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2002-01-09 04:52:24 PM  
2002-01-09 04:52:52 PM  
2002-01-09 05:06:01 PM  

Rest in Peace fellars.
2002-01-09 05:06:36 PM  
Semper Fi
2002-01-09 05:13:21 PM  
Same 'ol same 'ol...

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2002-01-09 05:13:29 PM  
Although I don't expect any survivors, lets hope there are some. Sad.
2002-01-09 05:13:34 PM  
I heard a rumor from a friend in journalism, currently in Pakistan, that 30+ US soldiers died in the first weeks of the campaign, and the gov are 'sneaking them out' in dribs and drabs under these kind of incident reports. This was because the policy is not to alarm the US public, as a backlash was expected if there were immediate large numbers of casualties early on. This sounds outrageous, but its by no means the first time this has been done.
2002-01-09 05:16:09 PM  
Really Korzeniowski?? Why didn't they just fly them out in the Invisible UFO's they are making at area 51?
2002-01-09 05:20:24 PM  
Korzeniwoski: Is your friend Geraldo?
2002-01-09 05:23:29 PM  
Rest in peace my brothers.

Semper Fi
2002-01-09 05:23:31 PM  
Very Sad. 1 American life is worth 1 million towel head's life. Lets start the nuking!!!!
2002-01-09 05:24:00 PM  
damn it.

damn it damn it damn it.
2002-01-09 05:24:13 PM  
Sorry -thought maybe we were supposed to.
2002-01-09 05:24:50 PM  
what are the odds the farkin' trolls will stay away from this one?
2002-01-09 05:25:12 PM  
Hey, Korzeniowski, is this the same friend who knows someone who woke up in an ice bath with no kidneys and AIDS from a needle in the change return of a phone booth? That friend, you mean?
2002-01-09 05:25:22 PM  
Aw, c'mon. You really think killing thousands of innocents is the "American Way"? The US has done plenty of horrible things in the past, and our parents and grandparents weren't held responsible. Being American doesn't exempt us from doleing out punishments and taking them.

Eh, just kill the bad mans.
2002-01-09 05:25:49 PM  
Nesta and RockandRoller.... spearated at birth?
2002-01-09 05:26:14 PM  
It's funny that hello_kthullu and flibbertigibbet think that things work differently now. There were people that thought with the exact same attitude when before things have been exposed in the past. It doesn't mean it's true but we also don't even REALLY know if a marine plane crashed in pakistan. We are all relying on other people to tell us information about the world, which we really know nothing about.
2002-01-09 05:26:33 PM  
DOH! separated too...
2002-01-09 05:27:33 PM  
No human life is not worth it. Leave the racist comments to the skinhead and neo-nazi boards. We don't need any farking hate here.
2002-01-09 05:27:48 PM  
KC130 is a huge plane, I'm glad there weren't more people on board....RIP
2002-01-09 05:28:26 PM  
man this sucks, rest in peace my brothas

2002-01-09 05:29:53 PM  
Coupon, I hate the Taliban and anyone who supports them. Too bad.
2002-01-09 05:30:40 PM  
This blows.
2002-01-09 05:31:31 PM  

Amen. There are enough reasons to execute the average person without bringing race into it.
2002-01-09 05:31:53 PM  
Bless you all.

2002-01-09 05:32:06 PM  
Hey Korzeniowski I have a friend in journalism also,
and he says this whole war on terrorism is just cover
for the "Big Banana" project being deveoloped by
the "world" government. (Which is run by talking monkey's)
2002-01-09 05:32:44 PM  
RockandRoller, you suck... get your ignorant racist ass out of the farking "Libary" and back into the trailer.

I'm surprised The US admitted their own folly, seems that they could have very easily said it was due to agressive action.
2002-01-09 05:33:34 PM  
SLAYERSWINE summed it up best.
2002-01-09 05:35:16 PM  
rockandroller: You are a god dammed moron and do not deserve to have the words rock and roll in your name. you are so very un-rock and roll.
2002-01-09 05:36:14 PM  
Apex: If you hate the Taliban, that doesn't make you racist. I thinks he's referring to the "towelhead" comments.
2002-01-09 05:36:58 PM  
This is sad, it looks like it was on a refueling mission.
2002-01-09 05:37:18 PM  
Zoobiewa, pull the needle out.
2002-01-09 05:42:39 PM  
RockandRoller: "Death to those who kill the American soldiers and those who support them."

I guess it's time to carpet bomb Lockheed Martin, then?
2002-01-09 05:45:28 PM  
they died for something...what it was i don't know, but at least it was something.
2002-01-09 05:46:31 PM  
This is terrible news, my heart goes out to all involved

RIP champions
2002-01-09 05:50:54 PM  
Yuk, I hate to see a pro-American slogan attached to hate. I just wish he could say he was a brainless, d!ckless rascist, so we can just disassociate him with America.
2002-01-09 05:52:43 PM  
WarmBeer, Noo!! My house is near the plant where Lockheed builds the C-130's and the F-22's! My mom's company does work for Lockheed and I got to take a tour out there once, it was sweet, even got to see a C-5 up close :)
2002-01-09 05:53:41 PM  
It's a sad day again. Makes you think. While we're just farkin' around, there are kids out there dying for us to do what we do all day.

God bless their souls.
2002-01-09 05:53:59 PM  
RockandRoller, could anyone be more of a typical trailer trash, waste of brains american than you? "the vast majority of Towel Heads hate the U.S., I hate them", hey rockandroller, at least they have a reason to hate, whats yours? I am white, i don't wear a towel, and i hate america... what would you call me?

Let the farking begin.
Pass da blunt
2002-01-09 05:54:11 PM  

Please don't bomb Lockheed Martin. We need the jobs here in D/FW.
2002-01-09 05:54:47 PM  
forgive me for saying so, but dying when you're serving seems to go with the territory. you give up your individuality and your mind in return for the ultimate in welfare packages. it might not be much, but they give you a roof over your head and money to live on. the military is a complete joke - reminds me of when we first started action in afghanistan - how many people filed for discharges when we actually started fighting? worthless leeches.
2002-01-09 05:55:49 PM  
10 bong hit salute for our fallen. I wish I could say they were protecting my right to do so, but thats another post.

2002-01-09 05:55:50 PM  
Facts: come on you can do better then making post at hinting to a senseless death. They didn't teach you anything in your Self Loathing American leaflet? .. how about like. "What a waste of life for greedy corporate oil polluting amerikkka" I swear if you were at my sit in, I'd take the drums away from you!
2002-01-09 05:55:52 PM  
Be sure and thank any military folks you see around. They (and once me) put a lot on the line for not much reward. A kind word when they lose a fellow soldier goes a long way.
2002-01-09 05:55:57 PM  
Ah, it's good to see Fark is turning into a slum of racism and prejudice. It means I'm far less likely to sit here reading comments when I should be working. I've already done more today than I have all last week.
2002-01-09 05:56:39 PM  
Cyberhoser,"I am white, i don't wear a towel, and i hate america... what would you call me?"

OK Cyberhoser, why do you hate america?
2002-01-09 05:56:45 PM  
RockandRoller always just happens to run away for beer whenever he thinks I'm going to whallop him.
2002-01-09 05:57:15 PM  
That farking sucks...

Rest in peace guys.
2002-01-09 05:58:33 PM  
The sad thing is that, as much as I love this country, the retards who say shiat like the drivel rockandroller has been spewing in here are the majority. There are enough of us these days that can keep a level head in order to keep this obnoxious racism to a minimum, but until the government legalizes forced sterilization for the chronically dumb, we're stuck with them.
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