christopher, who fought the Germans hand to hand during World War II, said he's not crazy about police, reporters or even Bank of America, where he has banked since 1958. But he said he likes bank robbers even less, especially when they interrupt him when he's cashing a check.

"I was trained to kill and I've never been deprogrammed," he said.

<Insert Cuckoo Noise here >
2002-01-10 07:54:05 PM  
It's FDIC insured dumbass, no need to get yourself killed.
2002-01-10 07:55:45 PM  
The fact that he doesn't like cops or banks
makes this the first legit use of the HERO tag
to date.
2002-01-10 07:57:38 PM  
In a ironic side note, Bank of America is charging the guy for the cost of the moneybag that he tore open.
2002-01-10 07:59:01 PM  
So, Chris "managed to rip open one of several bags" and then declares... "I was trained to kill and I've never been deprogrammed."
Hide your bags or they risk being killed by old veterans.
2002-01-10 08:00:10 PM  
what a badass
2002-01-10 08:02:23 PM  
I was trained to kill and I've never been deprogrammed

I think I was reading about this guy in the brainwash article.
2002-01-10 08:03:02 PM  
This OLD MAN has been through WWII and saved all your asses in the past so at least give him a bit of respect...
2002-01-10 08:05:33 PM  
SO SAD the youth of today...
I think it is time to say goodbye cruel world...

I mean I am 37 after all...geezzz I should have been killed off 7 years ago by todays standards..
2002-01-10 08:06:57 PM  
I appreciate anyone who'll take a shot at the B of A while reporters are around. Still, he's been banking there since 1958? Come on pal, there's gotta be another place to cash that pesion check.
2002-01-10 08:07:18 PM  
lol @ Shemp Mo-Din
2002-01-10 08:09:52 PM  
pesion pension whatever...
2002-01-10 08:11:03 PM  
I'd have beat that old piece of crap down, if he ripped one of my moneybags. Trained to kill maybe, one pistol-whip and he'd have hit the floor. Criminals these days. Sheese.
2002-01-10 08:11:23 PM  
So I can assume that you would rather stick your parents in a nursing home when they are too old to care for????

So much for giving life to some people...

Hope by children never get that attitude.
2002-01-10 08:14:07 PM  
Make that Hope MY children never get that

I must go back to my nursing home now and take my medication.
2002-01-10 08:19:43 PM  
you go, you old bastard... don't take no shiat...

oh, and thanks for killing the Nazis.... I, for one, am proud of you.
2002-01-10 08:21:33 PM  
Augie Ben Doggie:
Good to see some people still appreciate these old diggers :)
2002-01-10 08:27:31 PM  
It doesn't say if he ever got his check cashed. If he did BofA probably still charged him a fee for it.

Way to go pops, we're prowd of you! However, later on that day he tried to re-enlist at Old Navy.
2002-01-10 08:30:25 PM  
i love seeing old people steppin up to the plate, my mum (granted shes only 40, but i'm 19, so shes old) chases after these skater punks all the time, if their being little shiat stirrers, and threatens to lay the smack down, and suprisingly scares em off. she's a champion
2002-01-10 08:30:38 PM  
I love old hard ass WWII vets!

Check out the memorial sitec

I hope the bank gives this dude a round trip plane ticket here when it's built.
2002-01-10 08:33:42 PM  
What a bad ass! I bet his grandson is proud as hell.
2002-01-10 08:35:18 PM  
can anyone figure out what the hell the article is about from the fARK title? i sure cant.
2002-01-10 08:41:44 PM  
makes perfect sense to me, but I had already heard about it on the news....

from the same neck, of the woods......sorta
2002-01-10 09:03:20 PM  
that should have a Yablonski tag.
2002-01-10 09:05:30 PM  
I bet his neighbors won't fark with him now.
2002-01-10 09:19:58 PM  
"i'm in a farking hurry, asshole. rob the bank on your own farking time, biatch."

this guy farking rules.
2002-01-10 09:29:28 PM  
I hate banks
I just can't stand em
Gimme a shovel and man I'll plant em
Six feet under
That's where they belong
I hate banks that's the name of this song
2002-01-10 09:32:24 PM  
Sounds to me like he does not have much to lose. Old men would be sent off to war if their bodies were up to it. Young men have their whole future ahead of them. The guy is a hero. He also seems principled and well informed. He dislikes the police, banks and other thieves. It takes alot of courage to do what he did. Courage makes a man a man. It is a very undervalued quality in men. Courage gives a man freedom and adventure. Of course, it is easier to be fearless when you know you have nothing to lose, like your future. :)
2002-01-10 09:57:58 PM  
this old guy has more balls than life - i love it!
2002-01-10 10:08:28 PM  
Would have been even cooler if he'd actually beaten the shiat out of the thieves. Can you imagine how embarrassed those motherfarkers would be in the courtroom? They'd almost be obliged to spraypaint a target on their asses when they put em' in their cells.

At least these thieves know that Cliff Yablonski Hates Them. (tm)
2002-01-10 11:03:59 PM  
Watch out bank robbers, there be trained killers in line.
2002-01-10 11:07:21 PM  
Oh Dude, that would *so* like, make a great movie scene!

Old man whips poo out of two young whipersnapper bankrobbers. Whoa! I Bet Al Pacino is glad the old man wasn't one of *his* hostages.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-10 11:09:15 PM  
This Old guy deserves a medal, the bank deserves a kick in the ass and the cops all deserve a boot to the head.

My favorite line was this, though:

"Police officers do not encourage witnesses to intervene, preferring them to lay low and get information that will help law enforcement."

Yeah...Be a good sheep, we don't need anyone with guts in this country. When citizens stand up for themselves it makes the cops look like idiots, since they spend all there time on the side of the road to catch speeders (it puts more money into the city bank account than actually looking for real criminals).
2002-01-10 11:23:52 PM  
Any chance this was Rudy Boesch from Survivor fame? Maybe a long lost sibling. Rock on Brother. But no need to have a heartattack putting some moron in a chokehold. You go Grandpa.
2002-01-10 11:38:08 PM  
"The Greatest Generation". And don't forget it, motherfarker! More class, dedication, duty and honor in one man than in a whole room full of the generation his kids spit out! Come on people, learn from this guy..............
2002-01-11 02:42:02 AM  
You said it, Lord F.

I love this guy! They don't make them like that any more, sadly. That's why this country (and the entire planet, eventually, is doomed.)

I had a great uncle like that. WW2 vet, complete with scars and stories. He took no shiat from anyone, even as an old man. I can only hope to measure up.
2002-01-11 03:39:43 AM  
"Dude, did ya get the loot?"

"Nah, some damn old ma... Uh, I mean an army of ninjas suddenly appeared and pulled some Hidden Tiger - Crouching Dragon type martial arts stuff on us. Yeah...That's the ticket!"

I bet these guys had 5th graders take their lunch money when they were in High School, too.
2002-01-11 06:37:35 AM  
If we had more people like this, we would have less crime. Criminals hope for "victims" this old guy was nobodys victim. Good for you grandpa.
2002-01-11 08:25:39 AM  
Right on Lord F!!!! We need more people in this country like him. I have a 90 year old great uncle that still drives, and makes his own wine!
2002-01-11 01:48:23 PM  
It's nice to read the many supportive comments regarding this man. The many FARKER's who appreciate this man and his values make me proud of them!

As for the rest, they are excused to go out in the backyard and find some dogshiat and eat it!
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