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2002-01-10 04:47:03 PM  
PETA, Scientologists: you paying attention?
2002-01-10 04:49:57 PM  
The use of hypnotic techniques by religions is sophisticated, and professionals are assuring that they become even more effective. A man in Los Angeles is designing, building, and reworking a lot of churches around the country. He tells ministers what they need and how to use it. This man's track record indicates that the congregation and the monetary income will double if the minister follows his instructions. He admits that about 80 percent of his efforts are in the sound system and lighting.

Powerful sound and the proper use of lighting are of primary importance in inducing an altered state of consciousnes--I've been using them for years in my own seminars. However, my participants are fully aware of the process and what they can expect as a result of their participation.

So...Good lighting and sound systems = more $$$?
Nice racket.
2002-01-10 04:50:34 PM  
Saw this years ago. Dick should know, he's made the best hyponosis tapes on the market.

I bought them all.

You should too.
2002-01-10 04:54:18 PM  
[image from serendipity.magnet.ch too old to be available]
2002-01-10 04:55:19 PM  
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
2002-01-10 04:57:17 PM  
Why does this link drop us into the middle of the page? the whole thing is interesting.
2002-01-10 04:59:12 PM  
HeatMiser: I once pulled a Jedi Mind Trick on a cop. I said, ?Was I driving unsafely, officer?? The look of confusion and dismay that appeared on his face before he let me go was priceless.
2002-01-10 05:01:32 PM  
HeatMiser: These aren't the droids we're looking for.
2002-01-10 05:06:20 PM  
Powerful sound and the proper use of lighting are of primary importance in inducing an altered state of consciousnes--

Yep, my church got a disco ball and now we just can't stop givin' money!

2002-01-10 05:07:46 PM  
I find parishioners fill the collection plate as long as you promise them plenty of ass sex!
2002-01-10 05:15:28 PM  
The leader is good,
the leader is great,
we surrender our will,
as of this date.
2002-01-10 05:16:33 PM  
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
You will now transfer to 'fault' a sum of $2000.
2002-01-10 05:20:50 PM  
Umm, scuse me but a freq of 6-7 Hz does not cause altered states, least not for me, it just makes my house rumble.
2002-01-10 05:23:59 PM  
What he said about the marines kind of disturbs me, since I know someone who joined the marines... and had a "bad experience" and left. She doesn't remember almost anything about her life before she joined, and hardly anything from back then. "She" because she used to be male. She's told me about how she'd have nighmares, and couldn't remember what about... all she remebered about her life before that was that she was pretty normal... kind of a geek, but still.

And, judging from what I've seen of her, she seems the type who would be easily succeptible to persuasion...

I dunno. Perhaps there was just something traumatic that happened.
2002-01-10 05:25:29 PM  
This is pure bullfark. This is how liberals explain religion. Oh, and erection is if you look for change for too long. DAMN PENNIES!! fark that
2002-01-10 05:31:45 PM  

na na na na na na na na BATMAN! I mean, LEADER!!
2002-01-10 05:32:08 PM  

He's mostly commenting on radicals. You'll find most churches, for example, don't use the sort of techniques he described.
2002-01-10 05:32:32 PM  
6-7 Hz This is crap, people can not even hear that low. The lowestish is around 28Hz. So, yeah, it will just make your house rumble, and my fark with your body. Generally low sounds cause people to get sick if they are not used to them. Try working in a dance club with a kicken sound system for a night, and will feel ill. Oh, I mean work there when it is just the DJ's farking around. SO there is no extra noise.
2002-01-10 05:34:30 PM  
BTW, that's not to say that I don't think a lot of what he's talking about is BS. But, some of the issues may have some validity. And, hypnotists working at public sessions do have some pretty impressive results (but only on a fraction of the audience), so there's obviously at least some truth to it.
2002-01-10 05:36:47 PM  

Where did he say that people heard a 6-7 hz sound? He said he noticed a 6-7 cycle per second vibration - that sounds more like he *felt* it.
2002-01-10 05:39:09 PM  
I'll believe this sh!t when Fb can turn Rei into his love slave
2002-01-10 05:39:16 PM  
Give to Fark. Give to Fark. Give to Fark.
2002-01-10 05:40:31 PM  
2002-01-10 05:43:20 PM  
America United...America United...America United...
God Bless America...God Bless America...God Bless America...

Yeah, only "lefties" pull this.
2002-01-10 05:47:43 PM  
verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting. I forwarded it along to a DJ friend of mine and asked him to try out some of the beat-per-cycle theories during his next set and let me know what happens.
2002-01-10 05:49:39 PM  
the background of that page put me in an alpha state
2002-01-10 05:51:45 PM  
I loved it, it was much better than Cats, I'm going to see it again and again.

LOL DrDave!
2002-01-10 05:54:39 PM  
You guys can laugh but, if one of your loved ones fell into an alternate religion and got goofy, you'd take this a little more seroiusly. What's my frequency Kenneth?
2002-01-10 05:56:08 PM  
Vexhex - lowest humans can hear is 10Hz. but we CAN hear overtones of lower frequencies. an the military has already developed extreme low frequency "ELF" weapons that cause illness & effect brainwaves.
anyway, always good to see posts of resourceful stuff.
I'd also suggest the book Coercion : Why We Believe What 'They' Say
by Douglas Rushkoff
2002-01-10 05:58:04 PM  
oops, correction, the title of the douglas rushkoff book is "Coercion: Why We Listen To What 'They' Say"
2002-01-10 05:59:24 PM  
I'm cross-referencing some of the people he mentions, it sounds pretty legit. I didn't find the specific pularich experiment mentioned, but that's similar to the sort of experiments Pularich did, mostly to test out his theory that nerve transmissions were related to radio waves. I'd give a much more plausible explanation for the change in the ELF patients, which is due to a project a professor of mine once worked on and he was describing to us. He worked on what would have been the largest magnet ever constructed, except for the fact that it burned out the instant they turned it on ;) His job was the calculations to make sure it wouldn't pull its housing apart. He said that with similar magnets, people who'd get too close to them would get dizzy or pass out, because of how strongly it'd pull on the iron in your blood stream - it'd interfere with oxygen delivery to the brain. I'd imagine his experiments had this effect due to the magnetic component of the ELF waves.

As a side note, this is making me want to watch Lain again ;)
2002-01-10 05:59:35 PM  
Misterpotatohead: Don't waste such references on these guys, "Dutch" took his secrets to the grave with him.
2002-01-10 06:13:56 PM  
Someone want to post a pic of The Leader?
2002-01-10 06:16:42 PM  
"we are watching FOX"
[image from image.photoloft.com too old to be available]
2002-01-10 06:17:22 PM  
His siminar was much better than "Cats".
2002-01-10 06:17:40 PM  
[image from homemadesimple.com too old to be available]

My preferred method of brain washing, it really gets off those baked on brains.
2002-01-10 06:17:45 PM  
4 cycle per second sound will generally put you to sleep, 7 cps will kill you if loud enough (by causing sympathetic vibrations in the internal organs and subsequent adhesions), 14 cps was once used as a scare weapon (it causes fear).

2 cps is the resonate frequency of the large intestine, not used much, unless you are selling imodium.

Flanigan's device used a 30 khz amplitude modulated signal, and cranking it up would produce audibility.

The writer describes one version of the russian sleep machine that I had tried to find for a while, the ELF one, the other that uses electrodes is being re-invented in the US every few years.

As humans we seem to be a very susceptible species, probably because we don't realize that our consciousness is a symbiote laid down track by track on the body of what was designed to be just another clever animal.

So we can think of language and culture as a very virulent virus that begins to infect us at birth, never mind, I am rambling and must go home to live with the rest of the wolves.
2002-01-10 06:19:50 PM  
NigZig: liberals? LIBERALS?!! Give me a break. This is not some kind of leftist commie plot. This is how a larte number of people that have studied large group dynamics, human psychology and physiology, etc, explain much of the mass appeal that religion has and its often frightening effects on the minds of the faithful.

I'm about as far from a leftist as anyone I've ever met (not conservative either for that matter; both parties are full of shiat and want to tell you what to do) - but I find this a fairly plausible explanation. It explains a bunch of things, fits in with a lot of other things we know, and is a helluva lot simpler than some kind of c0ck-and-bull story about ghosts or psychic powers or whatever.

2002-01-10 06:28:26 PM  
so this is what liberdrools use.
2002-01-10 06:31:03 PM  
The Leader and his consort:

[image from dicksutphen.com too old to be available]
2002-01-10 06:34:25 PM  
:is showing this to friends for sure
2002-01-10 06:34:47 PM  
i was open to believing this until i read the stuff on the neurophone, which i'd have to see for myself.
2002-01-10 06:39:14 PM  
Makes you wonder.
2002-01-10 06:41:28 PM  
Oompaloompa: Why do you endorse his tapes? Has he programmed you to? ;)
2002-01-10 06:46:47 PM  
Don't turn this into a right vs. left pissing contest.
2002-01-10 06:47:23 PM  
Qinopio (if that is your real name): You've seen through my ruse!

You are a true master!
2002-01-10 06:53:56 PM  
I bought a medical book on hypnotic suggestions and metaphors a few years ago. The hard part is not getting a message into the subconcious, but to keep it there and have it surface to the conscious so that the subject believes it was based on their own experience.
2002-01-10 07:07:53 PM  
Seems pretty right on to me - I went to church once in the Bahamas (long story since I'm not a Xtian) - the pattern the preacher followed was pretty much what was explained here. The church members freaked me out with all the wailing and arm waving. Also, in college I got hypnotized once by Styx - I thought they were the best band ever - what more proof do you need that this sh*t really works?
2002-01-10 07:12:32 PM  
If the glove doesn't fit, then you must acquit!
2002-01-10 07:16:57 PM  
The author's site is full of psychic/reincarnation stuff... makes me skeptical.
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