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24647 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 May 2004 at 8:36 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-05-18 8:39:32 PM  
Lindsey (Lohan)?

/hell for spelling mistakes and other mistakes
2004-05-18 8:39:57 PM  
beat me to first boast
2004-05-18 8:40:00 PM  
well i would vote for Mia but not if i have to fill out that dumb form, more lazy than caring about giving out my info.
2004-05-18 8:40:15 PM  
Lindsay Lohan anyone?
2004-05-18 8:40:16 PM  
Wow I'm so glad this was posted. I would never have been able to live my life if I'd missed out on the grand Noxema girl vote!
2004-05-18 8:40:17 PM  
How utterly exciting. No, really.
2004-05-18 8:40:44 PM  
my skin feels so exfoliated just looking at that choice of three.
2004-05-18 8:40:48 PM  
You have to register? How ghey

not teh suxor
2004-05-18 8:40:50 PM  
Having to enter information was just,,,, too much for old Frank
2004-05-18 8:41:05 PM  
2004-05-18 8:41:31 PM  
When this goes from a PSA to a BOOBIES...

then I'll vote
2004-05-18 8:41:49 PM  
Like the others I don't feel like entering fake information...

/the lack of pictures below the neck killed it for me too
2004-05-18 8:41:58 PM  
Too much work, too little boobies.
2004-05-18 8:42:18 PM  
i clicked the link and now i can't get the noxema stench off my hands.
2004-05-18 8:42:55 PM  
HELLO Melissa...

/still not voting
2004-05-18 8:43:06 PM  
Where's choice 4-6? cause 1-3 suck
2004-05-18 8:43:07 PM  
QUICK! Look at the link for voting! Here's one I put in just now!

2004-05-18 8:43:14 PM  
Since I am not 13, nor have I ever had a pimple or any kind of skin problem per se, I do not wish to reiceve exciting offers about Noxema. I would have voted for mia, though...out of the three, she is teh hotn3zz.

/Millions of freckles is bad enough.
2004-05-18 8:44:20 PM  
Nor do I wish to spell correctly
2004-05-18 8:44:24 PM  
one of you html gurus put in a link to the link above I made.. lets make Fark the next Ms. Noxema girl.
2004-05-18 8:45:13 PM  
Somehow I doubt the makers of Noxema give a rat's ass about the FARK demographic.

Hands up anyone has bought that crap in the last year (apart from for a girlfriend/wife)?
2004-05-18 8:45:46 PM  
all suck.
2004-05-18 8:46:17 PM  
I'd deep cleanse Mia's pores, and then I'd hit it!
2004-05-18 8:46:53 PM  
It wasn't worth filling out information to vote for any of those three... but Frank Rizzo just cast a vote for farkrules. =D
2004-05-18 8:47:47 PM  
Damn, not one of them can hold a candle to Rebecca Gayheart.
2004-05-18 8:48:54 PM  
All three from the South.
Is this the best they could conjure up?!?!
2004-05-18 8:50:04 PM  
shouldnt the noxema girl have massive acne?
2004-05-18 8:50:31 PM  
seems like a lot of effort for something I don't really give a rat's ass about.
2004-05-18 8:50:48 PM  
not interested enough to spend the time filling out the form, even with the random garbage such forms deserve
2004-05-18 8:50:57 PM  
Fill out that ballot and here comes the junk mail...

However, from time to time, we would like your permission to send you free product samples, sneak previews of new products, or personalized offers or tips. We also may ask for comments on how to improve our products or programs. In order to do so, your information may be securely shared with our agencies, which perform these services on our behalf, or safely stored in countries other than where collected.
2004-05-18 8:51:18 PM  
When she was a teenager, Rebecca Gayheart was the best one. No one could face splash like her...
2004-05-18 8:51:33 PM  
2004-05-18 8:53:13 PM  
thyocyan - ditto for me... (Mia!)
2004-05-18 8:54:00 PM  
no rack views, no vote.
2004-05-18 8:54:18 PM  
Wanna bet none of them have EVER had bad skin & wouldn't have any use for Noxzema?
2004-05-18 8:55:18 PM  
Hmmm... that reminds me, I wonder how the Maxim girl vote is going...
2004-05-18 8:55:53 PM  
maybe they all use noxema on their asses.
I've got a "face splash" for all three.
2004-05-18 8:55:54 PM  
Let's just hope Noxema Girl and Vaseline Guy don't get together...
2004-05-18 8:58:56 PM  
Insert comment about white cream being applied to their faces...
d23 [BareFark] [OhFark]
2004-05-18 9:01:19 PM  
Can't I just vote for Natalie Portman to stay one and leave it at that?
2004-05-18 9:02:20 PM  
The listerine girl who rinsed for 30 seconds, now THAT was a girl I could get behind!
2004-05-18 9:02:27 PM  
Noxzema...that brings back some fun memories. Using it instead of Vaseline gives Rosie Palmer's date some nice tingling action for the night.

That said, all three of these "girls" look too old to be worried much about acne and clogged pores. I was turned off from voting even without knowing about the form...
2004-05-18 9:02:51 PM  
YEAH, I'd vote for Mellisa too, but don't like all that information crp.
2004-05-18 9:03:19 PM  
NO... nO... you've got it all wronw, Mellisa's the one you need to vote for.. She's the next NOXIMA Girl.

\Don't really care.
\I wouldn't mind Moisturizing her face with my extra creamy Bukkake...
2004-05-18 9:04:16 PM  
Noxema is old and busted, Vaseline is the new hotness:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-18 9:04:17 PM  
"Damn, not one of them can hold a candle to Rebecca Gayheart."

...although Melissa is cute.

2004-05-18 9:04:40 PM  
Mia's the only one who didn't kiss the company's ass in her personal quote.
2004-05-18 9:06:32 PM  
How bout Jenna Jameson - god knows her face needs a cleanin.
2004-05-18 9:10:52 PM  
Warning......... do NOT reach for vasalne in the middle of sex and mistakenly grab the noxzema.

/sweetie says no more anal sex

2004-05-18 9:13:39 PM  
"Damn, not one of them can hold a candle to Rebecca Gayheart."

But can they drive better? :-)
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