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(Yahoo) NewsFlash Plane carrying Marines crashes in Pakistan   ( divider line
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3725 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jan 2002 at 4:50 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-09 07:46:06 PM  
DEV2R: DAMN!! I saw it after I pressed submit. I blew it. Oh well. I'm proud of my television education. I even got me one of them diplomas off the internet. Argggh.
2002-01-09 07:50:24 PM  
wheres the photoshop of dead tourist guy on a Mountain with the marine plane about to slam into it...

im going to hell for that... i know

semper fi
r.i.p. brothers
2002-01-09 07:57:23 PM  
Capigula, I can thik of a few choice names to call you.

WarmBeer, I have read your could not whallop your pud....even if Rei planned it for you.

Cyberhoser, well at least the "hoser" part is correct.

Sdystyk, loser!
2002-01-09 08:00:22 PM  
2002-01-09 08:01:23 PM  
Cyberhoser: I should have known you were just a college kid.

Why don't you get some real life experience before coming on this board and blasting Americans.
2002-01-09 08:05:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

God Bless all who are currently serving and have served our great country.
2002-01-09 08:08:41 PM  
KentuckyBob, dittos.
2002-01-09 08:36:43 PM  
As a former US serviceman, I want to express my condolences to the families and friends of those soldiers.
Hoo-yah boys. Get some in that great battlefield in the sky.

~El Primo~
2002-01-09 08:40:41 PM  
As hopefully a future airman aboard an E3-C Sentry AWACS, I second that, RelaximusPrime
2002-01-09 08:57:26 PM  
My condolences and thanks, as well.
2002-01-09 09:02:07 PM  
2002-01-09 09:03:40 PM  
Damn, that didn't work.
I hope that this offends a few of you.
(insert image here)
2002-01-09 09:04:27 PM  
I think this is really really sad too...:(
There are a lot of people in here that said that there is always deaths in war get over it...

Just how does someone get over losses like this????

God Bless all the fallen soldiers & their families.
2002-01-09 09:17:29 PM  
The Taliban did not drive out the Russians and they did not stop opium cultivation (i.e. - drug trafficking). On the contrary, they came to power in 1996 AFTER the Russians withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 and they ENCOURAGE opium production. Why do you think there's so much Heroin and junk in neighboring Pakistan?

In my opinion, the Taliban does not deserve any sort of support or even pity. They are simply power-hungry totalitarians hiding under the guise of religious fanatics.

May they all rot in hell.
2002-01-09 09:20:14 PM  
FDparamedic, it's my understanding that the Taliban have ordered the destruction of all of the countries poppy fields to stop the Opium trade, and while it did strongly curb drugs, it also decimated one of the countries few reliable crops. I could be wrong, though, feel free to correct me.
2002-01-09 09:21:19 PM  
Semper Fi
2002-01-09 09:28:16 PM  
I could be wrong. I'm not an academic or anything but from the reading that I have done, I found that the Taliban supported a 3000 ton a year production of opium.

I believe the ban that you're talking about is their recent public 'declaration' to 'ban drugs and drug trafficking' to conform with other Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia and to maintain monetary support from those countries. In reality, opium trade flourished in Taliban-controlled areas in Afghanistan. As the Taliban are no longer in control the current situation could be completely different making me wrong...
2002-01-09 09:41:40 PM  
Jusy a rumor but I just read Dick Cheney got caught in the stall at Wendeys getting bumblasted
2002-01-09 09:42:19 PM  
more opium, less war.
2002-01-09 09:51:46 PM  
Well don't I feel like a jerk. The plane was a KC-130. Just yesterday I was playing an F-15 game, trying to do a refuelling exercise with a KC-130. I got frustrated, gave up, and shot the damn thing down.
2002-01-09 10:00:32 PM  
Downcaste: You are worthless. Have you served? Shut the fark up before wee all have an A55 0 RGY on you!
2002-01-09 10:01:53 PM  
I'm so glad I'm not in the military. I have such bad luck I would be one of the first people dead.
2002-01-09 10:05:46 PM  
A55 0 RGY! Oh man, that license plate rules!

And don't feel bad Flibbertigibbet, I play ungodly amounts of time on Falcon 4.0, although it usualy the enemy that I shoot down :)
2002-01-09 10:25:09 PM  
Downcaste:I don't think citizenship should be a right to everyone born in this country,you should have to give something to earn it.not necessarily in the military; but it should be EARNED!you would know the true definition of "worthless leach"
then!No doubt you'd be among the non-citizens.
2002-01-09 10:29:16 PM  
What a stupid farken statement...
I don't think citizenship should be a right to everyone born in this country???

Well tell us what country they would be a citizen of then??
2002-01-09 10:31:11 PM  
Oh hang on...I will just put my clean nappy on and then I am right to go fight a war and earn my right to become a citizen...

2002-01-09 10:39:27 PM  

how many people do you think join the military "to serve this great country of ours" rather than because they didn't feel like working at mcdonalds anymore? don't act like these people are altruistic patriots - these people joined the military because a. they were too stupid to go to a legitimate university, and they wanted the 4 years of partying, or b. they have no worthwhile skills to do anything with their lives at home, so they basically signed away their lives to the government in exchange for free food, free lodging, and free education.

altruism is dead.

patriotism is dead.

long live selfishness.
2002-01-09 10:43:45 PM  
Ummm I must add that there may be just one other reason as well...

there are still some people that actually do want to join.
2002-01-09 10:45:57 PM  
Downcaste, you ought to be shot.

They should throw you in the middle of Fort Benning and everyone will play smear the queer.
2002-01-09 10:48:37 PM  
Hey don't go putting down the gay community like that...

2002-01-09 10:48:52 PM  
Sad for the marines and their families. I have it good here, no war, no bombing, no terrorism in my state. (yet) I'm glad those guys are out there fighting for that way of life. Losing a few is inevitable, we even lose a lot in peacetime due to crashes. Machines fail, people die. But I'm in support of the guys and their cause (making it safer for me to be able to live here and enjoy the things I do).
RIP Marines.
2002-01-09 10:51:10 PM  
Col. RMP, USMC (my pb and college roomate)
God Speed and good hunting.
Thank you US Armed Forces for the job you do and are doing and FARK anybody who says otherwise.

Its that simple.
2002-01-09 10:57:17 PM  
I'm here.
I'm queer.
And I demand an apology.
2002-01-09 11:00:00 PM  
Damn this song is just the farken best....
Unkle Cracker: Follow Me..

2002-01-09 11:01:07 PM  
Semper Fi bro's.

And to all of you who bask in the consumerist paradise and curse the Devil Dogs who make it possible. Fark you.
2002-01-09 11:01:25 PM  
Oh and this one is the ultimate..
Nickleback: How You Remind Me

2002-01-09 11:03:18 PM  
Hey Downcaste get your head out of your ass, stop watching movies and assuming you know everything about why someone would join the military.

"altruism is dead.

patriotism is dead.

long live selfishness."

Only in your head

Get a clue you tool.
2002-01-09 11:04:22 PM  
John Rand Are you retired, reserve or active duty Jarhead?
2002-01-09 11:05:11 PM  
Who needs a huge stereo system...
if you got good puter speakers it is better than any stereo system out there...

My Computer PUMPS....Volume up on high and so am I....LMFAO

RIP Marines...we all love you's...
2002-01-09 11:08:32 PM  
Downcaste: I have attended several "legitimate Universities." Even picked up a few sheepskins. Joined the service after a few years in industry. Decided that I would be the fourth generation to serve -- left a pretty good job to do so. And guess what -- I had a blast.

Did I mention that I grew up in the "developing world." It afforded me an opportunity to compare the USofA system to many other countries. And I can tell you -- experience, ya know -- ours is the best that has been invented ( far).

Also, I can tell you -- experience, ya know -- that

altruism is dead.

patriotism is dead.

long live selfishness.

is not the foundation for a good government or a good economic system.

I can also tell you that you are a horse's ass, but for someone so self-aware as you seem to be...well, that is self-evident.
2002-01-09 11:12:46 PM  
so can I assume you are of an age that your comments come from experience???
2002-01-09 11:20:14 PM  
Ozzie Pride, yes you may. And in fact, I served with some of your Aussies....a blast!

And, just as an aside, is not only my comments, ya' got something in mind, sweetie?

P.S. I never turn down an opportunity to hit on one of the farketts!
2002-01-09 11:23:47 PM  
Ummm I was just curious...

Us Aussie's are always a blast....we are just soooo

and age matters darling so it would not be in your best interests cause although you are old enough to have experience I don't think you are old enough for the likes of me....LMFAO...I am ancient.
2002-01-09 11:24:36 PM  
Ozzie_Pride:no one values anything that is just handed to them.
you have to earn it before it has any value to you.
more citizens would vote and participate in the process if it wasn't just handed to them.and service inthe military isn't the only option;there is the peace corps and many other public service positions.
And for the record I am 40 and served 9 of those years in the army..................
2002-01-09 11:25:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 11:29:32 PM  
You are a citizen of the country that you are born in...
that is my opinion...
Yes I agree some people shiat on their country and some don't deserve the lifestyles fought for by the military.

But if we were to take citizenship away then what is left?
2002-01-09 11:29:51 PM  
Ozzie, you are forever you in my thoughts. Spent an evening learning to sing "Waltzing Matilda" with a "shelly" (?) from Melbourne. I am unable to recall much 'bout the evening, but I do recall that a fine time was had by....well, by me.

You shall take her place in my dreams this night!
2002-01-09 11:31:02 PM  
2002-01-09 11:32:37 PM  
How Sweet....
You my friend are amongst the few that do not hang shiat on us Aussie's so you are ok in my books ;)
2002-01-09 11:33:15 PM  
That is it..."sheila,"

Thanks. Sprack!
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