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(KOCO ChannelOklahoma.com)   Billy Bob Thornton seen looting X-Boxes from six Oklahoma Targets   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2004-05-22 12:47:55 AM  
Man it skeeves me to see people hyphenate the word Xbox. Not so uch the submitter, but the friggin reporter. They should know bet-ter.
jbc [TotalFark]
2004-05-22 12:55:25 AM  
The story about the transvestites trying to pass bad checks in Oklahoma was funnier.
2004-05-22 01:25:06 AM  
I agree, ThatVANguy. When I see X-Box, I expect to see it switch foils to attack position.
2004-05-22 10:10:16 AM  
Another taker on the "FIRE YOUR BOSS! WORK ON EBAY!" spams.
2004-05-22 10:11:43 AM  
I can't wait for this guy to get busted. A partial transcript of the arrest report follows:

Police: "What is your name?"
Robber: "Mmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm..."
Police: "Can you talk?"
Robber: "Mmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm..."
2004-05-22 10:16:00 AM  
[image from msu.edu too old to be available]

Let's go to my shack and play Halo MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMM
2004-05-22 10:16:01 AM  
He must be ugly as hell.
2004-05-22 10:24:51 AM  
So what can you do with 6 xbox systems and 5,ooo pounds of used cooking grease?
2004-05-22 10:26:02 AM  
a lot, and i've repented for it

/forgive me these greasy trespasses...
2004-05-22 10:28:21 AM  
Phase 1 is complete.
2004-05-22 10:32:11 AM  
Pics? Hello Smoking Gun?
2004-05-22 10:35:04 AM  
Microsoft should sue over the miss spelling
2004-05-22 10:40:49 AM  
he is stealing xboxes, and driving in his stolen car, with texas lisence plates... WHICH ARE ALSO STOLEN!
2004-05-22 10:57:23 AM  
How do they know it's not really Billy Bob Thornton? Maybe he's an evil genius or something.
2004-05-22 10:59:46 AM  
Billy Bob never steals Xboxes at home.
2004-05-22 11:00:17 AM  
Which Billy Bob Thornton does he look like?
The fat Sling Blade Billy Bob, The anorexic Billy Bob, or Bad Santa?
2004-05-22 11:18:52 AM  
Article is worthless without a pic.
2004-05-22 11:26:42 AM  
WOW... and to think I could possibly brush up next to celebrity today when I go to the Target around the corner..

/lives in Oklahoma City/
2004-05-22 11:31:34 AM  
"Authorities are waiting for him to be given a beatdown for 'Pushing Tin' before taking him into custody."

/RTFA, didn't see the movie
2004-05-22 11:41:25 AM  
I guess he's taken the name Target as an invitation.

It's is scary that they are having trouble catching him with all they know. Imagine if the guy was actually trying not to get caught.
2004-05-22 11:51:20 AM  
This does not surprise me about him at all.
2004-05-22 11:56:21 AM  
Imagine trying to find someone who looks like Billy Bob Thornton in Oklahoma. You'd have to haul in half the state for questioning.
2004-05-22 11:57:22 AM  
Apparenly he knows what he's shopping for. These are X-Boxes, printers and home theaters."

OK, I've been to Target, and there's nothing they carry that could be called a home theater.

[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]

LOL. Target.com needs to stop allowing people to rate their products, seeing as they all get 3-star ratings or less.
2004-05-22 12:01:25 PM  
Maybe he's trying to boost the sale of other systems. Sony or Nintendo could be behind this.

/"miss spelling?" Tsk tsk.
2004-05-22 12:13:33 PM  
"The Slightly Limping, Billy Bob Thornton Lookalike, Xbox Stealing Bandit."

Worst. Nickname. Ever.
2004-05-22 12:22:49 PM  
Oklahoma City police said they know the man's identity and are waiting to file charges. However, they said they are waiting for cooperation from the public to take him into custody.

a minute overdue on a meter and the cops have a ticket on your car 57 seconds ago.
2004-05-22 12:55:57 PM  
Whoa, I didn't know we had 6 Target stores in Oklahoma!
2004-05-22 12:56:18 PM  
I met Billy Bob in a bar in Austin a few weeks ago.
2004-05-22 01:20:15 PM  
Heard Billy Bob has a fear of antiques - should walk up to him and wave a 19th century silverware set under his nose and watch him puke.
2004-05-22 01:21:30 PM  
Too bad. This guy coulda made MUCH more money as a Billy Bob look-a-like...
2004-05-22 01:41:02 PM  
An obvious plot to discredit the actor by Angelina Jolie.
2004-05-22 01:46:53 PM  
I'm pretty sure Target keeps the xbox systems locked behind glass.
So how is he getting the five finger discount?
2004-05-22 02:05:58 PM  

I'm pretty sure Target keeps the xbox systems locked behind glass.
So how is he getting the five finger discount?

I picked up a kaiser blade that was a layin' there over in the Housewares department, some folks calls it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade. It's just a long handle like a axe handle with a long blade on it that's shaped kind of like a banana. Sharp on one edge and dull on the other. It's what the highway boys use to cut down weeds and whatnot.

I went in the electronics department there and I hit the glass case with it and grabbed me some Xboxes. I reckon that didn't quite satisfy me so I grabbed me some printers and some home theatre equipment too.
2004-05-22 02:15:37 PM  
Peepers, that just made me laugh for 5 minutes straight, I keep hearing him in my head saying it in that voice.
2004-05-22 02:17:48 PM  
I'd figured misspelling miss spelling would of been neat. bah
2004-05-22 02:27:07 PM  
Clerk: Sir, what are you doing with that Xbox?
BBT Lookalike: I'm studyin' on stealin it.
2004-05-22 02:45:06 PM  
I wonder if the Target snack bar has biscuits with mustard on 'em?
2004-05-22 02:48:47 PM  
xbox sucks. only rednecks play xbox. blah blah blah...
2004-05-22 02:52:53 PM  
The bible says folks that steals xboxes goes to Hades. But I don't reckon' he'd condemn a man like me.
2004-05-22 02:54:51 PM  
Saw this on the local news last night. They have video of him in the store. The car he's driving is stolen, so even though they have the license plate and make and model, it doesn't do them a lot of good on his identity.

Frankly, I didn't think he looked all that much like BBT.
2004-05-22 02:54:56 PM  
Intentionally miffing quote

cause he's not a real good Billy Bob impersonator
2004-05-22 03:14:11 PM  
miss tori spelling ummmmmmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
she says oklahoma is OK

maybe he has begun a new relationship with winona rider and this was like a double dog dare for the nookie
2004-05-22 03:26:16 PM  
How in the hell do you walk out with an Xbox or home theater, etc? It's not like you can just hide the box inside your pants or anything.
2004-05-22 03:53:37 PM  
So I've learned something here if I want an XBOX I just walk into a Target and take it. Man criminals have it all figured out. Also wouldn't a BBT type person be more likely to have a proclivity to steal from Wal-Mart?

/living in Oklahoma and got nothin

2004-05-22 04:51:48 PM  
BadBatsuMaru: LOL. Target.com needs to stop allowing people to rate their products, seeing as they all get 3-star ratings or less.
LOL indeed -- I actually bought the RCA system you picture from them! It sounds great (I never use the DVD part; I bought it to be a compact stereo) but nothing that ugly deserves more than three stars in my opinion.

2004-05-22 05:07:59 PM  
I love how they say he just walks in front of cameras, takes whatever he desires and leaves without paying. I didn't know payment was optional at these stores. 'round here if you just waltz out the door you get tackled by the security thug on your way out, who then sits on you until the cops roll around. I guess around here we're not worried about getting sued by the robber for emotional damage. We just kick his ass and lock him up.
2004-05-22 05:37:15 PM  
Well, like I said, they had security video of him loading a cart with a bunch of large boxes. Confusing to me, because there is a Target in my Oklahoma town, and AFAIK their Xboxes and other expensive items are all locked in a glass case.
2004-05-22 06:09:45 PM  
I'd like to loot HIS ex's box, if you know what I mean

[image from wbloggar.com too old to be available]
2004-05-22 10:21:10 PM  
My old boss looks just like Billy Bob...

2004-05-23 12:21:30 AM  
There have been a lot of stories out of Oklahoma lately.
Could we be on our way to getting our own tag?

/probability = 0
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