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(Mediaite)   Trump compliments Sessions for the first time in weeks   ( mediaite.com) divider line
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2017-08-06 08:12:32 AM  
That bipartisan recess appointment ruling has to be chafing his ego right about now.
2017-08-06 08:56:24 AM  
Trump has an attention span of about 4 minutes
2017-08-06 09:57:41 AM  

Jake Havechek: Trump has an attention span of about 4 minutes

It's timed for commercial breaks.
2017-08-06 10:14:52 AM  
Of course, the Elf had a particularly evil week.
2017-08-06 10:16:55 AM  
Wonder if he got a treat for finally going on the paper after all those times he got his nose rubbed in it.  And they say you can't teach an old racist new tricks.
2017-08-06 10:18:11 AM  
Bipolar, steriod, or alcoholic? You decide.
2017-08-06 10:18:54 AM  
He liked the package of E.L. Fudge® Double Stuffed Cookies he scarfed down while watching SpongeBob?
2017-08-06 10:22:43 AM  
Like getting a compliment from a random phrase generator...
2017-08-06 10:26:56 AM  
So, I'm guessing Sessions is going to be fired by Friday?
2017-08-06 10:28:05 AM  
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2017-08-06 10:31:32 AM  
And predictably, it was for something that he will spectacularly fail to do.
2017-08-06 10:36:59 AM  
Trump's going to need his stapler back.
2017-08-06 10:37:09 AM  

Weatherkiss: So, I'm guessing Sessions is going to be fired by Friday?

1.) Sessions will be gone by Weds
2.) And Donnie will make a recess appointment
3.) Of Yakov Smirnoff
4.) Who will immediately fire Bob Mueller
5.) And Congress will appeal the recess appointment to the Supreme Court
6.) Who will rule 9-0 that it was unconstitutional
7.) And then Donnie will sue saying that Mueller's really been fired!  No backsies
8.) Well, that's it.  Now I'm seriously on the fence about voting for Donnie.
2017-08-06 11:29:12 AM  
Have they actually found any leakers? Because the the White House still leaks like a sieve. There's a lot of leaking still going on.
//pee pee
///golden shower
2017-08-06 12:13:44 PM  
It's like a dysfunctional family where the kids try their damndest  to earn praise from daddy. Bless their little hearts...
2017-08-06 01:47:30 PM  
Damnit, Kelly, give Trump his Twitter back.  We know this isn't him.
2017-08-06 02:37:50 PM  

Anastacya: It's like a dysfunctional family where the kids try their damndest to earn praise from daddy. Bless their little hearts...

Thinking about it it seems like that's been Trump's MO his entire life, starting with himself and his dreams to be a playa and yet lauded in high society circles.

To this filthy furriner it looks like Trump has always coveted what he imagines is 'class' but is entirely incapable of understanding the concept. When being a bit rich didn't work he went out and tried his hand at casinos (with pathetic results), beauty pageants (lol), steaks, vodka, airlines, publishing and marketing his own name as if that was worth something.

He's a disgusting example of somebody who has enough money to push people around but no real savvy and appears to be falling flat on his face now that he has to sit across a table from people he can't bully or litigate into capitulation.
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