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8073 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jan 2002 at 12:05 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-11 12:05:50 AM  
Now we can all make him our biatch... just like Dre!
2002-01-11 12:06:13 AM  
2002-01-11 12:06:35 AM  
Great, now I have a vicious case of carpal-tunnel from beating the fark out of this poser.
2002-01-11 12:08:08 AM  
Now I can practice for the real thing. Thanks Fark.
2002-01-11 12:08:46 AM  
Yes, how many people will line up for a chance to smack this dipshiat!!
2002-01-11 12:08:51 AM  
anti mtv sucks!
2002-01-11 12:09:45 AM  
oh my god i've been waiting so long for this opportunity!!!!
2002-01-11 12:10:27 AM  
About time, shut the fark up! shut the fark up!
2002-01-11 12:10:41 AM  
Method man's dick? Is that what the voice says?
2002-01-11 12:11:50 AM  
2 things I found funny:
1)the "more" button doesn't do anything
2)the banner I got on the page was for the Salvation Army. Who will save you now, Fred Durst?
2002-01-11 12:11:55 AM  
I'm in line... some bleach blonde loud mouth jackass is right in front of me though....
2002-01-11 12:12:29 AM  
I guess the popular urban legend is true as it appears Method Man is very well hung
2002-01-11 12:12:43 AM  
you mean you hear to voices too?
2002-01-11 12:13:20 AM  
Not real life enough for me....
2002-01-11 12:14:34 AM  
It's nice, you know, but it's no photoshop thread
2002-01-11 12:14:49 AM  
sucks cause it doesn't leave permanant damage on him he just smiles every time you beat him.
2002-01-11 12:16:43 AM  
Now wait a sec antimtv, don't get my man method man involved in this.
2002-01-11 12:18:31 AM  
That was stupid. We want quality links at midnight!
2002-01-11 12:20:33 AM  
[image from sawedoff.net too old to be available]
2002-01-11 12:20:33 AM  
So uhh, what's with the trend of popular black rappers keeping poseur white rappers as pets?

Dr Dre -> Eminem
Method Man -> Fred Durst

who am I missing?
2002-01-11 12:21:20 AM  
BloodyL: Yes. Like, perhaps, a photoshop. You know, about 2 weeks ago, we went from a photoshop at midnight EST (virtually guaranteed) to PS threads sprinkled throughout the WORK day. Yes, some of us work. In cubicles. With a wall missing.
2002-01-11 12:22:25 AM  
Huh? Why the hell was that here?
2002-01-11 12:23:46 AM  
Stevenv: You forgot Public Enemy and...oh, wait. They killed every white person they saw. Chuck D is the greatest rapper ever.
2002-01-11 12:23:47 AM  
hehe. deep down inside, stupid though it was, i enjoyed that.

43% moron.
2002-01-11 12:24:18 AM  
...my that felt good for about ten seconds!
2002-01-11 12:24:40 AM  
[image from i.imdb.com too old to be available]

"I see dead careers"
2002-01-11 12:25:05 AM  
Where's the Steve from Dell version?
2002-01-11 12:25:50 AM  
[image from sawedoff.net too old to be available]
2002-01-11 12:28:08 AM  
Give up, man!
2002-01-11 12:28:11 AM  
Limp Bizkit record $15.99
Limp Triscuit concert ticket $35.00
Fred Durst's outfit $21.98

Elephant cum on Fred Durst's face...

2002-01-11 12:30:45 AM  
I hereby announce that I am starting the "Let Chuck D Set Fred Durst on Fire Fund." See, the idea would be...well, I guess it's kind of self-explanatory.
2002-01-11 12:31:58 AM  
This another thing on the same site: Poodle Rape is even better than the Fred Durst thing. See it!

Cool! Now Fark has TWO banners per page!
2002-01-11 12:33:04 AM  
that was entertaining for about the first 30 seconds.
2002-01-11 12:36:05 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-01-11 12:36:38 AM  
That's a really stupid game. Oh well. It was amusing for the 5 seconds necesasry to be worth my time.
2002-01-11 12:38:51 AM  
After the first 3 hours, I was enjoying myself mutilating Fred, but then the magic just disappeared...
2002-01-11 12:57:15 AM  
This might be funny to me if I knew who the hell Fred Durst was... Maybe it's because I don't watch MTV.
2002-01-11 01:02:32 AM  
This is sad. Fred Durst is deserving of WORTHY insults...not this half-assed, look-maw-I-can-use-the-fancy-TV-thingie that someone came up with in 5 minutes.
2002-01-11 01:06:16 AM  
Method man has a pretty big cock.
2002-01-11 01:15:13 AM  
That Poodle Rape was some statement.
2002-01-11 01:16:05 AM  

However, the 12-year-old who made it at least knows how to make a webpage. ;)
2002-01-11 01:36:25 AM  
I like hurting him. I wanna hear him scream through the blood. I wanna see his tears as the lacerations on his face turn it red. I want to see his skin bubble and peel from the fires of hell after the blood has been drained from his body.

Who were we talking about again?
2002-01-11 01:51:24 AM  
If only he took it up the ass instead of in the mouth... then again i guess he gets enough of that in his daily shuffle.
2002-01-11 02:01:17 AM  
GirlyGirl, if you are bored, go here and laugh till you pee your pants...
2002-01-11 03:19:51 AM  
MojoGobo: "Chuck D is the greatest rapper ever."

I have to agree he does have FLAVOR!
2002-01-11 03:30:03 AM  
I'd give all my money to shoot him in the face
2002-01-11 03:35:31 AM  
anybody have a link on hand to the game with the cute dog on the skateboard?
2002-01-11 07:37:06 AM  
*evil grin*
i ( ( ( h a t e ) ) ) fred durst.
amd now I feel better
2002-01-11 08:51:20 AM  
yes, the voice said "Method Man's Dick."

It had a dick in it. Of COURSE it had a dick in it, a five foot long dick.

Didn't you know? ANYTHING made by an adolescent MTV fan who would even watch Fred Durst MUST have a five foot long dick in it. It's required.

That was the lamest crap ever. Ive seen more entertaining things ten years ago from the Jihad to Destroy Barney On the World Wide Web.
2002-01-11 09:14:10 AM  
FRKBOY: go here.


Enter the site, choose games---Frisbee Dog.

Have fun.
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